Mananachio Warhammer crushes Astroworld, IT’S LIT (autotuned)

By Now Get The Fuck Out

Saturday the 4th of August 2018


It has been both a comfy and an invigorating few days for me thanks to the release of Nostalgiahammer Fantasy Battles 4th edition RPG rulebook, which made me aware that I could also pick up the First Edition PDF for a mere ten bucks. I guess I could also torrent it, but I’m not that fucking cheap, and also I appreciated all the effort that the publishers seem to be going to in order to salvage the Classic Old World, when Games Workshop itself seems hellbent on relentless Sigmarshitting. But first, literally AWESOME seasonal weekend anime, and the new LP by illustrious rapping-man Jacques Webtser the Second.

Who is this Webster fellow you might well ask, and how did he get me to stop listening to Handel? Well Webster is a rapping-man who goes by the stage name of Travis Scott, and he has been relatively famous ever since Hollywood music pig TI discovered him on his couch. Presumably beneath Iggy Azalea.

Yes, but how the fuck did he get MY attention? By spamming the living shit out of /mu/, of course. I pass through from time to time, and I just happened to be passing through just as TI’s intern spammed fifty simultaneous threads. But why viral market to Right-wing Otakus? Didn’t anybody ever tell TI’s intern what a pack of cunts we are?

Eh, I guess it worked for Monster and God of War. Suck it, LITERALLY NO DIMES Reddit fags. We the youth opinion leaders now. But I digress. I gave Astroworld one third of my attention while I watched Chio and read rules for a game that I will probably never play. I’m quite a busy guy, you know.

The first thing Travis Scott wants you to know is that he is definitely lit. As is his producer Mike Dean, who is so lit that he kind of overwhelms the talent. The first three songs are probably the three that Mike told TI were the strongest, and two of them kind of are. Sicko Mode you’ll just have to take my word for, or buy or torrent or stream it.

Mike will probably be going to jail soon for murdering Frank Ocean, so the less said about that the better. But his eclectic use of Fruity Loops and Autotune made Stargazer quite interesting, actually.

Almost anybody could have been the rapping-man on Stargazer though. Here is Travis working with Chio, for example. All the genius for this particular track is in the sounds which Mike made.

Dean not only buries Scott in an avalanche of noise, he does the same to almost everyone. The next two songs after Sicko Mode are overproduced garbage. I guess Stevie Wonder is too nice to say anything, or maybe he is deaf now as well.

After the first five songs I felt like I was drowning in Autotune and Fruity Loops, so I was pleasantly surprised to enjoy No Bystanders, which kind of sounds like every TI song I ever heard and made me wonder when the next Fast and Furious is coming out. Rap tropes are fun though.

Skeletons was a solid effort by Pharrell, who is a far more competent music producer than Dean, and probably sat in the booth until it met his standards. The Weeknd song without Pharrell got DEANED, and the middle of album is just fucking awful.

Fortunately we eventually get to hear from Scott, who manages to Undean himself on a track with Nav and Gunna. Indian Hiphop Worldwide boi.

Pajeet rappers are cerebral as fuck and always bring FIRE, even when massively stoned. Don’t ask me how I know. I went to college. Yosemite is the second best track on the album.

The tracks between Yosemite and Coffee Bean aren’t bad, but four of them in row sound pretty much the same. Coffee Bean is the only track that I felt like Travis Scott had something unique to say and wasn’t just a backup dancer on his own album. I enjoyed it. But not as much as the debut song from FIRE DUO Mananachio. Let’s Floss.

Warhammer got Litty as well, but I already wasted too much time today and I want to watch Happy Sugar Life now. Enjoy these images I prepared earlier, Oldhammerfags.

Full disclosure: [Now Get The Fuck Out]’s IRL name is [Jacques Berman Webster II]. I’m an [Gimme the LOOT specialist] who’s keen on [Autotune] and [roll dice nigger].

