Kathleen Kennedy Jr. shitting up The Expanse, not fooly cooly

By Anonymous

Thursday the 14th of June 2018


Why are there so many terrible female writers working in film and television these days? I mean completely fucking awful writers, the kind of plebs who couldn’t pace out a story properly to save their life. Never mind the hamfisted virtue signalling monologues, or that in the eyes of Vaginawood all Christians in the future will be either lesbians or suicide victims. I can overlook all that, as long as you deliver an entertaining Space Opera.

How do you take a show from Kino to Mediocrity in just four episodes? Good question. Let’s ask Hallie Lambert and find out.

Four weeks ago we were in the middle of war, but that got a ribbon tied around it super fast so we could go on three and a half episodes of endless female empowerment Side-Questshitting. Fucking yawn.

The only redeeming quality of the The Expanse over the last month has been the Belter arc. Drummer is far and away the best character in the entire series now, including Amos, and New Amos is becoming a fag in all the worst ways. He hardly kills anybody any more, and the most interesting thing he has done in the last four episodes is grow a beard.

Belters are carrying this show now. Me Maneo.

There must be plenty of cool stuff left to make Space Kino out of in the books of Ty Frank and Daniel Abraham, but this was yet another week of dismal television. I’m blaming Kathleen Kennedy Jr. for nothing interesting happening, because scripting TV drama is her job.

Episode Ten should have felt like a Space Odyssey, but instead we got an hour of angsty unfocused Lambertshitting, and the worst episode of Doctor Who ever made.

I can’t believe I have to break the law to watch this shit.

It’s not like I’m not already paying for Netflix and the Syfy Channel to screw me out of new episodes. Heck, I even tried to give my 2.99 per episode to Jeff Bezos, but he only wants to sell it in countries where you can already watch it on basic cable.

This is why torrents are absolutely necessary. Thank you, EZTV.

What else did MicroTorrent, Tor and the trackers help us out with while Crunchyroll was down for maintenance? While AnimeLab was busy shitting itself too, as the world’s sixth biggest anime market after Japan, China, Korea, other China and the United States looked for a stream?

Welp, I went to Nyaa and grabbed the new Fooly Cooly and HisoMaso, lads.

I don’t feel bad in the slightest about pirating FLCL Prog, because I’m already paying for two platforms that ought to be simulcasting it and aren’t (Adult Swim on Fox and AnimeLab). Same story with Netflix and HisoMaso, but I digress. Hitomi a cute.

No bad deed goes unpunished though, and I ended up with Dubbed Hitomi. The show was still kind of awesome, but also jarring.

Here, see what I mean. Kudos for making me watch a dub though.

HisoMaso was eh good enough to probably pick up at some stage. The episode I watched (eight) was kind of slow.

That ED is pretty amazing though.

Full disclosure: [Anonymous]’s IRL name is [Anonymous]. I’m an [Memeflag?] who’s keen on [generic things] and [obeying stupid intellectual property rules that make no sense].


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