Kabadi is for everyone, Pastimers Club wins Bizarro Summer

By Smell my Culture Winners

Monday the 23rd of July 2018


After a dismal Saturday morning of Friday night seasonal trash that had run out of either budget or ideas by week three I was relying hard on Lerche to save anime with Asobi Asobase today. But before we get to the meat, let’s toss out those rotting vegetables. I don’t think I can go on with Racheru Gardener lads. Just too bland, and I’m getting all the EDGE I need from Happy Sugar Life.

And who the fuck were those fat hags in Harukana Receive? Beach Volleyball ruined, but Kabadi PICKED THE FUCK UP.  Sasuga Chio-chan, for literally saving the Weekend, with a little help from meido Shio-chan.

There was so little going on that I was able to finally catch on all my Monogatari arcs before Shaft drops the Season Three finale later this year. I guess that’s happening in the (Bizarro) Fall Cour, just as Spring drops where I live. Mister Donuts, anybody? Ka ka ka.

Did anything else git gud this weekend apart from EXTREME EDGE and Hentai Yuri Kabadi? There was that trailer for Shazam. I don’t even into capeshit but I’m still going to see this movie twice.

Just to, you know, fuck with the Evil Mouse and Mizz Disneymarvel.

You like to go flossin, right anon? Better get hype for next year then. Look at /ourguy/ go – he got moves.

Enough of this mundane shit. Let us talk as fellow Patricians of the Fine Arts now.

Lerche is literally ten years ahead of every other studio right now, and Asobi Asobase is so fucking good that it’s probably too good for Japan. We need to savour this season before it departs forever and goes to Raspberry Heaven with Nichijou.

Your argument is SHIT loser

Hell, I even like the OP now that I’m into Glasses-kun and friends, and that’s the part of the show that almost made me drop it before I watched the rest of the first episode. Sasuga, me.

Asobi Asobase is for the Cerebral Otaku, but the complete absence of DUDE I SAW HER PANTSU LMFAO (buys figurine) is probably 3deep4Tokyo. Abe-sama does not care for Hentai genius.

Actually, AA is so good that we can treat each third of it as a stand alone anime. Sniff my Armpits was 11/10, a strong contender for AOTS. Evil Hanako is fucking gold.

The weakest material went into the middle episode, but even that was 9/10 girldrama and 11/10 Pure Art from the illustrators. Throttling back the humour to introduce English Teacher-senpai properly and build her a story arc for the plotfags is what separates godlike productions like this from the rest of the seasonal trash.

The final cour of Week Three AA was really some 12/10 Level Shit though. This is the kind of anime you could see breaking out and becoming popular with Normalfags (so don’t fucking tell them faggots), because when this show isn’t doing funny Otakushit on its own plane of existence it’s doing vanilla comedy as good as or better than any other show made in Japan or anywhere else.

The most KINO thing about Cour Three of this week’s AA wasn’t even the shoe game, it was the Return of the School President. Accidentally Evil Kaichou is bloody adorable, lads.

In fact, Lerche did such a good job that I’m putting off watching episode four of Hanebado! until I get back from the gym just in case Liden somehow ruins Yu-chan’s show this week and wrecks my excellent mood. Where my crowbar at?

Full disclosure: [Smell my Culture Winners]’s IRL name is [Exceptionally Smug Kaichou]. I’m an [Shoe Tossing specialist] who’s keen on [clean the house Shio] and [KABADI KABADI].





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