Your Communist future: Godless Chinese Reds attack sacred ground with Maoist bulldozers

By Apocalypse Didi Mao

Thursday the 2nd of August 2018


In a week of high drama in which barely anything has been entertaining except Seasonal anime, you can always rely on Beijing to make you laugh. In scenes reminiscent of what our future will look like when America finally becomes North Mexico and ceases to care about the fate of the Anglo-Celtic brother nations, and when we finally get Zerg rushed for our minerals and farmlands by the Red Chinese that Malcolm and his merchant banker friends invited in for a lick of Globalist blood money, the dirty Commies have this week excelled themselves with a crackdown on Burials.

Can there be any doubt that the people who hand paper bags of money to the Liberals and the Labour party and bought out our entire mainstream political spectrum which now forms a single rainbow of degeneracy and corruption in this God forsaken country, will one day be running their Communist bulldozers over the sacred ground of all our Christian cemeteries?

This country desperately needs a Nationalist Right, and armed militias, before it is too late. But the Globalist cartel and the Lying Press that runs this country which they bought with Communist gulag profits will not allow it.

America, Italy, Austria, and Central Europe meanwhile have all moved away from the cutting edge of the Globalist experiment in Open Borders and “””Free Trade”””, and have begun to deal on their own terms with these bloody minded heathens. The traitors and collaborators who have betrayed the Christian West have been removed from the corridors of power there, but for how long?

The Nationalist Right, which the Lying Press loves to call the Far Right despite the fact that it represents the mainstream of politics in almost every Christian nation and has always done so, is the true Right. It is displacing the Soft Borders Right which kowtows to the Red Chinese, and it has delayed the bulldozers that were supposed to be running over your grave after you die.

Yet still the horde that has been gathered to replace us hammers at the gates, and in many instances it runs amok in our capital cities as a noisy minority. This is thanks to two decades of an Unholy Alliance between the Chinese Communists and the Crony Capitalists of the Soft Right and New Labour.

Such are the rewards of Globalism. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. It is high time that we built a Tariff Wall against the Reds, who have cleverly exploited an entire generation of our worst politicians, including a string of stupid and greedy US presidents.

With Trump in power we stand a fighting chance against them for now, but the Davos class and the Lying Press is hard at work white-anting his presidency, and the Democrats are now openly the Socialist Democrats. We must look to our own defences, in case America falls again.

The Left pillar of the American establishment was sold off long ago to Beijing by the Clintons, and the Obama years saw almost every institution that once fought Communism subverted by it. So much so that the CIA has outdone itself, and is now running a slate of candidates against the President for the Clinton Cartel, which has been the main conduit of dirty Red Chinese money into American politics for the last twenty years, and will continue to be so until the Reds are finally defeated again.

Meantime we have that treasonous rat Mueller undermining the Free and Christian West for the benefit of Christ-hating Red Chinese Mordor, and the anti-Trump rabble being roused to frog march off to the polls for the benefit of Wall Street and its Gulag Factories in China.

It was not that long ago that the Republicans were expected to march in lockstep with the stupid half of America, and it took a miracle for them to take back their own party. Let us never forget that Jeb! or his Cuban American equivalent were meant to be the empty suit that pushed the Globalist agenda for the Manhattan Institute.

We were meant to get eight more years of dick chopping and hot deals for crony capitalists, not Trump and the rebuilding of the American military and economy. When was the last or only time that you heard anything from the Lying Press about the 4% economic growth that was meant to be impossible, or the defeat of Isis, or peace everywhere?

You will never hear it, because all of our journalists are lying filth. They work for people that hate you and want you dead. All of them are homosexuals and shrill women, and they grind away at Western civilisation because they and their opinions are easily bought. To hell with them and their lies.

The rise of degeneracy in all our Christian nations is tied up like a Gordian knot with the Communist blood money that pollutes and subverts our Western democracies. They have bought our politicians, and our business leaders, and they seek to influence popular culture via such demoniacal entertainment juggernauts as Disney and others. This constitutes a critical threat to our way of life and our basic liberties today.

