Second Nats MP to betray Coalition: how many of these shady bastards does Communist China own?

By Shoot All the Bankers First

Thursday the 23rd of August, 2018


My week just keeps on getting better and better, as Peter Dutton and ordinary Conservative values voters take back the parties of Menzies and Black Jack McEwen from the Red Chinese spy ring that managed to infiltrate it during the groovy free love years of Malcolm Turnbull. The gang of dirty little blackmailing catamites and Fabian Socialists that Turnbull assembled is not going down without throwing a monumental hissy fit though, and the most recent agent of Communist China to out himself is some gaylord rights activist called Kevin Hogan? Who??? I’ve never heard of him either, but check out this fucking queer.

Here I was thinking that just the Liberals would get a purge, but the Communists who infiltrated the National Party are also literally self-selecting to go join the Labour Party now, with this particular Fabian Socialist saying that he’ll lead the Darren Chester movement – remember Beijing’s top mole in the Department of Defence – and walk out of the Coalition. FUCKING AWESOME. LEAVE TODAY YOU CUNT AND DON’T LET THE DOOR HIT YOUR ASS ON THE WAY OUT.

To be honest I am now kind of concerned that Darren fucking Chester has been told by his Red Chinese masters in Beijing that he can’t leave, and that he must continue wrecking our national preparedness for war as Minister for Defence Personnel. The Transgenderisation and Effeminisation of the Australian Defence Force is clearly a top priority for Beijing, and Chester was just too valuable an asset to let fuck off to join his soulmates in the Labour party, despite all the bullshit he was spouting yesterday.

Can’t let anything get in the way of his actual mission to completely Faggotise the Australian military  for Red Mordor, I guess.

So just like that the next Red Chinese agent in the National party has been activated, and now it’s Kevin Hogan who’s running around telling the Lying Press that he wants to go vote with the Labour party to bring down the Coalition if it dares to purge itself of hostile influences, foreign spies, and all the rest of the pro-Communist trash.

Who is this shady prick Kevin Hogan anyway, and what has he been up to while nobody was looking? Well unlike Darren fucking Chester he’s not a card carrying member of the Lying Press. It’s even worse: HE’S A FUCKING BANKER. Unfortunately, Kevin Hogan is also the Deputy Speaker of the House.

There you have it folks, the Nationals are the party of Bankers and Journalists now. Everybody who profited from the Sale and Rape of the Australian Bush to their Red Chinese Masters and then lied about it is now getting their thirty pieces of silver as a Nationals MP.

After being shoehorned into a National party seat by his masters at the Moloch Club with promises of various goodies for the White Piggus of Lismore whose children who would have been working in Chinese Gulags all along the Pacific Highway in fifty years, he now continues to work exclusively for the Bankers of Davos, who profit off slave gulag labour in the factories of Communist China with one bank, and extract lucrative profits from the misery of ordinary Australians with another.

It is good to know that we will soon be rid of both Chester and Hogan, but at the end of the day they are both easily replaceable pieces on the board of the Great Game that has been rigged against us – with a false dichotomy drawn between Turnbull and Shorten, who are both Fabian Socialists actively working for Communist China, whose goal is nothing less than the complete annihilation of every free White Christian, and the usurpation of all our lands.

This is no spat between the British and the Dutch to see who the masters of Christian civilisation ought to be, this is an organised campaign by Communists being directed from Red China to kill every White Christian in the Southern hemisphere so that they can take our lands. The Black Communists are just tools the Red Chinese are using for genocide, and they’ll be discarded afterwards.

If you think that what the Communists are doing to the White Christians of South Africa will never happen here or in New Zealand as the demographics shift against us then you are an utter fool. They want the White man dead, because they know that all our farm lands and mining lands that Turnbull and Hogan stole from underneath us and gave away do not belong in the hands of a hostile and resurgent Communist power, and that we will never let them keep our lands without a fight.

Kevin Hogan is for all intents and purposes an agent of Red China, but solely out of self-interest. He has seen the way that the winds are blowing, and that the Chinese have all that blood money they throw around in this country, and he wants a lick of it. He doesn’t care that it was made off the corpses of 100 million Chinese Christians that the regime he and the Davos set bankrolled had killed. The man has no morals at all.

Which leads me to wonder, what fucking purpose does a National Party with Darren Chester and Kevin Hogan in it even serve? Right now it is clearly the party of Communist China, and gaylord Darren fucking Chester and gay-for-paylord Kevin show-me-the-money Hogan have abandoned every guiding principle that Black Jack McEwen and Sir Joh once lived their lives by. They have become a top-down anti-Christian, anti-family, anti-Australian party of Fabian Socialists whose leaders repudiate the principles and the way of life of all its ordinary life-time Country Party members.

Kevin fucking Hogan wants to sell Black Jack’s land to China, and he’s precisely the kind of weaselly little cunt that Sir Joh would have run over in his bulldozer.

To hell with Darren Chester and Kevin Hogan, they never belonged in the Country Party. Let the Lying Pressman and the Banker Scum go vote with the Labour party. Bring on the election.

The Red Chinese communists have already show us in South Africa what their plan for the White Christian man in the Southern hemisphere is: we are to be annihilated from the face of the earth. Are you prepared to just lie down and die without a fight? Or are you every bit the man your ancestors were, and ready to defend this nation and push back the Red tide?

There is little time available to us friends. Every day that Darren Chester is the Minister for Defence Personnel and that Kevin Hogan is the Deputy Speaker of the House is another day that Communist agents walk the corridors of power of Canberra.

Red Chinese Mordor is watching on with malicious intent, and this Century it will be decided whether the free and Christian White Man has the right to continue living on the face of God’s earth.

That we stand on the brink of total annihilation today, after delivering such a crushing defeat to the Communists just a generation ago , is a stark reminder that there are malicious forces at work in society, and that these Moloch worshipping degenerates who control our Banks and the Lying Press have not been idle – so neither must you be.

In South Africa the Communists have already taken over, and they are slowly tightening the noose in Australia and New Zealand.

That Darren Chester and Kevin Hogan have outed themselves and are scurrying away like rats from the Coalition is a great and blessed event. Already the Lord has been working miracles on our behalf, and if we fail at this late juncture it will not be because He has not been lenient with us, despite our being a stiff-necked people who have rejected the good for the bad time and again.

So then it is with high spirits and great hope that I write to you today, knowing that our Conservative parties are not the natural home of Communist vice, and glad that these Bankers and Journalists who have weaselled their way to the top of the National party with blackmail and Red Chinese blood money are heading out the door. SASUGA.

Full disclosure: [Shoot All the Bankers First]’s IRL name is [Defenestration Also Acceptable]. I’m an [Malcomtent specialist] who’s keen on [not being replaced] and [Save the Boers].

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