DIVERSITY YES: BASED Mayor of 4th largest Shithole in the UK BANS Trump

By Roman Reigns is (probably) NOT BASED

Thursday the 5th of July 2018


Holy Shit, I’m slightly inebriated. Also some colourful character just banned the President of the United States from entering Sheffield, a city run by a mop dodger where ten-year-old girls who use the NHS for a routine checkup die because all the doctors were trained in Pakistan. By which I mean England.

Is there any point in even putting the boot into such a complete fucking train-wreck of a country any more? I kind of just feel bad for them desu.

Imagine you took civilisation to all the ungrateful fucks who live in shitty third world countries, and then because you let a bunch of freeloading cunts into your once mighty nation – because the factory managers who run the Tory party said diversity was great – now have to put up with this kind of basic shit. SAD.

Meanwhile here in BEST COLONY things are still chugging along quite nicely. As you can see some kind of palm tree is coming along nicely on my Country Estate, and I have high hopes of swinging a hammock there by the (southern) Summer.

The Sunset over the Swan River Penal Colony remains remarkably Empire.

What am I drinking on my night off from watching Soccerball with the lads? Nothing but the best QUALITY, of course.

I made a Facebook so that anybody who isn’t in my immediate circle of lads can hang shit on me without me having to do anything. As you have probably figured out by now I don’t have time to read my WordPress comments (WP expects me to curate them), and I don’t even remember how to get into my Twitter, so if you’ve been trying to get my attention there you’re shit out of luck boyo.

So best of luck with your evening lads, and I’ll check my FB tomorrow if I remember that I made it. HUZZAH.

Full disclosure: [Roman Reigns is (probably) NOT BASED]’s IRL name is [King Billy did nothing wrong]. I’m an [noteworthy botanist] who’s keen on [why are SHAFT movies so shit] and [Rangers is the best team in Scotland. Fight me].



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