So when you see the Communist starving in the street, or working like a drone in a slave labour factory and choking on the fumes of your Apple branded products, do not think it will never happen to you. The demographics are shifting against you, and you are only one or two election cycles away from becoming slaves in your own countries. Your children and grandchildren may well witness the desecration of your grave and the bulldozing of your Church and its cemetery if you waver in this fight.

Full disclosure: [Apocalypse Didi Mao]’s IRL name is [Tombstone Piledriver]. I’m an [Christian burial specialist] who’s keen on [not having my grave desecrated] and [fuck the Lying Press].

Putting the Asobi ED here so I can listen to it in gym, lads.

Sasuga Lerche, OST fucking when?

Mad Max hits Melbourne streets as African Gangs go after Victorian motorists

By Wind up your Windows and Hit the Gas

Sunday the 29th of July 2018


Dateline Melbourne, a city in such a savage state of decay that just today the totally overwhelmed local police were finally forced to ditch one of the most basic rules of the road just in order to keep the desperate locals alive. Remember everything that you were taught about stopping at the scene of a road accident? Disregard that, for Vic Police have now ordered any motorist hit by a car full of Wakandans to just keep on driving until they reach their local police station. Fucking hooray for multiculturalism, am I right gang?

Such is the  state of brazen highway robbery in degenerate Victoria, where Diversity and Tolerance has become Stand and Deliver. The delightful African Gangs which the lying faggots and shrill women of the Melbourne Age and Sydney Morning Herald spent the last year trying to convince us don’t even exist have finally handed the lah-de-dah class a taste of what the working class suburbs were feeling in the form of a broadside from a stolen vehicle and then a pistol whipping for not handing over the keys to your car fast enough.

Ah, these delightful Sudanese and assorted Wakandan rascals, now that they’ve taken to ramming fancy cars off the road and then carjacking the victim at gunpoint, maybe they’ll be too busy to attack pensioners in their beds at night for pocket change and we can all get some sleep.

I can only imagine how unbelievably smug you would have to be to keep pretending that Melbourne is not a city in crisis.

Holy Shit, the fucking irony as that tanned man I was virtue signalling for drives off in my Volvo. Oh well, at least the food in Melbourne is still to die for.

So thank you Malcolm and the Globalists who think we can never have too many low wage dark men to push mops and flip burgers for importing all these violent Africans from their Third World shitholes just to spit upon our culture. And thank you Andrew Daniels – or Daniel Andrews or whatever your fucking name is, for allowing this welfare tribe of trash monkey scavengers to flourish into a horde of city ransacking Vandals in Melbourne with your New Labour soft on crime bullshit.

White Australia back fucking WHEN? Who do I have to vote for to make Australia great again?

White Australia

Most of all, thank you ABC-watching cop-hating Melbourne magistrates I guess, for ensuring that catch-and-release is in effect so that none of these underprivileged souls who are looting the city will ever have to see the inside of a Victorian jail.

None of these politicians and magistrates gave a fuck when the African Gangs were turning over the working suburbs of Melbourne and targeting our frail aged and young families with violent home invasions. Now let the chattering classes that virtue signalled Melbourne’s descent into Hell just to relish the smug points of a fully diversified society reap the whirlwind they created.

One of the first things I learned about the rules of the road is that if you’re involved in a road accident you stop and get out of your car and have a chat with the other driver. All that is out the window now. Drive for your fucking life and don’t stop until you reach safety. Sasuga, Diversity and Tolerance.

In a way it is kind of funny. We keep warning these GIB MORE REFUGEES faggots, but the worse it gets the harder they double down into their Soft Borders cult. So let these fuckos who voted for Malcolm and Andrews get a gun waved in their face and then take a pistol whipping before a gang of Basketball Australians drives off in their Volvo. Honestly, I barely even care any more.

