Worst Liberal Prime Minister in history barely survives, drags Coalition further into the Abyss

By May God Save Us All (except (((Malcolm))))

Tuesday 21st of August 2018


Having long since washed my hands of our sleazy Merchant Banker PM and his New Liberals, who deliberately gutted the party of Menzies and told the Conservative base to fuck off so they could retool the Coalition as some kind of Queer Open Borders Club for fiscally irresponsible degenerates, I nonetheless remain a well-wisher of the party for reasons of nostalgia. It was with some joy then that I received the news today that the same serial idiot who burned the party down around his ears just hours ago pulled the trigger in the party room on his leadership, and almost blew his own head off at the chambering of the first round.

Make no mistake, things are not going to get any better for Malcolm, or for the rest of us, as he desperately clings on to his seat on the gravy train even as he and the nation come spectacularly off the rails together. The party of New Liberals that he leads, the ones who stand for nothing except endless faggotry, are on a perilous journey of their own – a voyage into complete irrelevancy, as the Conservative vote continues to fracture off and look for safer hands.

More and more of us are becoming antagonistic every day towards this hot shambling mess of a party and the Red Chinese yes-man Prime Minister who seems to spend every waking moment thinking of ways to piss off White Christians while replacing them with low-wage imports, wrecking their homes and Churches, and making all of us live in tiny little shitboxes that we will spend our entire lives paying his banker chums for the right to live like battery farm chickens in.

What happened to the country of wide open spaces? Malcolm and his merchant banker chums sold them all to Red China.

Where are the good jobs? They don’t exist. Your old job is now done by slaves in a Chinese gulag.

So forget about affordable houses and a living wage, but enjoy your multicultural experience and your cheap shit from Communist China, lovingly bought to you by Jeff Bezos and the Davos set, who as usual are funding Communist squalor with one bank and profiting off your miserable existence with another.

The Coalition of Malcolm Turnbull is the jobs-to-China party of latte-sipping Homosexuals, and its thin appeal to me is that it is not the party of welfare-leech Jihadists.  I guess if I was from one of the exotic places that SBS spends my tax dollars to let me know are so much fucking better than where I come from, then I could just quietly enjoy our slow national decline, but because I remember that Australia was not always shit, but once used to be a land where our shared prosperity meant that average folks could support a family and put a decent sized roof over their head, I will continue to agitate against Turnbull, and against everything that this prick stands for.

As it stands, at least 35 members of the Liberal party who today voted for Dutto possibly remember that this nation was not always a lick-spittle that grovelled at the feet of international bankers and Red Chinese gulag operators, and that we were not always ruled by a filthy Merchant Banker who hates the Church, Christian families, and every other thing which makes life bearable.

We can only hope and pray that Dutto gets over the line, and fast. It’s high time we took our country back from the filthy degenerates that have oozed their way into the corridors of power.

Unfortunately, Malcolm had his 48 Australia-hating Red Chinese bagmen bail him out this time around, and therefore the Coalition is still running down its own death clock, but one way or another we’ll see the back of this dirty fucking weasel Turnbull soon enough.

The winners of the vote today were Pauline and Cory, and the legion of grievance candidates who are going to steal Lower House seats and places in the Senate from the Coalition, and at a time of great national uncertainty and economic peril.

The nation can ill afford to have a pack of Bolshevik degenerates ride into power while we purge our own side of politics, but it can even less afford to have this social engineering crypto-Fabian mongrel Malcolm move us to the next phase of his “””progressive””” plan to remake the Liberals in his own image.

God knows that Malcolm will happily continue to drag the party down into the abyss with him, because his first and only loyalty is to himself, and he takes orders only from his globalist masters at the Moloch Club.

The Coalition has reached a low ebb in its fortunes, and less than a third of the electorate is now prepared to put up with this never-ending bullshit. The only saving grace for the Libs right now is that the floor of support for the Labour party is hardly any better, and we are fast approaching a ludicrous situation where almost half the nation thinks we would be better off if all three major parties just fucked off altogether.

This then is the tragedy of our Antichrist leader, the Merchant of Wentworth. He is kept in place only by a fear of something worse, but few of us can imagine anything worse than a Prime Minister who funnels money to the Marxists at the ABC to attack the Catholic Church and Conservative politicians, just so that they’ll also bolster his banana presidency.

This prick shuts down every decent initiate that the branches who do all his busy work come up with, but the scorn that he has shown the rank and file may come back to haunt him yet.

Our guy Dutto has been on the up-and-up for a while now, and having thrown his hat into the ring he almost rolled Turnbull on the first attempt, but he now joins Tones and Barnaby and everybody else who actually loves this nation and isn’t just a self-serving sack of shit on the backbench.

God only knows what the Lying Press is making of all this. Fellow Merchant Banker for Queer Satanic Borders and noteworthy cake enthusiast John fucking Hewson has already been activated by the Moloch Club to warn about the dangers of listening to ordinary soon-to-be-ex-Coalition voters, but his bullshit was about all that I could stomach before I switched off. The Murdoch press bleeds so seamlessly these days into the rest of that pack of dirty degenerates who pump out their filthy lies and call it journalism that I can barely even stand to watch the Rupert news any more.

So where to now for the hapless Liberals, and their chums the Nationals?

Quite frankly, until they manage to prise Malcolm out of the Lodge, I could barely care less. If the Coalition wants to continue bleeding votes by chasing after a small group of latte sipping faggots who won’t vote for them anyway then let them take their shellacking at the polls and we can all laugh at Turnbull when he is being dragged out of the Lodge. Hopefully to go before a firing squad.

What ordinary Australians think barely matters in this age anyway. Unless you are some kind of Rainbow Coalition Brown Pansexual Thing with a passion for Aboriginal affairs and Empowering Mouthy Harlots your opinion is immediately discarded by the Communists at the ABC and the Refugees Welcome propagandists at SBS and the rest of the lying faggots in the Davos funded part of the press gallery.

Quite sincerely fuck the Lying Press, fuck the 48 members of the New Liberal party, and while I’m at it fuck the Labour Party that that I can barely distinguish from the Liberals these days too.

Yet even as the country seems to be going to hell in a hand-basket, I continue to have faith in the lads (and the ladettes) that keep quietly turning up at the branches and fighting the good fight against the creeping (and creepy) degeneracy of Malcolm. They may yet restore the Liberals (and the Nationals) of old.

We may have our Prime Minister Dutto by the end of the year, the Good Lord willing. May Jesus Christ save us from the bastard Malcolm Turnbull, and once again bless our wayward nation.

Full disclosure: [May God Save Us All (except (((Malcolm))))]’s IRL name is [Old Liberals or Nothing]. I’m an [Defund the ABC specialist] who’s keen on [not living like a chicken] and [megafuck the Lying Press].

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