SHITfailing Qantas subverts Sky, Senator Chad tells mouthy harlot to fuck off

By We All Fucked Sarah

Monday the 2nd of July 2018


Just ten years ago Qantas was one of the best and safest airlines on the planet. Now they are lucky to go a full twelve months without seriously injuring a dozen passengers after one of their SHIT planes stalls in Mid-Air. What was that? April last year, and only 15 BARELY NOT DEAD? SASUGA, Qantas.

YIPPEE. No wait, it’s NOT EVEN BEEN 30 days since the engines LAST cut out mid-flight on a Qantas Airbus. OH SHIT, LAST MONTH TOO????? S–S-SASUGA Gwontas.

N-Never mind that.

To celebrate the rebranding of Qantas from the World’s Safest Airline to the World’s Biggest PIECE OF SHIT Airline of Choice for Sexual Degenerates, the incompetent faggot who ran Qantas into the ground has decided to drag their brand into the spat between Senator Chad Leyonhjelm and some Mouthy Harlot who is presently screeching for attention.

Filthy Greens STD magnet Sarah Hanson-Young is presently spazzing out about being told to shag as many guys as she likes by Senator Leyonhjelm, and clearly this is of paramount interest to the Qantas shareholders and the team that transformed one of the safest airlines in the world into a COMPLETE FUCKING JOKE of an airline that is LESS SAFE than the BUDGET CARRIERS, or they wouldn’t be dragging their brand through the dirt by making Senator Manhunter and her worn out vagina the face of their company.

What business does Qantas have making Sky News apologise to Sarah for reporting that Senator Chad doesn’t care how many blokes she fucks?

This is anyone’s guess, but it probably has something to do with Qantas being the same stupid corporation that tried to get Israel Folau fired, and it being run by a HYPERDIMENSIONAL MEGAFAGGOT who treats the Qantas marketing budget as his personal Social Justice Warrior piggy bank.

Senator Hanson-Young is presently attempting to sue Senator Leyonhjelm, presumably for calling her a whore, or possibly for telling her to fuck off when she danced around him like a harpy afterwards.

When reached for a comment, Senator Chad laughed derisively and said something along the lines of he couldn’t be fucked making an insincere apology to somebody that he despised. REFRESHING.

Full disclosure: [We All Fucked Sarah]’s IRL name is [frivolous lawsuit]. I’m an [casual voter] who’s keen on [press subversion] and [insincere apologies].

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