Chinese Communist led genocide of White Christians in Africa covered up by our Lying Press

By Cecil Rhodes Did Nothing Wrong

Friday the 24th of August, 2018


The Black Marxists of South Africa have no qualms in telling us precisely what their end game is – the utter extermination of all the White Christians living in Africa. Kill the Boer and Take His Land. So why is the Lying Press lying (((again))) and trying to cover this up? We all know that the Communists got away with total genocide against White Christians in Rhodesia while our feckless governments did nothing, and we all know that they are up to their old tricks again, right there before our eyes in South Africa today.


It won’t end there either, these thugs are well armed and fully funded by Red China. The same Chinese mining and pastoral companies that are buying up the lands of murdered farmers in South Africa are already here in Australia and New Zealand like greedy spiders, coveting our mineral rights and farmlands. As long as that Communist gulag blood money keeps getting spread around amongst our politicians and bankers and journalists – this crooked cartel of traitors – then nothing will be done about it.

Money is the root of all evil. Wretched blood money which lubricates every organ of the Lying Press, which dances to the tune of the devil. Our journalist filth who want us to believe that the bloodbath we are seeing in South Africa, where the Marxists are murdering our Christian brothers and sisters in a state of lawless fucking anarchy, and where 20 THOUSAND CIVILIANS ARE BUTCHERED EVERY YEAR, and where WHITE FARMERS ARE BEING OPENLY AND SPECIFICALLY TARGETED, is somehow a non-event. How much dope are you idiots smoking, anyway?


This systematic elimination of White Christians by bloodthirsty Communists is the most important news event for every White Christian in the Southern hemisphere. What Red China and its Communist minions, and I include in this camp all the Fabian Socialists right here at home that gleefully act as cheerleaders for this genocide, what they get away with in South Africa is the blueprint of what they will do to our children and grandchildren in Australia and New Zealand.

Since the President of the United States yesterday warned these filthy deviants to stop butchering White Christians every organ of the Communist media from the South China Post to the Manchester Guardian has been up in arms.

Red Theresa naturally spent the day with the South Africans assuring them that she would personally do all she could to help them extinguish White Christianity there, just as she is doing in her own country, but everywhere else the Right is waking up to the fact that Africa is owned lock, stock and barrel by Beijing now and this is a FUCKING WAR which we are losing because our own leaders have betrayed us and led us to the slaughter.


What they are doing to the White Christians of South Africa is the same thing the Socialists did to the White Christians of Rhodesia last century. It is the same thing they will do to us here if we’re not careful. This is a war of total annihilation, we are running out of places to run to, and it is time that we fought back.

By the Year 2100 there will be Four Billion Asians and Four Billion Africans and less than One Billion Europeans. Communist China won’t take any of those Four Billion Africans into their own home territory, but they and the Lying Press owned by the Davos Banker Scum who profit both from Chinese Gulag Labour and Open Borders Low Wages policy of Socialist governments in the West are more than happy to move as much of Africa into Europe, America, Australia and New Zealand as possible.

The lawless anarchy of Africa has already made its way to the streets of London, Paris and Melbourne. We have seen with our own eyes the looting mobs and experienced the violent carjackings and bloody home invasions in our once peaceful suburbs.  This is nothing. The worst is yet to come.


In South Africa there is not a day that goes by when a White Christian is not ruthlessly butchered by a Marxist. They are living under an oppression worse than that of Nero, where the state openly brags about stealing their land, and then promptly selling it off to their Red Chinese overlords. They are cruelly tortured to death in front of their families, and the state police are not only overlooking these grisly executions, but are fully complicit in carrying them out. This is Marxism. This is your future. This is what the Lying Press wants you to ignore.

The Commonwealth is rotten to the core, and post-Apartheid Africa has become a killing field and slaughterhouse for White Christians. So when are we going to get a sporting boycott of the cricket and the rugby for dead White Christians? It will never happen, because the only White People that matter are our 65 Moloch worshipping billionaires and their entourage of Satanic Davos scum, and they will never be touched by their Red Chinese business partners.

These foul creatures own the Lying Press, and the filthy little deviants of the Lying Press do what they are paid to do and cover up the misdeeds of Communist China in their African Marxist terror states, saying everything is fine.


But everything is not fine. Britain is an oppressive Police Sate where the natives are slowly waking up to the fact that they are being replaced, Europe is awash with third world trash and only marginally aware of it, and meanwhile the White Christians of Australia and New Zealand are looking on with horror as their close kin in South Africa are being butchered by Communists and wondering why the Lying Press thinks that this is all just some kind of fucking joke.

Whoever wins the Liberal leadership contest today had better get serious about this, just like President of the United States has. Disregard the Lying Press, we all have. The foul rats of gutter journalism may think it suits their interests now to skitter in Beijing talking points, but they will not feel that clever when we are all being death marched to Chinese Gulags up and down the Pacific Highway.


This is the Century in which White Christians ought to have known peace, but instead because the string of traitors who occupied the White House before Trump took Chinese Communist blood money to look the other way while the Communist menace rebuilt itself we are now on the brink of total annihilation.

Red China wants you dead and it wants your family dead. It wants your land and minerals and everything you own. Look at what they have already done to their own people – 100 million Chinese Christians dead and rising. Do you think they or their Marxist minions in Africa will go any easier on us? Hardly.

The future that the Marxist envisages for the White Christian man is out on display right now, in South Africa. They are stealing our lands and murdering us, and the Lying Press and the Davos Banker Scum which owns it are fully complicit in this appalling crime. So what are you going to do about it?


Full disclosure: [Cecil Rhodes Did Nothing Wrong]’s IRL name is [No Deals With Communists]. I’m an [Domino Theory specialist] who’s keen on [Reconquista] and [Africa Belongs to Jesus].

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