Tottenham humiliate Portuguese man in front of 70 thousand Muppets, and other entertaining things

By We All Hate Leeds Scum

Tuesday the 28th of August, 2018


I rarely think about the Soccerball these days, what with all the excitement of facking politics and daily life to rile me up, but it was actually rather nice to see the team that my idiot sister got a tattoo for because our English grandmother was a Spurs supporting glory hunter who liked Danny Blanchflower  back in the 1960s or whatever go and thrash Man United. Apparently it’s glory hunting time again, because Spurs are going to win the facking league innit governor. Can’t believe that Optus are still giving me these matches though. I could swear I told them halfway through the World Cup to fuck off. Spurs later, first up Japanese cartoons.

Is there any better use of a man’s time than watching the Asobis play with Sensei? I could be deep inna woods stockpiling guns and ammunition right now, but then I would have missed Hanako’s dope Sailor Moon impersonation.

Where were the puppets that usually pop at the end of the show though lad? Heh. They were at Old Trafford with the rest of the muppets, watching Sir Harold Kane and a Brazilian humiliate the 13th best team in England. Get in there my son.

I can’t believe we used to be their feeder club fifty years ago or whatever when they had a decent manager and used to win things. Imagine thinking that Sir Harold would leave a quality side like Spurs to go play with this trash.

Oh I am fucking laughing

Literally every Spurs player on the park had a touch before our balding Brazilian manlet ran right through the middle of the United defence and clowned them with a goal. Honestly, I felt bad for them. G’wan Lucas. Kick a facking goal my son.

God was so impressed by Lucas that he let him kick another after he substituted off for Harry Winks. HOW THE FUCK DID HE DO IT LADS. Brazilian magic.

I hope you had as much fun as I did laughing at United lads. I might not pop up for a while, as I’m heading down South to ride dirt bikes and shoot at trees that look like poofters and Chinese Communists for a bit. Maybe I’ll post up something on my old man’s computer if I can be fucked.

Better dump all my Joshis before I get there though. Oh I am fucking laughing.

Full disclosure: [We All Hate Leeds Scum]’s IRL name is [We’re Winning the League In Colour]. I’m an [Bishoujo Cosplay specialist] who’s keen on [Drunken Stadium Chants] and [Stop Making Me Sad Hinata].



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