Let’s play VORRYBORU: Kirara wins Otaku Summer Olympics for Abe-sama

By Racheru Gardener Gib Eyes NOW

Saturday the 7th of July 2018


After the Shock and Awe of Hanebado! and Yama No Susume opened the Summer Cour campaign for anime so convincingly, it was a bit of a let-down when the terrorists of low expectations and bland normalfaggotry began to win again as the week continued. There was NOTHING worth watching at all for 3 LONNGGG fucking days after Yama, but have no fear lads – Friday Night Anime Surge is to SAVE us.

For me, this means Saturday Morning cartoons. Fuck yeah, where’s my Milo!

First up was Satsuriku no Tenshi, which is made by JC Staff. I’m a massive mark for their girl torturing WIXOSS shit, so even though nothing worth making a clip about happened, it was still a solid 5/7 for me and good enough to put the Angels of Death psycho-horror game it was adapted from onto my Steam wishlist.

Hopefully all the WIXOSS Chads get to re-assemble in equally comfy Angels of Death threads. I probably won’t get there myself for a whiles. Still got a lot of stuff to watch, the England is playing tonight, and I gots to start cramming for my return to Grad School later this month, innit. SHIT.

That ED had me going though. If I had watched it as a streamshitter on Crunchy instead of torrenting (relax CR, I’m still paying you my subs) I probably would have thought that the stream was shitting itself. The amount of streams I actually watch like that though. Fix your fucking servers.

Turning now to the first of the Friday Surge contenders for AOTX, and without any further ado – Hurakana Receive. It’s your Kirara seasonal. Damn those reaction faces made me miss Kaos-chan though Kirarabros.

C2C has served Abe-sama well, and if I’m not adding beach volleyball to the list of things anime made me do this week alongside hiking and consider playing badminton, then it’s probably just because it’s Winter here and I don’t feel like FREEZING my ass off.

Is Harukana Receive as good as Hanebado! and Yama No though? Judge for yourself.


It instantly rocketed into my top three seasonals, but considering last season I was fooled by the first episode of Crossing Time, I want to see a second episode before I make a fucking ass of myself and call AOTS in the first week.

What is it about? Holy shit does it even matter? What are you, some kind of plotfag? Can’t you see that my Best Girl wife and her friend Pink Hair-chan are trying to play a nice game of beach volleyball over here?

Best Kirara is light on girldrama and heavy on fanservice. This is all you need to know.

So who won? Heh, have another clip, Beach Chads. Best Girl always wins.

Shit I still got the first episode of Chio’s School Road, the Return of Hataraku, and some Yami Shibai to watch, but I’d better go do some real world shit first so I don’t turn into a fat fuck this southern Winter.

And if somebody could upload a copy of Tenjho Tenge that’s smaller than Eighty Gigs that would be grand. I don’t even think I got that much space left on my Windows partition, lad.

Full disclosure: [Racheru Gardener Gib Eyes NOW]’s IRL name is [NO ACU]. I’m an [beach volleyball specialist] who’s keen on [Patrician JK ass] and [Weekend Anime].



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