Your Communist future: Godless Chinese Reds attack sacred ground with Maoist bulldozers

By Apocalypse Didi Mao

Thursday the 2nd of August 2018


In a week of high drama in which barely anything has been entertaining except Seasonal anime, you can always rely on Beijing to make you laugh. In scenes reminiscent of what our future will look like when America finally becomes North Mexico and ceases to care about the fate of the Anglo-Celtic brother nations, and when we finally get Zerg rushed for our minerals and farmlands by the Red Chinese that Malcolm and his merchant banker friends invited in for a lick of Globalist blood money, the dirty Commies have this week excelled themselves with a crackdown on Burials.

Can there be any doubt that the people who hand paper bags of money to the Liberals and the Labour party and bought out our entire mainstream political spectrum which now forms a single rainbow of degeneracy and corruption in this God forsaken country, will one day be running their Communist bulldozers over the sacred ground of all our Christian cemeteries?

This country desperately needs a Nationalist Right, and armed militias, before it is too late. But the Globalist cartel and the Lying Press that runs this country which they bought with Communist gulag profits will not allow it.

America, Italy, Austria, and Central Europe meanwhile have all moved away from the cutting edge of the Globalist experiment in Open Borders and “””Free Trade”””, and have begun to deal on their own terms with these bloody minded heathens. The traitors and collaborators who have betrayed the Christian West have been removed from the corridors of power there, but for how long?

The Nationalist Right, which the Lying Press loves to call the Far Right despite the fact that it represents the mainstream of politics in almost every Christian nation and has always done so, is the true Right. It is displacing the Soft Borders Right which kowtows to the Red Chinese, and it has delayed the bulldozers that were supposed to be running over your grave after you die.

Yet still the horde that has been gathered to replace us hammers at the gates, and in many instances it runs amok in our capital cities as a noisy minority. This is thanks to two decades of an Unholy Alliance between the Chinese Communists and the Crony Capitalists of the Soft Right and New Labour.

Such are the rewards of Globalism. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. It is high time that we built a Tariff Wall against the Reds, who have cleverly exploited an entire generation of our worst politicians, including a string of stupid and greedy US presidents.

With Trump in power we stand a fighting chance against them for now, but the Davos class and the Lying Press is hard at work white-anting his presidency, and the Democrats are now openly the Socialist Democrats. We must look to our own defences, in case America falls again.

The Left pillar of the American establishment was sold off long ago to Beijing by the Clintons, and the Obama years saw almost every institution that once fought Communism subverted by it. So much so that the CIA has outdone itself, and is now running a slate of candidates against the President for the Clinton Cartel, which has been the main conduit of dirty Red Chinese money into American politics for the last twenty years, and will continue to be so until the Reds are finally defeated again.

Meantime we have that treasonous rat Mueller undermining the Free and Christian West for the benefit of Christ-hating Red Chinese Mordor, and the anti-Trump rabble being roused to frog march off to the polls for the benefit of Wall Street and its Gulag Factories in China.

It was not that long ago that the Republicans were expected to march in lockstep with the stupid half of America, and it took a miracle for them to take back their own party. Let us never forget that Jeb! or his Cuban American equivalent were meant to be the empty suit that pushed the Globalist agenda for the Manhattan Institute.

We were meant to get eight more years of dick chopping and hot deals for crony capitalists, not Trump and the rebuilding of the American military and economy. When was the last or only time that you heard anything from the Lying Press about the 4% economic growth that was meant to be impossible, or the defeat of Isis, or peace everywhere?

You will never hear it, because all of our journalists are lying filth. They work for people that hate you and want you dead. All of them are homosexuals and shrill women, and they grind away at Western civilisation because they and their opinions are easily bought. To hell with them and their lies.

The rise of degeneracy in all our Christian nations is tied up like a Gordian knot with the Communist blood money that pollutes and subverts our Western democracies. They have bought our politicians, and our business leaders, and they seek to influence popular culture via such demoniacal entertainment juggernauts as Disney and others. This constitutes a critical threat to our way of life and our basic liberties today.

So when you see the Communist starving in the street, or working like a drone in a slave labour factory and choking on the fumes of your Apple branded products, do not think it will never happen to you. The demographics are shifting against you, and you are only one or two election cycles away from becoming slaves in your own countries. Your children and grandchildren may well witness the desecration of your grave and the bulldozing of your Church and its cemetery if you waver in this fight.

Full disclosure: [Apocalypse Didi Mao]’s IRL name is [Tombstone Piledriver]. I’m an [Christian burial specialist] who’s keen on [not having my grave desecrated] and [fuck the Lying Press].

Putting the Asobi ED here so I can listen to it in gym, lads.

Sasuga Lerche, OST fucking when?

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