Kiwi Pastor says banned words, gets deported by Malcolm of Arabia


Saturday the 7th of July 2018


Wew lad Malcolm is on fire. I thought Jews hated Arabs, but apparently Malcolm fucking Turnbull is one of those fancy Jews who hates White people even more.

What I hate most of about these reprehensible pricks is that they just keep changing the fucking rules to suit themselves. For the last half century or so while they were getting their numbers up it was anything goes. I may disagree with everything you say but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it. Ha ha ha fuck your religion buddy.

Oh well then how about fuck Islam too? Oh shit no, but you can’t say anything about those heathen Sandniggers. All well and good to run down the Church though.


Is there anything this Super Saiyan dickhead Turnbull hasn’t done yet to destroy the Church and our Australian way of life?

Sold us out to the Red Chinese – ch-check. Fuck you White pigs. Merchant Banker-chan’s moneylender friends will take YOUR house and you scum can go live on the beach or whatever while he runs interest rates up.


Filled the country with degenerate fucking Heathen savages – but don’t say anything about it Kiwi, because the ANZAC Alliance means fuck all to this cunt. Sandniggers In, Kiwis Out.

Destroyed the Catholic Church with a series of witch hunts led by the ABC – and this prick Turnbull shut down the Liberal Party members who tried to defund it.

Can Super Tones or Dutto or ANYBODY save us from this asshole???


There is probably no turning back the fag degeneracy in all our Anglo Churches, and the Methodists were mostly homos anyway, but Turnbull insisting the mega-Churches do his Satanic Poofter Marriages or he’ll get the State Police involved is OVERKILL.

Now I’m not saying that we should burn his mansion down around his ears while he’s drinking the blood of young Australians in his basement, but fuck me I hope this cunt gets the wrath of God soon.


Full disclosure: [CRUSADE FUCKING WHEN]’s IRL name is [gib Jerusalem]. I’m an [morality specialist] who’s keen on [guillotines] and [not being degenerate].

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