I look forward to all these Multi-Culti faggots finally experiencing what people who live next to state housing plantations full of ENRICHMENT experience every day, and finding out why they invariably turn into racists. Enjoy the Acceleration into the final stage of societal collapse. Sasuga, based Sudos. Reap these faggots.

And let our useless Federal Government which deliberately flooded this country with refugees from war-torn Third World shitholes that hate us and our way of life go to hell as well.

I’m fucking done with Liberals who talk tough and NEVER DO FUCK ALL. Deport these monkeys. Deport them all. Deport their fucking families and throw salt at them as they are departing. I’m done pandering to these civilisation wrecking lowlifes.

I barely cared about political correctness to begin with and now I’m ready to purge our entire political class and start over from scratch just to get these filthy vermin out of my country.

Neither the Government nor the Opposition has the guts or the inclination to fix this country, so bring on the Federal Election and give us the chance to put some real Conservatives on the cross benches. I guarantee you, it is going to be a bloodbath for both Labour AND the Coalition if we’re still talking about this shit by then.

Can’t you faggots just let me enjoy my Japanese cartoons and play Vidya without constantly enraging me with your weak-ass country-wrecking turbofaggotry? Fix this shit NOW or get annihilated at the polls.

Full disclosure: [Wind up your Windows and Hit the Gas]’s IRL name is [Road Warrior]. I’m an [Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla specialist] who’s keen on [Go back to Africa cunt] and [fuck everybody who voted for this too].

Hollywood: where throwing your pussy at Harvey is rape but fucking little kids is OK

By Dan Harmon did Something Wrong

Thursday the 26th of July 2018


I don’t consider myself to be easily offended and nor do I wish to erode the rights of anyone to say stupid or reprehensible things. What bothers me is not the effluent waste and bile itself that Hollywood disgorges into all our cultures and which toxifies world culture on an industrial scale, for if our values are being slowly degraded and we have willingly accepted it we ought not to be blaming them for our own stupid choices. No, what troubles me is what lies beneath.

Are there dark Satanic forces at play behind the scenes? Some kind of Moloch Network which is actively plotting our ruin, and if so what other dark and sinister things have they been up to lately?

For the last year or so we have heard a lot about the “””brave””” women who traded their vaginas for Academy Awards, and their well marketed plight encouraged many movie goers who will never get the opportunity to trade their dignity for a little fame to say ME TOO. Jennifer Lawrence taking ropes from Harvey Weinstein to pay for her mansion in the Hollywood Hills barely affected ordinary women, and it does not affect me at all, so I don’t care about that.

Far less fortunate than these whores and more deserving of my sympathy are the legion of children fed into the Disney molestation machine, and the starry eyed youths fucked to the point of mental disintegration by Dan Schneider and then disposed of by Nickelodeon.

Or according to the freshest set of allegations, the babies that Dan Harmon raped to death when he wasn’t practising on his anatomically correct fuck-doll for his Twitter. Reddit used to be so super interested in his special sauce, but now they LA LA LA LA LA don’t want to hear about it. But why? Just because their bogeymen at the Chans might take away their favourite cartoon? Snowflakes.

I actually wasn’t going to write at all about this Rick and Morty bullshit, because Harmon may not have even fucked any real babies, and Mike Cernovich is the kind of annoying prick who probably would beat a dead horse just for attention.

Then I saw that Dave Bautista was defending James Gunn, and it sickened me to my stomach. The batshit insane Left has decided to die upon this hill for Moloch, it seems.

Is this just Trump Derangement Syndrome on steroids? These are two areas where Dave has some expertise. But why take your stand on Kiddy Fucker Hill, Dave and the batshit insane Left?

I mean I get that money is the root of all evil, and that Dave Bautista would rather make a truckload of it than discover what James Gunn has going on in his rape dungeon at home. But why is the Left always shilling so blatantly and so consistently for Moloch? Let us investigate.

For the longest time /pol/ has been warning about Dan Schneider, and that Nickelodeon was Kiddy Fucker Central. Those particular autists say a lot of shit though, and there are all kinds of people posting on that board that aren’t particularly credible.

