WOMP WOMP: Rightwing Megachads crush crybully Left and the Lying Press

By Based Poseidon

Wednesday the 20th of June 2018


Are you tired of winning yet, anon? Rightwing Megachads are taking over the planet, we’re FUCKING UNSTOPPABLE. Anybody remember 2015 and Peak Degeneracy, when the Vaginastocracy led by withered old whore Angela Merkel used to lecture BASED Poland and Hungary on the need for open borders and tolerance? Remember when she thought she would rule the planet with Hilldawg and the Clinton Foundation, and threatened to kick the Poles and Hungarians out of Europe if they didn’t bend the knee to her crypto-Bolshevism? WOMP WOMP.

Nowadays when Trump wants to talk to the leader of Germany he gets Merkel’s Interior Minister Horst Seehofer on the phone. With BASED Bavarian voters SEETHING about the disorderly vermintide of refugee millions that Merkel flooded the country with, Seehofer is done being told what to do by the Berlin shrew. Seehofer, who is leader of the Bavarian CSU, recently forged the Rome-Vienna-Berlin Axis to keep the borders of Christian Europe secure with fellow Rightwing Megachads, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz and Italian IM Matteo Salvini. The whole continent is falling to us like dominoes now. WOMP WOMP.

From Duda and Orban holding the line in Poland and Hungary, we have now taken almost all of Central and Eastern Europe, with just this year the Rightwing Megachads winning in Italy and Slovenia. Now the Italian navy turns back the floating pleasure palaces run by degenerate roasty whores who cruise the high seas for refugee cock, and tells them to fuck off to a Vaginastocracy safe space. WOMP WOMP.

All of Europe will soon be free and Christian again lads, with the Rightwing Megachads of the Sweden Democrats dominating the polls in Sweden, and with Vaginacrat Theresa May looking shaky as fuck. It is only a matter of time before BASED Mogg steps up and joins the lads, or if he insists on being a Soft Right Simp and lackey to May instead of a BIG DIMES Rightwing Megachad, it isn’t unlikely that Farage will return and UKIP will DESTROY the Tories at the next general election. WOMP WOMP.

Even the radical centre has been pushed over to the Chad Right, with guys who used to be fence sitters realising that the Batshit Insane Left treats everyone to the right of Lenin as LITERALLY HITLER. Just look at Macron of France. All he wanted to do was sit on fence, but now he pals around with the Chad Right and wants to be /oneofus/. Oh shit, the Vaginastocracy thought they had him in the bag though. WOMP WOMP.

So now that we have taken over and there is no turning back, exactly how much cognitive dissonance is going on in the media bunkers of the Lying Press, where scummy hack “””journalists””” drink their own Kool-Aid every day. In their alternative universe they are the Resistance, and it is the people who are wrong. What the fuck are you even resisting, you retards? Representative Democracy? WOMP WOMP.

Meanwhile in Australia we have our own Rightwing Megachads, Tones and Dutto. We showed you how it was done. First you stop the boats. Then the boats stop coming. Even our resident Vaginacrats Turnbull and Shorten can’t do anything about it, because the whole nation knows that it works. Everybody just laughs whenever some faggot starts crying about detention centres. WOMP WOMP.

Full disclosure: [Based Poseidon]’s IRL name is [FEED ME]. I’m an [RAN Deathflagger] who’s keen on [sinking NGO pirate ships] and [WOMP WOMP motherfucker].


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