Act Up: the batshit insane militant poofter Communists who act like fabulous Nazi brownshirts

By What The Fuck Was Her Problem

Saturday the 25th of August, 2018


When you think about a flash mob of well manicured domestic terrorists who go around chucking cinder blocks through people’s windows in the middle of night, assaulting former prime ministers and Andrew Bolton with impunity because they have higher-ups in the Lying Press and Canberra also working for the Gay Movement and that sweet Red Chinese blood money, and defacing Churches, national monuments, private property and anything else that doesn’t fit into their value system to score brownie points with the hostile Communist regime they seem to think will make them all Gay Commissars while the rest of us are being death marched to the gulag, it all just kind of seems fucking absurd. Is this why anything hasn’t been done about these stupid pricks yet?

Now that their gaywad patron Malcolm is gone, is something finally going to be done about them? It’s not like we don’t know who they are. They have a membership list, and despite the fact that most of the time they are wearing balaclavas and acting like pyjama ninjas, many if not all of them are the kind of drug addict spastics who are constantly boasting about their various crimes on social media, and all this shit has been archived. Perhaps the main reason that nobody has noticed them is not because they are noisy and stupid, but because so far they haven’t managed to kill anyone or cause a really serious injury. But that’s not for lack of trying.

Not that far back one of these mongrels took a bit too much liquid courage and thought he would throw hands with Tony Abbot, our last great Liberal Prime Minister. This delightful fellow started out the night as a heckler, but was egged on by his fellow Gay Jacobins to go attempt some violence, and being the easily suggestible type and possibly under the influence of whatever cocktail of drugs these fucking losers all seem to be on, he had a crack. Well, sort of.

As things turned out this trembling mutt came stuttering up to Tones and asked to shake his hand. Now the Mad Monk is not the type to turn away a punter, even when said punter is covered in Gay Love badges and had spent the entire evening yelling various obscenities at him, so he offered his hand, as you tend to do, in a Christian fashion. This prick then attempts a King Hit on him and runs away, which left Tones somewhat bewildered – for it was exactly the kind of violence that Act Up has offered up to date, weak and ineffectual.

Then there was the bungled Red Brigades assault on Andrew Bolt, when a little gang of Act Up thugs attempted to mob Andrew Bolt as he was leaving a restaurant with his wife. Now I don’t know much about Bolt, but the Murdoch press journo seems to be somewhat out of step with the rest of the Lying Press, and I suppose for this reason a glitter hit squad was assembled to get him to tow the line.

The old fellow was rumbled by the best squad of violent degenerates that the batshit insane Left could assemble at the time. Once again they lost their nerve, and ran away from the old man, no doubt leaving his wife and the rest of the patrons in a tizzy. But once again, it was not for lack of trying that one of these fucking idiots didn’t manage to seriously hurt someone.

The closest to killing anyone that Act Up have gotten so far is in Queensland, where they recently threw a cinder block through the windows of Peter Dutton’s electorate office in the middle of the day and almost took off the head of some ordinary voter whose great ideological crime was going in to visit his local member of Parliament about something. They much more famously came back while Dutto was down in Canberra, to finish off his windows last Friday night. Wow, such amazing bravery.

Dutto is of course the Number One public enemy of these self-avowed Communist fuckwits, and his seat of Dickson is presently being deluged with abusive phone calls and graffiti, as they attempt to bully ordinary Brisbane voters into either voting for the Labour party or replacing Dutto with somebody more in line with the pro-Beijing pro-degeneracy Turnbull camp which now no longer exists, thank God.

At what point does tipping pink paint over Captain Cook and vandalising his old house while nobody is about turn into murder? How long until Act Up get called out on their insane bullshit? Do we really have to wait until one of these drug addled fucking morons actually does some real damage, as they run around acting out their capeshit power fantasies?

The good voters of Dickson can make up their own mind about whether they would rather have a member who suits the purposes of Communist China and Act Up than Peter Dutton. What I’m concerned about is public order and ordinary decency.

Their beloved Malcolm Turnbull is no longer able to cover up for these sick deviants, but they still enjoy their mouthpieces in the Lying Press and the complete approval of the Australian Labour Party. So this is the first test of whether Scott Morrison is our Prime Minister, or just another Red Chinese yes-man like Turnbull, who’s prepared to stoop to using the violent Degenerate Left to work over his political rivals, just like Malcolm quite disgustingly did for these last three Godless years.

Full disclosure: [What The Fuck Was Her Problem]’s IRL name is [Noisy 1% Go Fuck Yourself]. I’m an [Get Back In Closet specialist] who’s keen on [Peak 1950s Morality] and [Do Your Fucking Job Scomo].

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