Which got me thinking about Pizzagate, and how it got completely buried by the Lying Press. This is worth looking at again, so that we don’t throw out the baby with bathwater. While Dan Harmon is around, throwing your babies out seems kind of dangerous.

Pizzagate did not start with pizzas at all. It all started when the dots were connected from Laura Silsby trafficking children from Haiti to the Clinton Foundation. In this case there were irrefutable proofs, as the investigating autists found incriminating emails between Silsby and Clinton. Both Silsby AND HER LAWYER were CONVICTED IN THE COURTS of SNATCHING CHILDREN out of the orphanages of Haiti and other places in Central and South America.

It is a completely irrefutable fact that Hillary when Secretary of State was in regular contact with a woman whose sole function was to steal children from Third World countries in distress, and it is also completely irrefutable that when Hillary’s agent got caught Bill Clinton had himself appointed Special Envoy to Haiti. Silsby was then immediately sprung from jail.

The torrid tale of the Rape of Haiti involves a group of incredibly rich and powerful men and Hillary abusing the poorest of nations and its children in the worst possible way. Clinton went to Haiti with Carlos Slim – the Mexican cartel magnate who bought a controlling stake in the New York Times and then had the Uranium One investigation killed, and Frank Giustra  – the mining magnate and Friend Of Bill who was and still is at the centre of the Uranium One boondoggle. There was always more to all this than just fucking little kids.

How did we end up talking about all this as “””Pizzagate””” anyway?

David Brock of Shareblue Media – who coordinates Clinton propaganda with the Lying Press and who quite notably shills for the Clintons and their minions on social media, is a particular bogeyman of the autists of the Right. When it turns out that he and his catamite associate (and proprietor of Comet Pizza) James Alefantis had all kinds of connections to the kids that the Clinton Foundation were either abducting or covering up the abduction of through their lawyer Max Maccoby, the whole thing just kind of blew up big time on the Chans.

Their lawyer Max Maccoby, it ought never be forgotten, was amongst other things on the board at the ORPHANAGE FROM WHICH SILSBY WAS CONVICTED OF STEALING CHILDREN FROM.

Naturally, the autists began speculating on rape rooms beneath the Alefantis pizza store. But whether Alefantis and Brock and Maccoby are child molesters or not, why did the Lying Press work so furiously to cover up all the greasy shit that the Clintons, Giustra and Slim were doing in Haiti? And why do guys like, say – Tony Podesta – literally get immunity for committing the same crimes that get other people sent to jail?

Turning our attention back to the West Coast, one of the most interesting discoveries of the Pizzagate investigation was that one of the most prominent figures in the Moloch Network that was centred upon the Clinton Foundation when Hillary was going to become President was none other than Tom Steyer, who plays a kind of kingmaker role in Democrat circles in California.

Like most of the hedge fund vultures who used their Tammany Hall connections to get filthy rich, Steyer is just a dirty little crony capitalist at heart, but in order to harvest the votes of the batshit insane California Left he has positioned himself at the vanguard of “””Progress”””.

His brother Jim Steyer is perhaps the creepiest mother fucker you can imagine, and Jim manages Common Sense Media, which pushes for the transgenderisation and overt sexualisation of children in all Hollywood media.

If there is a network of Hollywood paedophiles in which James Gunn, Dan Harmon, and Dan Schneider are openly operating then you autists should probably start looking at the Steyer brothers to find it. As I recall, it was alleged that the abused and trafficked kids in Cali were being referred to as Walnuts and Walnut Sauce in a number of highly disturbing emails between the Steyers and the Clintons.

The investigation into the activities of the Molech Cartel in California by you friendly Internet autists of the Right is long overdue, and I hope that I have in some way helped to invigorate and give comfort to those of you whose often lonely and thankless task is to go with Christ, and walk the straight and upright path of the Righteous Man.

