END THE ABC: Worst Lib PM ever faces Conservative Revolt

By Ghost of Black Jack

Tuesday the 19th of June 2018


Despite what you might read in the Lying Press, Turnbull is on life support and fading fast. The grassroot members HATE him now, and they are actively plotting his downfall. SEETHING not just at the turncoat Turnbull, they are going hard after anybody tainted by association with him. No more walkouts, no more surrender. They want their party back.

Why would Malcolm choose to die on a hill protecting the Bolsheviks at the ABC from their long overdue comeuppance? It seems he just can’t get enough of those feeble rounds of applause reserved for anybody who knifes the Liberal Party and its Conservative traditions in the back.

While it hardly came as a surprise to me that the grassroots members of the Liberal Party were done taking shit from a bunch of degenerate Melbourne poofters who rob TWO BILLION DOLLARS from the public purse every year to run a private propaganda network for the Labour Party, apparently this was all too radical for Malcolm and the Donor Class.

Were their wives getting disinvited from all the best Melbourne garden parties? Oh, the fucking humanity. Gib Moneyz now, Malcolm.

But seriously, does anybody even give a fuck about what the Melbourne Age said the Sydney Morning Herald said about what the Manchester Guardian and Bill Shorten thinks about what should be done with the ABC? Apparently Malcolm does.

Why not just waste all that money drained from the pay-packets of the Western Suburbs office fodder, and from the overtime of men who work the gross sweaty jobs, so that we can subsidise a cartel of lying fuckwits who routinely attack and smear Conservative politicians, run the local Jihad against the Catholic Church, and whose program of rampant degeneracy now extends to transforming every Australian schoolchild into a sex-doll pumped full of tolerance and sex-changing medication.

Even vanilla Homosexuals are beginning to blush, but not Malcolm.

Who decided that it was better to bow down to this glorious Reich of ABC Pansexual Bolshevism than fight anyway? Apparently Malcolm did, after huddling with his Donor Class and the Labour Party, who all agree that the ABC must stay. LOL WUT???

Seriously. But fucking WHY????

I have no objections to taking that TWO BILLION DOLLARS and splitting it between the states, and telling them that each of them can have their own local country TV network, as long as they all go live and work in places like Dubbo, and Gero, and Wagga Wagga.

Want to get out into the Bush and find out how some real Aussies who have NO VOICE AT ALL are doing it tough? Great. Go for it. You ought to go live in the regions for a bit too, Malcolm, you over-fancy poofter. Maybe put on some overalls and do an honest days work, you Merchant Banker prick.

Want to make a few local programs in each of the regional centres and share them around? Not a problem, as long as they are not the social engineering LOL DUDE JUST VOTE LABOUR LMFAO bullshit that the ABC routinely wastes its money on right now. Make the news, but keep it local to the regions, and keep it IMPARTIAL. Stop pushing your Melbourne Vice agenda onto the rest of the nation.

I ABSOLUTELY FUCKING OBJECT to a single red cent being spent on a Melbourne television audience of hairdressers and cross-dressers and barrow dwelling university wights lecturing me and the rest of Australia on why we ABSOLUTELY MUST win the Diversity Olympics. Just fuck right off with that mate.

We all know why Malcolm won’t raise a finger against this dirty little Melbourne cartel, and it isn’t because he loves Melbourne, which suffers more than any other place on earth from the wanton filth and profligacy that the “””National Broadcaster””” peddles.

Indeed, if the ABC ever made it out into the grimy suburbs of Real Melbourne they would find out that ordinary Melbourne voters on the cutting edge of social disintegration hate this modern Australian life of low wages, unaffordable shit-box housing, and NO FUTURE more than anyone.

This profligate waste of money to shill globalist degeneracy only gets the nod because of a tiny little Donor Class: Malcolm’s only friends. This is the same bunch of Boomer idiots that have led us to the precipice of national disaster, where we are mortgaged up to our eyeballs just as interest rates are about to take a killer spike upwards, and Malcolm and Bill are too busy agreeing on everything to do anything about it.

Dutton Coalition Government FUCKING WHEN?

I mean what do we even have to show for this mountain of debt? Tiny little dog-boxes that are unfit to raise a family in, because we have shovelled a million “””New Australians”” onto the corporate bonfire every four years for each of the past three decades to bid up housing prices so that Boomer could be a paper millionaire?

Do you even understand how much the up and coming generation hates you right now?

Most of Australia no longer even remember what a proper back-yard looks like. Does it even matter? Two years from now when interest rates are surging back towards twenty percent again the bank will own all our shitty little nu-houses anyway, and we can all sleep on the beach together.

If you earnestly believe that this Ponzi scheme of Debt and undigested mountain of New Australians that nobody asked for did anything apart from wreck the comfy Australia of universal home ownership, big yards, big happy Christian families, decent jobs and good wages, then you’re a fucking idiot.

The branches know, and they’re done with dingbat Moneylender Malcolm and the Boomer Crew.

He has used and abused his connections with the Donor Class and the Lying Press against his own party one time too many, and everybody that got thrown under the bus has finally realised that hey, THEY ARE THE PARTY.

We are on the brink of the Abyss RIGHT FUCKING NOW, and the man whose signature accomplishment has been driving off the socially Conservative blokes and the Howard battlers just to attract a round of applause from the inner city faggots who turn up in QANDA audiences has done his dash this time.

End the ABC. Turnbull Out.

Full disclosure: [Ghost of Black Jack]’s IRL name is [Frank Faulkner]. I’m an [big fan of Tones and Dutto] who’s keen on [wrecking Communist faggotry] and [respecting the Holy Mother Church].

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