It’s Boer War 3: Christian farmers vow to fight the Marxists today in South Africa

By Onward Christian Soldiers

Monday the 27th of August, 2018


After years of being pushed around and massacred by local Communists to the delight and profit of the Red Chinese overlords of Marxist Africa, the Christian farmers who were in isolation being violently tortured to death and robbed in the most brutal fashion and on a scale not seen since the Communist atrocities of the last century, these God fearing folk of South Africa who have finally in desperation banded together under the Cross, have taken up arms against the Marxist state which wants to kill them and sell off their lands to Davos and the Chinese Communists. It’s war now, and no longer just a one-sided massacre.

We have seen this happen before, in Rhodesia, and it did not end well there for the Christians. After being deserted by our feckless political class, they were murdered in the grisliest fashion by Communists. The country then went on to starve to death without its White Christian farmers, and ruin its prosperity in every way imaginable under a Marxist junta. Today Zimbabwe is little more than a backwards colony of Communist China. This is the future of South Africa under Red China.

It became quite fashionable last century to hate White Christians, and it is even more fashionable today, except for on the Christian Conservative side of politics. We finally have the President of the United States back on our side again, after a succession of NWO Davos traitors abused the Oval Office and looked the other way while we were getting massacred.

We have the Minister of Home Affairs, at least if Dutto gets his old job back, and Tones rooting for our survival from out in the wilderness, where the legion of faggots and degenerates who infested the Liberal Party for the Turnbull Putsch are still keeping him at bay. Little Bible Scott Morrison has so far shown scant indication of pushing away from the Davos banquet table or actually doing anything remotely useful, so God only knows what he is thinking while he is taking wine and cake with the Red Chinese ambassador.

Fully against us is the entire Lying Press, these militant homosexuals and mouthy harlots who would just love to cover another Rhodesian Genocide of White Christians as a sideshow. The Davos Banker scum which owns all the words that come out of their lying mouths pays them handsomely to slander us, but they would probably do it for free. Davos has a large chunk of its obscene profits coming directly from Red Chinese slave labour factories built over the graves of Christian martyrs, and it sees lucrative profits to be made from mining and pastoral leases in cahoots with Red Mordor. Once the Christian Farmers of South Africa have been piled up as corpses, and their mineral and farm rights duly transferred to the Marxist state.

Red Theresa is against us, and Red Jeremy too. The UK has become a joke of a nation under May, but we ought not forget that women have been giving away bits of the Old Empire since Thatcher, who simply bowed down to the Reds and give away Hong Kong like it was nothing. We can only hope and pray that Mogg or Nige or somebody grows a spine and stands up some time in the next five years and does something on Albion, the island which has become the main Davos dumping ground for Islamic trash. May has already told the South African Marxists how wonderful she thinks it is that they’ll finish off the Boers and other White Christians soon, much to the delight of her masters at the Moloch Club in Davos and the Lying Press.

American involvement in the Boer War is just another front in the smouldering Civil War that looks more and more likely to break out every day in the United States. Those who allowed the Communists to rebuild the Evil Empire after Reagan smashed it in the 1980s have not been idle, and the Marxist Coalition of degenerate filth is in an unholy alliance with a small but influential group of traitors in the Republican Party who are working to bring down the best American President since Reagan.

If Trump gets brought down or gets assassinated, expect all hell to break loose.  I do not for an idle minute doubt the integrity of Mike Pence or the American military though, and I doubt America will just stand back and let the Communists massacre four million Christians in South Africa on a whim.

This is why the Marxists have being sneaky about it up to now, deviously killing our brothers and sisters in the dead of night, and acting like it is just another murder amongst the tens of thousand which happen every year in that state of lawless Marxist anarchy.

Since Trump put them on notice they have become more blatant about what they are doing though, and begun to accelerate their assault upon the Christians. They have drunk the CNN Kool-Aid, and thinking that the Davos Cartel have already won and that we in the West will simply swallow the propaganda which the Lying Press spews out, they have begun to quite blatantly attack Christian Farmers in broad daylight now and admit to their Marxist agenda of land confiscation.

What was previously unthinkable to many Christian Farmers – another Rhodesia – is now the Law of the Land. The Lying Press has been contradicted time and again by the Marxist junta of South Africa, which no longer cares who knows what their end game is. And so our brothers have run out of peaceful options, and must band together to fight this crooked regime.

So far thousands of Christians have mostly been killed by African Marxist paramilitaries backed by all the resources of the South African state. They are using weapons subsidised by rents which Apple and the other Davos conglomerates pay the Chinese Communists – for the right to exploit Gulag labour – money which is then funnelled to Marxists in Africa to go about torturing and killing Christians and stealing their lands. The South African military and police are entirely Marxist now, and already fully complicit in the Rape and Pillage of the Transvaal on an industrial scale for their Red Chinese masters.

Since Trump gave his message of Christian solidarity the farmers of the Transvaal have taken heart, and they are slowly banding together to escape being butchered individually like sheep.

Now that the South African government has been outed for the pack of genocidal Communists that they are, the Boers have stopped running and begun fighting. But the Communists and Davos Banker Scum and the Lying Press which Davos owns and the batshit insane Left and the crooked Soft Right are all in league against our Christian brothers. And it is a fight to the death now.

If we allow the Boers to fight alone then they will all get slaughtered, and God knows that after the Chinese Communists are done with killing all the White Christians in South Africa and stealing their lands over there then they will do exactly the same thing to us here in Australia and New Zealand.

The Brits and Yanks and Canadians that haven’t given up on the nations that their forefathers built and the Christian traditions which made them great likewise know that once they become minorities in their own countries that it will be the end for all of us.

Thanks to the Soft Right Centrist and Leftist scum who took that Red Chinese blood money to look the other way while the Communists rebuilt their killing machine for the last twenty five years, we are now once again facing total annihilation at the hands of an enemy who have shown time and again that they are prepared to kill Christians by the millions wherever we fall under their control. This must not be allowed to happen. So stand up and fight, Christian soldiers.

It is no overstatement to say that the plight of the sixty-seven year old farmer in the North Transvaal who has vowed to never take another backwards step to Godless Communism is your plight too. He should not fight alone, and ought not die alone.

We don’t want to fight, but by jingo if we do, we’ve got the men, we’ve got the guns, we’ve got the money too. This was the slogan that was used to rile us up to fight one another during the brother wars of Empire. But it was true then, and it is true today. Nothing holds us back from Victory, except for the enemies within, the traitor class which undermines us at every turn.

Are you any less honourable than your Christian ancestors? They were fighting for honour and glory, and now you get to fight for your very right to exist upon God’s earth. You will either stand together or you will die alone upon your knees. The choice is yours, and you don’t have a lot of time to make it. Your Christian brother may already be dead before you get there.

Full disclosure: [Onward Christian Soldiers]’s IRL name is [Remember Rhodesia]. I’m an [Hanebado girldrama specialist] who’s keen on [Not Being Hacked Up by Marxists in Front of my Family] and [Holy Mother of God CR could you be any more Lazy with your Subbing?].

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