Kevin Owens IS Wrestling, also Extreme Badminton and Hardcore Soft Tennis

By Who Wore It Better

Monday the 16th of July 2018


Hello Extreme Anime fans, and welcome to HARDCORE JKMANIA. There is no undercard here, so we’ll get right underway with the terrifyingly good Season Killer Asobi Asobase. But first, these images from our sponsor.

What the fuck is Lerche even thinking, creating all this Kino? Unironic SASUGA.

Hardcore Soft Tennis anybody?

For plotfags Hanebado! brought the Girldrama. Personally I would have preferred more Yu-chan, and for all the other characters to stand around asking where Yu-chan was when she wasn’t on screen, but whatever. Here is a montage of Best Girl and some of her badminton associates.

The highlight of the episode was Extreme Match Winning by Flu-chan.

And just when I thought the wrestling was dead, Kevin Owens goes and does something like this. Truly some Mankind tier shit right there.

Will Vince stop booking this guy as a chickenshit heel and jobbing him to literal faggots now? Did KO eat Vince’s fucking lunch or something? What the fuck is actually up with that.

I know he likes his wrestlers to be pretty and oily, but I’ve really missed a crazy ugly dude like Mick Foley doing that MAD SHIT. Kevin Owens makes me want to actually watch your gay ass boring TV shows again, my dude.

And give him a gimmick and a proper Rassling name for fucks sake. I’m sick of this First Name Last Name bullshit. Christ, look at the air the man took.

CHAD MOTHERFUCKING OWENS just saved your company, breh.

I was sort of happy for Bobbo too, but that match was sloppy as fuck. Meh, it was probably Roman’s fault. Go Bobbo, go Bobbo.

Full disclosure: [Who Wore It Better]’s IRL name is [MOFACKIN AIIIR]. I’m an [Activity Club specialist] who’s keen on [Mexican mandrama] and [wrecking announce tables].

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