Mad Max hits Melbourne streets as African Gangs go after Victorian motorists

By Wind up your Windows and Hit the Gas

Sunday the 29th of July 2018


Dateline Melbourne, a city in such a savage state of decay that just today the totally overwhelmed local police were finally forced to ditch one of the most basic rules of the road just in order to keep the desperate locals alive. Remember everything that you were taught about stopping at the scene of a road accident? Disregard that, for Vic Police have now ordered any motorist hit by a car full of Wakandans to just keep on driving until they reach their local police station. Fucking hooray for multiculturalism, am I right gang?

Such is the  state of brazen highway robbery in degenerate Victoria, where Diversity and Tolerance has become Stand and Deliver. The delightful African Gangs which the lying faggots and shrill women of the Melbourne Age and Sydney Morning Herald spent the last year trying to convince us don’t even exist have finally handed the lah-de-dah class a taste of what the working class suburbs were feeling in the form of a broadside from a stolen vehicle and then a pistol whipping for not handing over the keys to your car fast enough.

Ah, these delightful Sudanese and assorted Wakandan rascals, now that they’ve taken to ramming fancy cars off the road and then carjacking the victim at gunpoint, maybe they’ll be too busy to attack pensioners in their beds at night for pocket change and we can all get some sleep.

I can only imagine how unbelievably smug you would have to be to keep pretending that Melbourne is not a city in crisis.

Holy Shit, the fucking irony as that tanned man I was virtue signalling for drives off in my Volvo. Oh well, at least the food in Melbourne is still to die for.

So thank you Malcolm and the Globalists who think we can never have too many low wage dark men to push mops and flip burgers for importing all these violent Africans from their Third World shitholes just to spit upon our culture. And thank you Andrew Daniels – or Daniel Andrews or whatever your fucking name is, for allowing this welfare tribe of trash monkey scavengers to flourish into a horde of city ransacking Vandals in Melbourne with your New Labour soft on crime bullshit.

White Australia back fucking WHEN? Who do I have to vote for to make Australia great again?

White Australia

Most of all, thank you ABC-watching cop-hating Melbourne magistrates I guess, for ensuring that catch-and-release is in effect so that none of these underprivileged souls who are looting the city will ever have to see the inside of a Victorian jail.

None of these politicians and magistrates gave a fuck when the African Gangs were turning over the working suburbs of Melbourne and targeting our frail aged and young families with violent home invasions. Now let the chattering classes that virtue signalled Melbourne’s descent into Hell just to relish the smug points of a fully diversified society reap the whirlwind they created.

One of the first things I learned about the rules of the road is that if you’re involved in a road accident you stop and get out of your car and have a chat with the other driver. All that is out the window now. Drive for your fucking life and don’t stop until you reach safety. Sasuga, Diversity and Tolerance.

In a way it is kind of funny. We keep warning these GIB MORE REFUGEES faggots, but the worse it gets the harder they double down into their Soft Borders cult. So let these fuckos who voted for Malcolm and Andrews get a gun waved in their face and then take a pistol whipping before a gang of Basketball Australians drives off in their Volvo. Honestly, I barely even care any more.

I look forward to all these Multi-Culti faggots finally experiencing what people who live next to state housing plantations full of ENRICHMENT experience every day, and finding out why they invariably turn into racists. Enjoy the Acceleration into the final stage of societal collapse. Sasuga, based Sudos. Reap these faggots.

And let our useless Federal Government which deliberately flooded this country with refugees from war-torn Third World shitholes that hate us and our way of life go to hell as well.

I’m fucking done with Liberals who talk tough and NEVER DO FUCK ALL. Deport these monkeys. Deport them all. Deport their fucking families and throw salt at them as they are departing. I’m done pandering to these civilisation wrecking lowlifes.

I barely cared about political correctness to begin with and now I’m ready to purge our entire political class and start over from scratch just to get these filthy vermin out of my country.

Neither the Government nor the Opposition has the guts or the inclination to fix this country, so bring on the Federal Election and give us the chance to put some real Conservatives on the cross benches. I guarantee you, it is going to be a bloodbath for both Labour AND the Coalition if we’re still talking about this shit by then.

Can’t you faggots just let me enjoy my Japanese cartoons and play Vidya without constantly enraging me with your weak-ass country-wrecking turbofaggotry? Fix this shit NOW or get annihilated at the polls.

Full disclosure: [Wind up your Windows and Hit the Gas]’s IRL name is [Road Warrior]. I’m an [Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla specialist] who’s keen on [Go back to Africa cunt] and [fuck everybody who voted for this too].

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