Justice Kavanaugh destroys Lefty Snowflakes like the SUN, Disney ships pansex Billy with Chewie

By The Inquisition is Back

Tuesday the 10th of July 2018


SNOWFLAKE ARMAGEDDON is here: are you ready to put on your shades and drink their delicious tears? That’s right, all the Leftist enemies of Freedom have assembled before Trump: disgusting Heathens, filthy Atheists, mentally-ill Pansexuals, degenerate Whores, illegal Aliens and the Lying Press, and God Emperor Trump will destroy them all with a single mighty sword that our Lord Jesus Christ has delivered into his hands, and the name of that sword is BRETT KAVANAUGH.

But who is Brett Kavanaugh, and why are the Left trembling at the sound of his name? Could it be that this one extra warrior on the Bench can undo the thirty years of dirty tricks worth of carnage that the Left have wrought upon what was once and will be again One Nation under God?

Will the entire world now return to the high wages and happy families world of fabled yore that we all thought was gone forever and which Trump desu fights for every day? Yes it will. SASUGA.

By the sheer terror of their response to Trump naming Kavanaugh to sit on the Supreme Court, we know that the best is yet to come.

Is there anything left for the Communist filth that infest many of the once fine American institutions to degrade before they are all rounded up and hung? In the case of the Godless heathens who run Disney, apparently so.

Communist deviant and profit-hating terrorist Bob Iger has just announced that he is doubling down on his Pansexualised Feminisation of the Star Wars franchise despite the MEGAFLOP fan response to Solo. Are you ready to keep laughing at his failure, as our Star Wars Embargo wrecks his efforts and his hijacked corporation, anon?

Who in their right minds wants to humiliate Billy Dee Williams by putting him in leather chaps and heels and subbing him to a Wookie inside a retconned bitchy Feminist L3-37 Millennium Falcon that makes snide observations about gender disparity? Apart from Kathleen Kennedy? Apparently JJ Abrams does. DROPPED.

Episode Nine will destroy the last lingering threads of your childhood devotion to this debased franchise. It’s a good thing.

Let Abe-sama and glorious Japan fill the Void left by the Communist takeover of Disney, with the kind of wholesome entertainment that makes you want to climb mountains and overcome all obstacles, while Hollywood continues to burn down to the ground with its dick chopping propaganda, completely unloved and not to be missed at all.

I think I’ll go take a hike up Kings Park today and go pay respect to the ancestors at the War Memorial, lads.

It’s good to know that they are smiling down upon me from Heaven, and that they did not all die in vain just for all our countries to become cheap wage Multicultural shitholes, after all.

God bless President Trump and God bless all the leaders of the Megachad Right that are dismantling International Socialism right across the Christian West.

Full disclosure: [ The Inquisition is Back]’s IRL name is [400 Dollar Shoes]. I’m an [jurisprudence specialist] who’s keen on [hatting Yamas] and [mocking dirty Communist scum].


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