OK, have fun with that lads, I’m back to my life as a self-absorbed wastrel. This shit is way too dark for me.

Full disclosure: [Dan Harmon did Something Wrong]’s IRL name is [Pickle Rick]. I’m an [Lick Lick Lick My Balls specialist] who’s keen on [BURP] and [fuck Reddit and fuck McDonald’s and their szechuan sauce too].

NOOOOO Bobbo got screwed by the WWKKK, also Yu-chan IS Badminton

By Kathleen Kennedy McMahon hates the Blacks

Tuesday the 24th of July 2018


OH SHIT they screwed Bobbo out of his SummerSlam title shot against Bork, frens. I am so fucking WORKED right now, Holy Christ. It wouldn’t have bugged me quite so much if that lazy sack of shit Roman Reigns or whatever his no-dimes name is hadn’t laid there for A FULL THREE COUNT before kicking out. But first, what I enjoyed about RAM this week.

Apart from getting worked, that is. Damn it feels kind of nice to be a mark again. Proves I’m not completely dead inside. It’s a good thing.

I was pretty determined that RAM would be shit like it usually is, and when Kathleen Kennedy McMahon and her wife HHH wheeled out the stripper’s division and pretended they didn’t just pass the women’s title around to whichever fap princess had the most thirsty virgins liking her Instagram shit I was pretty much over it.

Vince standing there with cold dead eyes while Steph drove a suicide truck of boredom into his ratings. I feel for you buddy. Then life got a little better again, when the KO versus Braun rematch was booked for SS. Please be a Hell in a Cell. Shane Mac needs to get involved again too. One more time, bro. You can do it.

WWE always overpromises though. And for the longest time they have been under delivering. Then while I was basically just using RAM as background noise while I did real world shit, something great happened that grabbed my attention back.

Seff turned up, and he decided to be the man again.

Seff had a pretty disappointing Extreme Rules with Ziggler. It turns out that Thirty Minutes of Seff is way too much. He got back into his zone tonight though against Ziggler and his boyfriend, and almost stole this episode of RAM right out from underneath Bobbo. Sasuga, based heathen.

Almost, but no cigar. For a start, how are you going to compete with Elias? The man is a God damned prodigy and an American national treasure. Should I buy his album bros?

But even Elias withers and fades into obscurity when the blazing sun of human warmth and sportsmanlike behaviour that is BASED Bobbo appears. Even his promo was FIRE, as he anticipated the biggest match since Big Match John used to wrestle.

Bobbo is the man on RAM these days. Big Match Bobbo.

Needless to say, I was fucking hype. I had my popcorn ready, and my credit card to buy all that Bobbo merch as soon as I knew that Vince was finally ready to have a legit contender take on Bork and get the universal title back from the UFC.

And then poor Bobbo got fucking lynched. Suddenly the hangdog face of Vince made even more sense than it did before. Why Kathleen Kennedy McMahon, WHY? Why do you hate the Blacks so much. NOOOOOOOOOOO.

In the end Bobbo was man denied his trip to Brooklyn, but he will live forever in our hearts as good fren. Truly a Godly man who was too good for this world.

He had his title shot stolen by the bigots at the WWE, who still fail to understand that Bobbo transcends race or politics. Nonetheless, we will never forget that he got the three-count, and could have saved Vince’s company from the outrageous antics of notorious Klansman Kathleen Kennedy McMahon and her Nazi man-wife, Heil Hitler Helmsley.

After all that I was way behind on all my regular dayshit, RAM starting at 8AM on a Tuesday morning as it does, and I probably should have done some work or something.

Instead I caught up on Hanebado! Time well invested. Liden have been listening to its fans – unlike the WWE, and Yu-chan’s show was really comfy. A solid 8/10 – will keep watching.

What? That’s a High Distinction at my university. Here is the ED to wash your sorrows away, Bobbo frens.

OK now I’ve pissed half the day away I really need to go and get my shit together. DAMN YOU WWEEEEE.

