MEMERS RISE UP: Europe goes dark as Copyright Bootlickers come for our image folders

By Death To All Soft Right Neocons

Thursday the 13th of September, 2018


Holy Shitfuck Europe, when did you become a continent of such freedom hating pussies? Apparently quite some time ago, and now all your chickens are coming home to roost, as the Parliament of European Girly-men decided yesterday to come and prise your folder of Smug Anime Girls from your cold dead hands. Image Upload Filtering? Good Lord Jesus Christ, now the army of low-level bureaucrats who monitor and censor European Skynet and the legion of NPC bootlickers with nothing better to do than flag “””offensive””” shit all day for Wrongthink can use Article 13 to crush the nascent Zoomer Uprising in Europe. How does it feel to live in Soviet Europe? Even Chinese Communists are laughing at European Cybercucks now.

On the same day that the European Parliament attempted to embargo a sovereign European nation for enforcing its own laws and borders, it gave us this shit. And surprise, surprise, leading the charge were the same Soft Right Open Borders for Davos “””Conservatives”””” that are getting wiped out everywhere and replaced by the “””Far Right”””. Time to get rid of those pesky interfering kids and their may-mays, while sucking on that Copyright Jew dick, eh Merkel?

Can this fucking old hag just die already?

And if you think that Brexit will save you, think again Anglo man. Your local Tory MEP not only wants to drown you in Pakistanis, he is also lining up around the block to censor you for his Davos masters. There is hardly any daylight between the Tories and the Banker faction of the Socialist Dems on this, as the dying parties scramble for Good Goy points.

Literally fuck off with your Mays and your Moggmentum, nothing can save Britain now except the Return of Nigel and a true Libertarian Right. UKIP. UKIP. UKIP.

Join up, get active, and go save Great Britain you Bongs. Unless you are some kind of freedom hating faggot. You aren’t some kind of freedom hating faggot, are you anon?

So what the fuck is Brussels problem anyway, and why should you care about Europe’s disturbing lack of freedom?

Can’t we all just go and live on the Dark Net after Gookmoot gets his $500 BILLION DORRAR fine and is forced to meekly surrender 4chan to the Copyright Jews? Should I even care, with Janny constantly banning me for shit I (sometimes) never did. Probably.

I hate having to change my daily routines, and it is literally easier just to bring down the European Parliament than live with the shoe-on-head retards of double-chan.


First off, it’s time to doxx the ever-loving shit out of everyone who voted for this shit, and either meme them to death, or alternately just burn their house down.

Furthermore, all these Eurofaggots drive poofy cars with on-board computers, and I refuse to believe that /g/ can’t hack their brakes and assassinate them while they are hurtling along in their electric car listening to Eurobeat as they travel from one state sanctioned free dinner to the next.

And isn’t it high time that we began to stalk them back through their “””smart””” Phones and TVs and Fridges, and began to compile the footage with which to destroy them, just as they and their Alphabet Agencies and their little drones at GCHQLBBQ+ are presently doing to all of us?


So which nations are the most fucked in all of Europe?

Could it be Bulgaria? Probably not, but because Bulgarian anon bothered to post how shit his country was in the sticky, I’ll repeat his talking points.

Bulgaria voted almost as a single bloc for the garbage which their masters in Brussels put before them just to keep the Eurogibs flowing. So this is the power of Europe. MEPs from a shitty ex-Commie bloc country who want to keep riding the Brussels gravy train get to regulate the level of thought control now. The one hold-out? Some 32-year old Boomer from the Bulgarian Socialist Party.

What the fuck? Now I love Bulgarian Socialism. I will literally drive a fucking T-34 over the Old Right and then rape its wife and children while singing Katyusha if it tries to fuck with my God-given right to post whatever the hell I want on the Internet.

The New Right had better get its shit together quickly, and decide whether it loves censorship or relevancy more. While I might mark out for Christian Order and Morals as a good template for a better society generally, watch how fast the New European Right gets dropped if it cucks out on Free Speech.

There were a few freedom loving countries whose MEPs mostly opposed Article 13. The Netherlands and Poland, for example. Swedish MEPs accounted for themselves fairly well.

None of this mattered though once the Legion of French bootlickers rolled through with their White Flags. Watching Frenchy capitulate to Brussels or Berlin or a ten-year old girl with a butter-knife is hardly anything new.

What this clearly demonstrates is that those of us descended from the freedom loving British and Irish of old can never afford to rely upon the goodwill of a Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey. Nor can we trust the Post-Powell Tories, the Soft Right scum who have betrayed us at every turn.

The Maylets led the charge for censorship within the European Parliament along with the Soft Right Open Borders cucks of Germany. Both act as fanatical Janissaries for Davos, and will always put International Banker bullshit before your best interests.

If you think Article 13 won’t become the Law of the Land in May’s Britain, and that our enemies aren’t pushing it for America, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, then think again. The Right is infested with the same cancer that produced the tumorous growths of Merkel and May in all our countries. It must be cut out, and quickly.

This is a hill worth dying on, and I will take whatever allies that God gives me, to fight and vanquish these reckless villains. No right-thinking man ought ever allow the state to lay its diseased hands upon his mind, or touch his stack of sacred images.

The tax on hyperlinks to the Lying Cyber-press I was at first blush more ambivalent about. Do spoon-fed retards who can’t find what they are looking for without a hyperlink deserve to freedom, bro? Yes, yes they do. Even retards deserve freedom.

In any case, this is sure to redpill the ever-loving shit out of Facebookers, Twitterers, and the rest of the Norman trash.

The Europeans have managed to wreck the Internet, and they now offer a Beijing-tier experience for all of us. Fuck the European Union.

So as Europe dies, and European Cybercucks slowly ruin the Internet for all of us with one stupid law after another, remember to never retreat, and never surrender to the Copyright Jews of Brussels.

Fight back with all the tools and autism that Christ gave you, and never forget that it is the money of Big Content that is pushing this agenda. Torrent anything and everything lads, torrent everything that does not deserve your hard-earned money until Skynet is choking on our dead hash scrapes.

Support the artists that you actually love, and bleed out the bastard cunts who exploit us with shitty IP laws at every opportunity.

Full disclosure: [ Death To All Soft Right Neocons]’s IRL name is [Smug Anime Girls]. I’m an [Freedom specialist] who’s keen on [Hack the EU] and [Merkel Must Die Now].

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