It’s COMING HOME, Chio-chan for England

By Netrag Journalism

Saturday the 7th of July 2018


Well it didn’t look like it was Coming Home for the first thirty minutes, but the dead ball specialists of England finally overcame the parked bus of Sweden. Well done Other Harry. Maguire all over it lad.


Can England get to full time with a clean sheet? They haven’t been able to so far, and Kyle Walker is making me nervous as fuck. Oh here’s the Goal.


And so here we are at Half Time, after a spot of light comedy by Raheem fucking Sterling.

Watching England is kind of like being in the Army. Long spells of boredom broken up by too much excitement all at once. Imagine how bad the supporters of all the other teams must feel watching these shitters get to the Finals. Top Kek.

QUALITY is the theme of the night. Watched the magnificent CGI antics of Kizumono II a bit earlier, and managed to squeeze in Chio’s Road as well.


Eh here’s a clip from Chio. It is was shit but I enjoyed it, in a Bob Team Ebic meets Watamote kind of way.


Right, I’d better get back to my guests. Come on England. Score some facking goals.


UPDATE: It’s COMING HOME for sure now, lads.

Full disclosure: [Netrag Journalism]’s IRL name is [RUDE]. I’m an [free kick specialist] who’s keen on [boring football] and [jagging the World Cup].




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