Full disclosure: [Kathleen Kennedy McMahon hates the Blacks]’s IRL name is [Bobbo is good fren]. I’m an [/asp/ specialist] who’s keen on [where the fuck is the convenience store] and [Yu-chan is Best Girl].

Kabadi is for everyone, Pastimers Club wins Bizarro Summer

By Smell my Culture Winners

Monday the 23rd of July 2018


After a dismal Saturday morning of Friday night seasonal trash that had run out of either budget or ideas by week three I was relying hard on Lerche to save anime with Asobi Asobase today. But before we get to the meat, let’s toss out those rotting vegetables. I don’t think I can go on with Racheru Gardener lads. Just too bland, and I’m getting all the EDGE I need from Happy Sugar Life.

And who the fuck were those fat hags in Harukana Receive? Beach Volleyball ruined, but Kabadi PICKED THE FUCK UP.  Sasuga Chio-chan, for literally saving the Weekend, with a little help from meido Shio-chan.

There was so little going on that I was able to finally catch on all my Monogatari arcs before Shaft drops the Season Three finale later this year. I guess that’s happening in the (Bizarro) Fall Cour, just as Spring drops where I live. Mister Donuts, anybody? Ka ka ka.

Did anything else git gud this weekend apart from EXTREME EDGE and Hentai Yuri Kabadi? There was that trailer for Shazam. I don’t even into capeshit but I’m still going to see this movie twice.

Just to, you know, fuck with the Evil Mouse and Mizz Disneymarvel.

You like to go flossin, right anon? Better get hype for next year then. Look at /ourguy/ go – he got moves.

Enough of this mundane shit. Let us talk as fellow Patricians of the Fine Arts now.

Lerche is literally ten years ahead of every other studio right now, and Asobi Asobase is so fucking good that it’s probably too good for Japan. We need to savour this season before it departs forever and goes to Raspberry Heaven with Nichijou.

Your argument is SHIT loser

Hell, I even like the OP now that I’m into Glasses-kun and friends, and that’s the part of the show that almost made me drop it before I watched the rest of the first episode. Sasuga, me.

Asobi Asobase is for the Cerebral Otaku, but the complete absence of DUDE I SAW HER PANTSU LMFAO (buys figurine) is probably 3deep4Tokyo. Abe-sama does not care for Hentai genius.

Actually, AA is so good that we can treat each third of it as a stand alone anime. Sniff my Armpits was 11/10, a strong contender for AOTS. Evil Hanako is fucking gold.

The weakest material went into the middle episode, but even that was 9/10 girldrama and 11/10 Pure Art from the illustrators. Throttling back the humour to introduce English Teacher-senpai properly and build her a story arc for the plotfags is what separates godlike productions like this from the rest of the seasonal trash.

The final cour of Week Three AA was really some 12/10 Level Shit though. This is the kind of anime you could see breaking out and becoming popular with Normalfags (so don’t fucking tell them faggots), because when this show isn’t doing funny Otakushit on its own plane of existence it’s doing vanilla comedy as good as or better than any other show made in Japan or anywhere else.

The most KINO thing about Cour Three of this week’s AA wasn’t even the shoe game, it was the Return of the School President. Accidentally Evil Kaichou is bloody adorable, lads.

In fact, Lerche did such a good job that I’m putting off watching episode four of Hanebado! until I get back from the gym just in case Liden somehow ruins Yu-chan’s show this week and wrecks my excellent mood. Where my crowbar at?

Full disclosure: [Smell my Culture Winners]’s IRL name is [Exceptionally Smug Kaichou]. I’m an [Shoe Tossing specialist] who’s keen on [clean the house Shio] and [KABADI KABADI].





