Pray for Bolsonaro: leader of Christian Right survives assassination by the grace of God in Brazil

By Dardanup Pies Are Awesome

Friday the 7th of September, 2018


The Communists and their (((friends))) in the Davos Banker cartels and the Lying Press are growing desperate now, as one after another the nations established by Church-going men in accordance with the Laws of God are returning to Christ before the Final Hour. The latest nation to shake off the bonds of International Finance and International Socialism and the lawlessness and utter depravity which our enemies spread is Brazil, where the leading candidate in the upcoming Brazilian elections campaigns for Christian Order, and for a Prosperity which is not snatched away from the Middle Class and Christian Workers from above and below. Alas, for his troubles the leader of the Christian Right in Brazil, the heroic Jair Bolsonaro, has just had to defy the deadly blades of an assassin, which pierced his liver and lungs.

Bolsonaro was a military man before he was a politician, a veteran of a Parachute regiment who has stood up fearlessly to the cartel of corrupt Davos yes-men and outright puppets of Communist China which has slowly subverted Catholic Brazil for the last generation. The Lying Press prefers to call him the leader of the Far Right, but as we have seen in one Christian nation after another, from Washington to Rome itself, the Far Right is what (((they))) have named the True and Christian Right, and the Godly people clamour for its return, to replace the lawless and Godless heathens of the Soft Right.

Soon Bolsonaro will join President Trump and his fellow Christian Roman – Matteo Salvini – upon the world stage, and return the banners of glorious imperial Brazil to the camp of the Lord, if it is the will of God that he do so.

Therefore all of you who fight for what is right and decent ought to pray for Bolsonaro, the leader of the Christians in Brazil. He has ever stood firmly against the abominable depravity of the Sodomites which the International Banker cartel and the Lying Press attempts to inflict upon us everywhere, even as their business partners who run the Apple and Nike Profit Gulags of Red Mordor continues to rebuild the Communist war machine that seeks to exterminate us all.

Communist China, rebuilt by the International Bankers of Davos while a string of traitorous American presidents from Clinton to Obama were paid to look the other way, has in a single generation replaced the Red Menace dismantled by the last good and decent President of the United States before Trump. So now once again it is our heavy burden to stare down the threat of total annihilation which the Communists offer.

Even as we do so we are betrayed from within by our Soft Right “””leaders””” – the Open Borders Dick Choppers who aspire to follow the path of May and Merkel – who continuously kowtow for a few pieces of that blood money which was extracted by the martyring of 100 million Chinese Christians.

The corpses of these Christian departed now lie unceremoniously buried beneath the Apple and Nike factories and the Chinese Disneyland, the profits from which the filthy Davos cartel lubricates our politics with on the one hand, and on the other the Communists invest in nuclear bombs and aircraft carriers with which to destroy us. This is the filthy cartel which Bolsonaro has stood up to, and now he is fighting for his life in hospital.

Turnbull the Antichrist is gone from Australian politics, praise Christ, and Scott Morrison will probably do the right thing by us all eventually. I’ve listened to a few sermons by Assemblies of God pastors, and these men tend not to be filthy degenerates, unlike the priests spewed out by our famous divinity schools these days. Surely then he will turn out better than Malcolm, or the dead-eyed globalist Julie who seems to be the universal favourite of the Lying Press these days.

Trump is in the White House, but he is surrounded by dirty little Judases who are constantly undermining him for their thirty shekels. It will be up to the Christian voters of America to get the job done this November, and purge the Party of Lincoln from top to bottom of the degenerates and the back-stabbing traitors which infest it. The Lying Press is omnipresent with its whispering of deceits and misinformation, and Google will not aggregate me one single headline that doesn’t confirm my complete lack of faith in them.

We are winning, but we have not won yet. In Brazil our man Bolsonaro is at the threshold of victory, but now by the machinations of the degenerate Communists who work in the shadows with the International Bankers, he is fighting for his life. Pray for Bolsonaro therefore, that South America may return to the Church for the battle that is to come.

Remember that they are already slaughtering us and stealing our land RIGHT NOW in South Africa while the degenerate whores of the Soft Right dance around comically for the amusement of the Left, and therefore hold the line in South America where we are still strong and able to seize the government from these utterly depraved Orcs who serve Red Mordor everywhere.

Full disclosure: [Dardanup Pies Are Awesome]’s IRL name is [I Enjoyed My Country Trip Lads]. I’m an [Restore Catholic Rule in Brazil specialist] who’s keen on [BOLSONARO] and [Red Mordor must Fall].

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