Degenerates RAGE FOR THE MACHINE as Trump trolls quintessentially British Islamic Communism

By Joe McCarthy Did Nothing Wrong

Saturday the 14th of July 2018


The filthy denizens of the Murder Capital of the West turned out in style the other day to protest President Trump gracing their filthy Communist shithole with his presence, in what can only be described as a scene from the fifteenth circle of Hell, as the rainbow coalition of Pakistani Taliban, pansexual Slaaneshi degenerates, and the Red Chinese Communist provocateurs of low wage slave Globalism all ventured out onto the streets of London to hiss over the corpse of British Liberty.

With the shambolic Tories now completely Sharia compliant, with all the leaders of the native and Christian Britain First political opposition rounded up by the state police and arbitrarily jailed, and with a broken populace that is spied on relentlessly by the Orwellian GCHQ too terrified to speak to their neighbours let alone venture out onto the streets and get sent to Gulag with Tommy, the bloody streets of the most dangerous city in Europe were completely abandoned to the vile cheerleaders of state sponsored filth.

It was a laughable shitshow they put on in London, protesting in favour of the state that oppresses them, before scurrying back to their boltholes so they wouldn’t become the latest victims of Tolerance and Diversity at sundown. For this is when the nightly Purge in the terror capital begins, as bloodthirsty packs of deranged lunatics begin knifing one another as the Mayor of London and his Islamic State cronies scour the camera laden streets of the city for any lost British children out after dark to groom for live export as sex cattle.

Of course, these ingrates are still a little safer than they were before Trump was elected. The President was as good as his word, and Mad Dog Mattis completely fucking annihilated Isis. Does anybody remember when Caliph Obama was still in charge, and the denizens of European cities were routinely slaughtered like cattle by the weekly terror attack? Now that the Mayor of London has had his terrorist pipeline shut down the best he and his Islamic horde can do is ravage the Capital with medieval weapons.

The only man in England who dares speak truth to this vile dystopian state is Trump, and he came in with both guns blazing on behalf of the Silenced Majority, whose Brexit votes have been stolen by the brazen whore May, while the rabid screeching street donkeys of the Degenerate Left and the Taliban Tories brayed on.

For shame England, for shame. When the out of control whores of your debased land use the word Communist like a badge of honour, it means that you have already lost all your rights and are no better than the Red Chinese of Beijing. Chinese dissidents and British dissidents both get the midnight visit from the state police, and the native British are no less spied upon and relentlessly harassed, so what is the difference anymore? In both countries girls get DISAPPEARED, and no REAL dissent is tolerated.

Here in the colonies we have witnessed the collapse of Britain and the loss of British Liberty with shock and dismay, and it is now abundantly clear that British Democracy has become a complete SHAM. What the British public have voted for time and again they have not got, and what they want nothing to do with has been rammed mercilessly down their throats by the globalist cartel, all while the Lying Press that is owned by Saudis and thieving Russian Oligarchs and dirty money grubbing Red Chinese lackeys and manned by loose women and Christ hating faggots howls with approval at the plight of the native British.

It is good then that the natives have a pugilist like Trump in their corner, who has no fear of globalists at all, and who is presently sticking it to the Red Chinese and their slave labour factories. The President is taking a stand for Christians and their freedom in Britain, and Trump desu always comes ready to fight. If the Brits still have it in them to take their country back, he will give them all the support they need.

Theresa May and Angela Merkel are the pillars of Soft Right degeneracy, and neither is looking particularly solid. Both need to be dragged out of office, kicking and screaming if need be, so that the resurgent Right can finish off Soft Borders Vermintide Globalism once and for all, and restore our most basic liberties and way of life.

Go Croatia. Nice to see some people still actually have a home to come back to that isn’t full of dirty squatters.

Full disclosure: [Joe McCarthy Did Nothing Wrong]’s IRL name is [Free Dong]. I’m an [Free Tommy specialist] who’s keen on [SARACENS OUT] and [Communist scum fucking DIE].



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