Susume my Yama up Senpai, CGDCT saves anime AGAIN again

By Mountain Dato

Tuesday the 3rd of July 2018


What do you like best about Summer Cour so far, anon? If you said everything except One Room, then you are probably some sort of Patrician, so well done. I tried watching OR for the sake of fairness. How the fuck does Tokyo MX and Sun manage to turn out both this unmitigated garbage and the ABSOLUTE KINO that is Yama no Susume, and on the same day no less? Ah, the mysteries of life.

No shit One Room was so bad that I re-watched Nekomonogatari Black  afterwards to scrape the cancer off my eyeballs, and to remind myself that anime is for hyper-intellectual Chad Patricians.

The OP of NB is complete audio heroin, but the final frames of Hanekawa kind of ruin it for me, because for some reason they draw her jaw too manly and she looks fucking terrible. I fixed that for you by slowing the video down so that the OP ends with Cat and Araragi amongst the roses. Here you go.

Which brings us to Encouragement of Climb. I knew I was going to love it, because I already loved the first two seasons of it, and the third season that C-Station gave us in the Winter Cour with Rin in it.

Will YNS overcome the pretender Comfy Camp to become the AOTY and take the throne? Can anyone stop the CGCDT train this year, as it relentlessly destroys everything in its path? Well yeah, probably Hanebade! can. But I digress.

Anime 2017/18 has been won so far by Yuru Camp and Hinamatsuri, and if you don’t believe this then you are probably some kind of VEGshitting retard, and you and Shit Saber should just fuck off and cry somewhere else.

Only badminton can save us from the Moe now.

Or do you think that Franxx has carried the Winter and Spring? Please anon, I’m embarrassed for you.

YNS is good enough to make me watch it with my dope hiking shit from Kathmandu on, but is it good enough to win Anime? For a start, is the OP as good as Shiny Days? Judge for yourself.

Nice sunny Winter day here though lads.

Time to give these waterproof boots and fifty dollar hiking socks a thrashing on something that passes as a fucking Yama in my flatass city.

Or maybe just a stroll for coffee and donuts? 30-year-old BOOMER life rules.

Full disclosure: [Mountain Dato]’s IRL name is [check out my jacket]. I’m an [avid consumer] who’s keen on [sexy apparitions] and [happy birthday to my stupid imouto].

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