Chickenhawks SEETHING as Trump reminds SALTY Military Industrial Complex who the President is

By Putin Fucked (((Bill Kristol)))’s Mom

Tuesday the 17th of July 2018


Proving that he truly gives ZERO FUCKS about doing the sort of shit that President Eisenhower warned would be necessary in order to avoid losing control of the country to the Military Industrial Complex, and taking the kind of stance that got President Kennedy killed by those same dirty scheming SATANIC assholes, President Trump recently met with the President of Russia. During their historic summit the leaders of the two nuclear superpowers discussed how to best avoid such massive fuckups as the SYRIAN REFUGEE CRISIS, WEEKLY ISIS ATTACKS, and the CALIPHATE OF TERROR which the former Shadow Government of the United States created and which President Trump defeated in his first two years in office after he overthrew them. Problems?

The autistic screeching of this Deep State Shadow Government through its legion of hack propagandists who call themselves “”””journalists”””  and all the empty suits of globalism was COMPLETELY FUCKING MENTAL, but also quite enjoyable.

Hey regular plebeians, remember when these same bleating reprobates used to tell us that terrorism was part and parcel of living in a modern city? The fuck was that all about? And now they mad because Trump actually MADE US SAFE AGAIN???

Remember all that greasy shit YOU had to deal with just two years back when the United States used to be run by faceless bureaucrats instead of the man it actually elected to be its President? SASUGA.

Could I love this great man Donald Trump any more than I do right now? No I could not.

If the filthy Neocons and the Wall Street CIA Democrats and the filthy Lying Press and the (Holy Fucking Kek) Treason Experts at Reddit are all united in their furious condemnation of somebody then you know that person is COMPLETELY FUCKING AWESOME. You know I’m right.

Hell, the whole trip was worth it just to watch that Soft Borders Globalist cunt May eat shit. Boris would be a GREAT PM. FUCKING SASUGA THAT MAN.

I don’t doubt for one minute that if Trump had lost to Hillary we’d still be neck deep in the Refugee Crisis, with blood on our streets from the routine terror attacks and with us bombing the living shit out of all kinds of places that barely make the news any more. Just as well we gave him the nuclear codes. Now Syria can sort its own shit out. Remember how North Korea used to be an existential crisis? This godlike man Trump solves drama faster than these globalist warmongering cunts can create it.

B-but MUH PUTIN. Nigga please. Just last week it was Merkel and Putin against Trump over oil pipelines or some shit. The fact is that it was these same Libtard Chickenhawk two-faced lying bastards who sold Putin all that highly enriched uranium and it was Hillary who got funnelled $400 MILLION US DOLLARS in bribes by MUH RUSSIANS. It was Skippy Podesta who wore the $70 MILLION golden collar with the Kremlin stake in Joule and it was bullshit Bobby Mueller who personally delivered Uranium samples to Moscow for SOS Clinton. The fact that these HYPOCRITES and BALD-FACED LIARS can talk about Russia and Treason with a straight face is fucking remarkable.

Honestly, I just can’t take these lying assholes seriously any more.

Yamas put on a nice comfy show today though, and I’m about to have a nice stroll in the countryside, so fuck politics lads. Encouragement of Climb, desus.

I was less impressed by RAM, which barely made anything of the only Extreme thing that happened at Extreme Rules. Here it is in cased you missed it.

Braun Dwarf Toss

Fucking LOL that some guy in the crowd got a better shot of it than the marks who run the WWE for Vince while he’s focusing on the XFL did. I am enjoying the Ascent of Bobbo story arc though. I’ll tune in next week just to watch him give Roman a flogging.

Unstoppable BOBBO

Also had a quick look at the new Netflix anime about Werewolves fighting Vampires. It was pretty boring and with a shitload of similarly boring tropes. Skipped through most of it and managed to find some mild Kino for you right at the end lads. I think Yuri is going to be OK. He seemed to be building up a lot of plot armour.

Full disclosure: [Putin Fucked (((Bill Kristol)))’s Mom]’s IRL name is [GIVE HIM THE STRAP BROTHA HE REDDY]. I’m an [Bobbo specialist] who’s keen on [you can do it Aoi] and [comfy anime].

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