John McCain outlives Guardians of the Galaxy by a day, dies on the same day as boxing

By Logan Paul Won That He Did

Sunday the 26th of August, 2018


Boxing and John McCain have both been dying together for quite a while now, so it was not unexpected that they should both depart this world together. McCain, who fell off somewhere along the Maverick Expressway and ended up as That Establishment Guy who was always yelling at the Trump insurgents to get off the lawn of his Grand Old Party in his bathrobe and slippers will not immediately be remembered fondly. Not by the type of people he would have expected to miss him, but I’m sure those who hated him but hate Trump more will all bewail him disingenuously for a day or two. Perhaps because it is the Lord’s Day, and at the risk of being disingenuous, I’ll not press S.

Boomers have done a lot of damage to our nations, with their Open Borders bullshit, and their LOL But My House Price Just Went Up nonsense. I’ve more than once remarked that McCain was the Rube of the Never Trumpers. But if Communism had been finished off when it lay dying in 1990, and not been allowed by a vacuous Republican establishment composed of men like McCain to rebuild itself in Communist China with Apple and Foxconn profits made in Gulag factories built over the graves of 100 Million Christian martyrs to Red China then I guess I might have remembered him quite differently.

McCain belonged to an era of insiders who whistled in the dark while the System they ruled over and which they thought was in complete control of everything came crashing down around their ears. And so did boxing.

The old men who ran boxing into the ground were likewise hopelessly out of touch with the unwashed masses who were and still are prepared to pay to watch the spectacle of two men fighting. The sport has just this year completely returned to its amateur and carny roots, and now exists mostly as freakshow spectacle.

The biggest boxing match of the year (the decade even) was a coke addled showman fighting a Hollywood match against a man who stopped being the greatest quite some time ago. The second biggest boxing match of the year took place as McCain lay dying. It was an unsanctioned “””celebrity””” bum-fight between E-celeb trash. Who won is immaterial. Who fought is immaterial. What matters is that boxing went down to the canvass, and it won’t be getting up again any time soon.

What is worse, few aficionados of boxing even noticed, and fewer care. As boxing purists continue to dwindle in numbers, the audience for these “””celebrity””” carny bumfights is exploding. Overhyped trash-fights between people who were literal whos before the viral marketing kicked in are the future, and everybody knows it.

Just as nobody wanted to be lectured by John McCain about how to lose to Clinton and Obama any longer, nobody cares about the art and science of boxing any more.

Which brings us to the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. The cinema is steadily bleeding out, and this too is a common fact. For a long time now, Hollywood has been pouring out its disdain on the half of its core audience that I belong to, and I don’t see them winning me back any time soon.

Meanwhile the angry little deviant fraction of the Disney audience that was agitating to see another Guardians of the Galaxy film directed by the mouthy old paedophile that had been poking my side with a stick has proved to be far less important than it considered itself, and Bob at Disney has not only stood by his gut-check decision to fire Gunn but has shit-canned the entire franchise. Sorry Reddit, no more talking Raccoons for you.

That McCain and Boxing and Paedowood should all get put on an “”””indefinite hiatus”””” together within 24 hours is a stark reminder of just how quickly the Old Order is crumbling. Bob at Disney hopes that he can quarantine the rest of his Capeshit money-printing garbage from the same forces that have completely obliterated his Star Wars investment, but the bad faith Kathleen Kennedy showed in attacking her audience for her personal failures will continue to haunt the Mouse.

Hollywood and Disney still have some way to go before they hit rock bottom. Though Gunn was the poster boy for boy-hungry Hollywood, nobody thinks that he was the only one or even the worst offender. And who wants to fork over their ten bucks for a lecture from Hollywood about some inane Lefty culture wars bullshit when you can just watch God tier Japanese cartoons for next to nothing? I won’t be contributing to the hush money fund for Hollywood deviants any time soon.

Hollywood likes to think of itself as bigger and more important than Boxing or John McCain, but really the monolithic entertainment industry is just a giant dead man walking. Hollywood is fatally disconnected from most of its core audience, over-represented by people who hate us, and owned and run by the worst kind of people imaginable.

There is too much Communist propaganda being spewed by Hollywood and not nearly enough entertainment. Disney himself, God bless him, would be the first to say that modern Hollywood does not deserve to live. And as it continues to choke to death on the bile of its own vile hatred for its former audience, it may not long outlive McCain and Boxing.

Full disclosure: [Logan Paul Won That He Did]’s IRL name is [Capeshitters On Suicide Watch]. I’m an [Happy Sugar Life specialist] who’s keen on [Thanks For Not Showing Me Chio’s Pantsu This Week Diomedea] and [If Bob Iger Really Gave A Fuck About Me Then Disney Would Partner With Japan and Release The Non Non Biyori Movie with Subs Fucking Yesterday].

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