Oni Coach Saturdays and that Happy Sugar Life

By Demon Coach Karen

Saturday the 14th of July 2018


OH SHIT Milo me up fampai, the Friday night anime surge is here to Make Saturday Great Again. Will any of my Korean cartoons fall off? Does Amazon even know what fucking week this is? Am I talking to myself?? Who cares.

What can I say about Angels of Death that I didn’t say last week? It’s surprisingly watchable. Thank you JC Staff, for telling the kids that suicide is bad.

Racheru Gardener has Resident Autism. That rainbow vomit scene made me kek heartily though, innit. Still a solid 5/7 would keep watching.

Would I even care about anime on a [insert what day this is] if it wasn’t for Harukana Receive though? Probably not, Senpai. It’s in my Top Four for Summer Cour. CUTO SHOOOT.

Here is the episode highlight reel for Fatruka-chan, who got over and won the Best Girl strap after Bad Loser-chan made a surprising heel turn and refused to buy ice cream for everybody. Fucking scandalous.

What about that classy bit of sexual harassment from Pink Hair-chan? This is why Japanese television is so much better than SHIT Hollywood garbage. It’s just so much more realistic and relatable.

I kind of wanted to drop Chio-chan, just because I have a lot to do today, but this exchange with an Aussie online really got to me, so I ended up watching the whole thing again.

Eh, it’s pretty funny. Manama a baka. BAKA.

My God am I ever going to leave the house? Probably not. Lucky I have a lot of sausage rolls left over from that time I didn’t eat all the sausage rolls, eh lads?

Which brings me to Amazon and the first episode of Happy Sugar Life. Here’s the OP.

It’s fucking Dark in an Erased kind of way, and a weird hybrid of Japanese and dare I say KINO Western influences? I haven’t thought of Natty Born Killers in Years. Ezola made me re-sub to Amazon, even though the shitty Prime subs make their streams completely unwatchable. This is their first anime too. Well done, faggots.

Full disclosure: [Demon Coach Karen]’s IRL name is [Unwatchable Subs]. I’m an [Psycho Horror specialist] who’s keen on [KINO] and [prime beach volleyball ass].


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