Swedish election: the Number One problem in the West is mindbroken NPC Tumblr women

By The Hanako Inquisition

Monday the 10th of September, 2018


How do you fix Sweden? In 2015 at the height of the Obama Refugee Crisis this apparently batshit insane nation of six million had upwards of 30,000 grown Afghani men living on state benefits, many of whom were pretending to be school children to improve their chances of amnesty. Problem? Not if you listen exclusively to Swedish state media, and to the Davos media cartel which exercises complete control over the Lying Press of that nation, which just yesterday went to the polls to elect a new Parliament.

As expected the vote for the Christian Right, or as our enemies in the Lying Press have labelled us, the Far Right – has surged amongst the native population. Well, at least amongst young Swedish men. /ourguys/ the Swedish Democrats have seen their share of the vote surge from 12.9% in the last election to 17.6% this time around, capturing between a quarter and a half of the votes of Swedish men in a majority of precincts. Well done, Jimmy.

The problem? “””Swedish””” women.

The reason SD is stuck on 63 seats in the next parliament (up from 49) is obvious. Swedish Tumblrinas and their (rapidly naturalised) migrant horde woman counterpart just won’t vote for anything that is good for them. NPC ham-beasts and Achmed’s four wives outvoted Christian Swedish women by a margin of 9-to-1 yesterday.

Swedish women have yet to break their conditioning. So when the Female NPC vote was combined with the massive harvest of votes from all the NPC Immigrants who have flooded across the defenceless and open borders of Sweden for the last five years, it narrowly drowned out the surge of support for the native Christian party of Jimmie Akesson.

Support for traditional values and Swedish nationalism is rising fast amongst young Swedish men. They have seen that Davos is trying HARD to replace them on their own soil with soulless NPCs. In 2014 it was 100,000 from Syria and Africa, in 2015 it was another quarter million, and by 2016 the Swedish government had taken in so many foreign nationals that it had to house them on an industrial scale in schools and sporting arenas.

Just the 30,000 Afghans alone which Sven took in costs the state more than 30 billion krona ($3.5 BILLION) every year to house and feed. This is more than Sweden spends every year on its Police Force. These men swiftly went from LARPing as schoolchildren to voting Socialist en masse, with the Swedish Democrats vote-share in these “””new Swede””” precincts not even reaching one-in-twenty votes. This is how they steal your elections, with Open Borders for mindless NPCs.

The third largest ethnic group in Sweden is now Iraqis, after Swedes and Finns, and after Poles (kek) the next largest group is Iranians, and then the Syrians. That is if we do not count Yugoslavians as one group, in which case they slightly outnumber Syrians, for now.

The Swedish Lutheran Church, which for a long time has been the plaything of Moloch worshipping Sodomites, and which put up little resistance to the state religion of hedonistic Atheism, has mostly acted as a cheerleader for what can only be described as an outright invasion by the Saracens.

Given the absolute YES state of Sweden, Jimmy has done an outstanding job this election. But can anything save Sweden at this stage? Apart from Jesus?

The problem for Sweden is that their Gibs are so generous that NPCs from the Middle East or Wakanda will literally charge through several other sets of Open Borders just to get those sweet, sweet Swedish Turbogibs.

These are economic refugees of the lowest order, and they are now encamped upon the welfare rolls of Sweden forever. Socialist Paradise will happily pay them to do nothing with their lives except shit out the next generation of permanently unemployed and utterly useless citizens – in return for their votes.

But how can the Swedes possibly afford all this?

Well, the fact of the matter is that they can’t. They broke.

After just three years of being a Third World shithole the Swedes have had to raise their age of retirement by three years. This was announced last December.

Davos COPE media is already preparing the NPC Hivemind in Sweden for an additional increase to the age of retirement of at least five years. The joke is that none of these idiots who voted for the Glorious Open Borders Socialism of Sweden will be allowed to retire before they are seventy, or possibly eighty if things keep going the way that they are going.

Faced with bills that they know they cannot pay, and with the EU piggybank already broken because Frau Merkel choked Germany on her own imported horde of shiftless Saracens and Wakandans, the Socialists of Sweden are royally screwed. Well, the party leaders aren’t. They just got another ride on the gravy train. Guess who will pay the bill? Poor Sven.

The Socialist government did politely ask some of the invaders if they would like to go home for a small cash prize, but they had few takers. Many whose bid for asylum has been rejected on the grounds that they are found out to be dangerous criminals back where they came from have simply refused to leave, even for a cash prize. MORE TURBOGIBS PLS.