Chickenhawks SEETHING as Trump reminds SALTY Military Industrial Complex who the President is

By Putin Fucked (((Bill Kristol)))’s Mom

Tuesday the 17th of July 2018


Proving that he truly gives ZERO FUCKS about doing the sort of shit that President Eisenhower warned would be necessary in order to avoid losing control of the country to the Military Industrial Complex, and taking the kind of stance that got President Kennedy killed by those same dirty scheming SATANIC assholes, President Trump recently met with the President of Russia. During their historic summit the leaders of the two nuclear superpowers discussed how to best avoid such massive fuckups as the SYRIAN REFUGEE CRISIS, WEEKLY ISIS ATTACKS, and the CALIPHATE OF TERROR which the former Shadow Government of the United States created and which President Trump defeated in his first two years in office after he overthrew them. Problems?

The autistic screeching of this Deep State Shadow Government through its legion of hack propagandists who call themselves “”””journalists”””  and all the empty suits of globalism was COMPLETELY FUCKING MENTAL, but also quite enjoyable.

Hey regular plebeians, remember when these same bleating reprobates used to tell us that terrorism was part and parcel of living in a modern city? The fuck was that all about? And now they mad because Trump actually MADE US SAFE AGAIN???

Remember all that greasy shit YOU had to deal with just two years back when the United States used to be run by faceless bureaucrats instead of the man it actually elected to be its President? SASUGA.

Could I love this great man Donald Trump any more than I do right now? No I could not.

If the filthy Neocons and the Wall Street CIA Democrats and the filthy Lying Press and the (Holy Fucking Kek) Treason Experts at Reddit are all united in their furious condemnation of somebody then you know that person is COMPLETELY FUCKING AWESOME. You know I’m right.

Hell, the whole trip was worth it just to watch that Soft Borders Globalist cunt May eat shit. Boris would be a GREAT PM. FUCKING SASUGA THAT MAN.

I don’t doubt for one minute that if Trump had lost to Hillary we’d still be neck deep in the Refugee Crisis, with blood on our streets from the routine terror attacks and with us bombing the living shit out of all kinds of places that barely make the news any more. Just as well we gave him the nuclear codes. Now Syria can sort its own shit out. Remember how North Korea used to be an existential crisis? This godlike man Trump solves drama faster than these globalist warmongering cunts can create it.

B-but MUH PUTIN. Nigga please. Just last week it was Merkel and Putin against Trump over oil pipelines or some shit. The fact is that it was these same Libtard Chickenhawk two-faced lying bastards who sold Putin all that highly enriched uranium and it was Hillary who got funnelled $400 MILLION US DOLLARS in bribes by MUH RUSSIANS. It was Skippy Podesta who wore the $70 MILLION golden collar with the Kremlin stake in Joule and it was bullshit Bobby Mueller who personally delivered Uranium samples to Moscow for SOS Clinton. The fact that these HYPOCRITES and BALD-FACED LIARS can talk about Russia and Treason with a straight face is fucking remarkable.

Honestly, I just can’t take these lying assholes seriously any more.

Yamas put on a nice comfy show today though, and I’m about to have a nice stroll in the countryside, so fuck politics lads. Encouragement of Climb, desus.

I was less impressed by RAM, which barely made anything of the only Extreme thing that happened at Extreme Rules. Here it is in cased you missed it.

Braun Dwarf Toss

Fucking LOL that some guy in the crowd got a better shot of it than the marks who run the WWE for Vince while he’s focusing on the XFL did. I am enjoying the Ascent of Bobbo story arc though. I’ll tune in next week just to watch him give Roman a flogging.

Unstoppable BOBBO

Also had a quick look at the new Netflix anime about Werewolves fighting Vampires. It was pretty boring and with a shitload of similarly boring tropes. Skipped through most of it and managed to find some mild Kino for you right at the end lads. I think Yuri is going to be OK. He seemed to be building up a lot of plot armour.

Full disclosure: [Putin Fucked (((Bill Kristol)))’s Mom]’s IRL name is [GIVE HIM THE STRAP BROTHA HE REDDY]. I’m an [Bobbo specialist] who’s keen on [you can do it Aoi] and [comfy anime].