President Trump ends all wars, Nobel Peace prize fags on suicide watch

By John Miller

Tuesday the 12th of June 2018


Proving today that he is just at adept at peace and diplomacy as he is at rebuilding the military, winning trade wars, and rebuilding the American engine which powers the world economy, God Emperor Trump today personally ended the longest running war of the 20th and 21st Centuries, in a historic meeting with an Oriental potentate.

The same President Kim of the DPRK who had shown nothing but contempt for the last three American Presidents, who admittedly were three idiots and two cowards, was all smiles for President Donald J Trump, who quite frankly made diplomacy and ending wars look easy as fuck, lads.

Remember when we were supposed to be worried about this guy getting the nuclear codes? Or when North Korea was a rogue nuclear state and an existential threat? Maybe for Hillary. Or Obama. Or Bush. Or Clinton. Or [insert open borders globalist faggot here]. Not so much for Donald J. Trump, deal-maker extraordinaire, and Swaglord King of international diplomacy.

Ecstatic, the people who voted for him and everybody else who boosted for him, because we liked the cut of his jib when he derided Jeb! for being a warmongering faggot in the Primaries, and those of us who doubled down when Trump called out Hillary for being a purveyor of endless wars in Syria, Libya, and anywhere else a donor to the Clinton Foundation wanted her to drop bombs.

Not happy at all, the Lying Press, who were babbling so much incoherent bullshit during this historic moment that I turned the sound off for most of it. Honestly, fuck those guys.

So now that Trump has overshadowed everything that every winner of the Nobel Peace has ever accomplished in the field of peace in a single afternoon, the batshit insane Left will shut the fuck up and give him the same medal that Obama got for keeping the opium wars on the boil with his hand-wringing ineptitude, right?

Ha, not bloody likely. But who would even want a Nobel Peace prize anyway? Didn’t those faggots give it to some Central American commies right after Reagan ended the Cold War?

Peace is not won through participation prizes, or because some Socialist dipshit wrote some poetry that resonated with the chattering classes who walk around with stupid signs that they made with crayons at their hippy bullshit drum circle. Peace is won through strength, and strength alone.

The only prize that President Trump values is the safety of the men and women in uniform who keep the peace, and he honoured them by giving them the tools and pay they needed to get the job done, after eighteen years of lesser Presidents either raping the military budgets or starting wars they didn’t want to pay for.

It was a long, hard slog in Korea, and the insane shrieking harpies of the Left are still playing with their Doomsday clocks, but today President Trump has won the peace.

Which means that all of us have won. And that’s a good thing.

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie who’s keen on Conservative politics, Trump, and the Anime Right. God Bless Dennis Rodman.



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