It is estimated that there are around twenty thousand Jihadis who continue to live in Sweden after being told to go. Many of them rather comically took the payment to go home and then simply hopped back on the next flight back to Sweden and then tried to get an additional set of welfare benefits. Twenty thousand is just the number of those that were caught trying to game the system, not those who got away with it. So how many times did those guys vote, do you think?

The small army of those who are officially denied access to the welfare system exists in a state of seething limbo. Mobs of them routinely burn down one of 61 Areas of Sweden where the police have no control, the infamous No-Go Zones.

Meanwhile Swedish NPC women are voting in droves for whatever the Tumblr whales are currently virtue signalling to one another about, and remain the mind-control victims of a Lying Press which relentlessly pushes Open Borders. We need not dwell here on the rape crisis in Sweden, but when you are just as likely to be raped in a Swedish city as you are in a South African city, something clearly is askew. NPCs are idiots, but we already knew this.

Simultaneously bankrupting the country and causing a surge of lawlessness of which they are one of the main victims, you find the Eternal NPC. She is the bedrock of support for the Degenerate Left.

The problem began with the Permissive Society, which made virtues out of Adultery and Fornication. The Christian family that was the bedrock upon which all Christian nations were built was attacked and ridiculed. Our “””men””” abandoned God, they abandoned their wives and children.

These days we see the fruit of this perverse labour by our enemies. We are beset with every kind of vice. Drugs are everywhere, broken homes are commonplace, and women are commonly little more than disease spreading harlots. This life lasts for a few years, while they are at the peak of their fertility. Then they enter a much worse second life as an angry mindbroken Tumblr whale, and this drags on for decades. The state becomes their father and husband for the rest of their lives, and this is precisely the condition in which the Left wants all women to live.

Meanwhile our “””men””” are deciding whether they would rather chop their dick off or get married to some guy who wants to fuck them in the ass. I hear a lot about Incels these days, a label which is even applied by the Lying Press to Saints like Paul and Peter. Meanwhile any girl who wants to preserve their chastity until marriage and maintain a voluntary celibacy is put on trial for not being an Instagram whore, as Tinder transforms an entire generation into a giant disease incubator.

The Lying Press bangs on interminably about Sexual Liberation, but what you do not hear about is the woman who emerges destroyed after she has been cast down from this altar of diseased cocks, and who then spends the rest of her days wallowing in misery, wine and cats. These withered hags grow increasingly more gross and desperate for attention every decade. Yet somehow they remain a reliable well of support for the Leftist scum who convinced them to turn their lives into garbage in the first place. What the heck is up with that?

The hedonistic Nihilism of Atheist Sweden is a failed paradigm, and the Degenerate Left is culturally and intellectually bankrupt. Sweden was its best effort, and this election Swedish men abandoned it completely. But how do you convince a woman to stop falling into the traps of the batshit insane Left and go save her country before she loses her soul and becomes an NPC for life?

The Christian Right is now the second largest bloc in the Swedish parliament, and it got to where it is because there are still some men in Sweden who never gave up on traditional Christian values, and they are bringing their women back from the brink with them.

Ironically, the Swedish Socialists managed to deny our side power temporarily by enfranchising a bloc of new voters who are likely to be just as socially conservative or even more so than the Christians of the Swedish Democrats.

Only by conjuring up a bogeyman of imaginary Nazis was the Lying Press able to forge an unlikely alliance between the Left and Muslims, but this is not a natural fit. Just how happy their new voters will be when young Achmed Svensson comes home with his first brochure about how he ought to be getting an axe wound where his penis is remains to be seen. I think that conversation will not go well for the Socialists.

The main problem for the Right is this. How do we rescue our young women from a life of Tumblr?

The Sodomites who spew filth from our television networks and across all of our social media platforms have gotten a lock upon the fragile mind of the Female NPC. They have used this to engineer a final Pyrrhic victory of sorts for Socialism in Sweden.

Yet if the heathens of Davos and their minions in the Lying Press think that the Christian Right will not continue to grow until it is the largest bloc in Sweden, just as it is fast becoming in every other European parliament, or that the Saracens hate them any less than they hate us, then they will be disabused of their illusions soon enough.

Either there will be a return to the traditional Christian family values which made Sweden great, or that nation will fall to the Saracens. Socialism is a system which cannibalises culture and impoverishes every society that it preys upon, and it inevitably fails everywhere. Just give it enough rope, and it will hang itself.

And now for no particular reason here is the OP of Gunslinger Girl, which I quite enjoy, lads.

Full disclosure: [The Hanako Inquisition]’s IRL name is [Sweden YES]. I’m an [HANAKO GANG RISE UP specialist] who’s keen on [Ending Degeneracy] and [Burning Witches].

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