Pro-Turnbull fag MP vows to betray Coalition and vote (very homosexually) with Labour

By Answers In Leviticus

Wednesday the 22nd of August, 2018


If there is one man in Australian politics who stands behind the men who enjoy random sex in gay baths and toilets, then that man is Darren Chester. In 2015 the flaming National MP and flamboyant cheerleader for the homosexual lifestyle was considered such an abomination by the rank-and-file of the National party that he only narrowly avoided getting disendorsed by the good folk of Gippsland. Then falling just short of the two thirds required to unceremoniously dump him, these good folk in their infinite wisdom decided to get with the times and send this crypto-Bolshevik and closet Nancy boy off to Canberra to join his fellow travellers instead. SASUGA, Gippsland.

Since then many of Darren’s rainbow wishes have come true, as the former journalist (no fucking surprises there) was quickly made Minister for Transport by his fellow Fabian Socialist, Malcolm Turnbull. All that time that Darren put in at truckers rest spots paid off handsomely, no doubt, and no great damage done I guess.

Unfortunately this  egregious faggot then went on to become the Minister for Defence Personnel, and Darren has spent the last seven months fucking up our military as a devout and practising full-blown degenerate and lover of Sodomy and Transgenderisation. His Red Chinese masters are no doubt pleased, but what a fucking mess he and Turnbull have managed to make of our fighting forces just as Red Chinese Mordor are drawing up their invasion plans.

Let us not forget the legacy of this man. Chester and Turnbull heaving together have managed to create the kind of progressive Australia where you can decide which one of your homosexual dads you would prefer to spend Father’s Day with – the one dying of AIDS or the one slowly transitioning into a roast beef sandwich. Fucking Awesome.

Ah but alas, the halcyon days of the Progressive Liberals when your son would come home with an axe wound where his penis used to be and lecture you about gender pronouns and other Turnbull cult shit is looking like finally coming to an end. The Conservatives who make up ninety nine percent of the rank and file of both the Liberals and the Nationals have recently become sick and tired of the thin edge of the wedge of progressive politics going further and further up their clacker every year.

Poor Turnbull and all his degenerate supporters are presently being purged from the face of the earth by Team Dutto. But what is Darren fucking Chester to do now? He can’t blackmail Barnaby Joyce any more – and the gaylords who helped him get to the top of the greasy pole are all on the way out.

Well how about just come out of the closet and admit that you were a fucking Socialist all along and vote with your natural soulmates in the Labour party. SASUGA, Darren Chester.

After firing off his mouth off to his pals in the Lying Press about how “”””a number of his colleagues are going to cross the floor and vote with Labour””” if and when Dutto replaces Turnbull tomorrow, it turns out after a cursory investigation that this vast movement of National Party rats consists solely of Darren Chester and only Darren fucking Chester. Oh OK. Buh bye, cocksucker.

I’m not precisely sure what the current state of the cross benches is, but I have heard that the defection of this one greasy faggot will pretty much guarantee an early election. FUCKING AWESOME.

We desperately need an election in this country, to purge our Parliament of closet Communists like Darren Chester. Hear me out here.

Canberra is presently riddled with Red Chinese spies and sympathisers. They infest the Lodge and BOTH front benches, and I don’t believe for a minute that Senator Dastyari was the only one taking bags of cash from Beijing. It is patently obvious that both Bill Shorten and Malcolm Turnbull are up to their neck in this Red Chinese blood money, not to mention old mate Darren Chester.

During the Cold War it was invariably the closet fags like Darren that were the most ardent closet Commie sympathisers all along, and it would come as not much of a shock to me if our Minister of Defence Personnel wasn’t just destroying our military on a whim.

A full investigation of everything that Chester and the rest of the “””Progressive”””” filth that subverted the Liberal and National parties with their blackmails and dirty tricks will no doubt uncover all kinds of nasty shit. Do you think Beijing has invested so much of their gulag money buying our political class for nothing?

As it stands, the government of the nation is obviously infiltrated at the highest levels by Communist sympathisers who have sold this nation out lock, stock and barrel to their degenerate Red Chinese masters.

The Reds are not hiding under our beds any more. They are drawing a Prime Minister’s and a Minister’s salary, and they are the Leader of the Opposition.

So to hell with Darren Chester and his gayman hissyfit. Bring down this God damn government for all I care, and bring down this rotten Parliament while you’re at it, catamite. It is time to purge this nation from top to bottom with our votes, and if that doesn’t work then we’ll try again with fire and bullets.

May the Good Lord keep you and your family safe, and once more Bless this Country as we rid it of the Darren Chesters and the Malcolm Turnbulls and the Bill Shortens that have afflicted it these past few years. Amen.

Full disclosure: [Answers In Leviticus]’s IRL name is [Kill All Commies]. I’m an [Hang Malcom specialist] who’s keen on [purging the nation] and [Inquisition fucking NOW].

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