Persecution of British Christians by the Lying Press intensifies

By John Miller

Monday the 11th of June 2018


The scouring of the Shire has begun, but don’t expect to read about it in the Lying Press, which is now owned lock, stock and barrel by a shady cabal which operates from a certain backwards but affluent Wahhabi Kingdom. The same Saudi petrol dollars which bankrolled the industrial scale desecration of British Churches, so that your gran could be evicted from her parish to make way for a yoga hall for Mohamed and Fatima, have also mangled the once-free Press of Britain into a perfidious mouthpiece for the Islamic State of Albion.

The Saracen owners of the Lying Presses of Al-Fleet Street would be all at sea without the backhanded compliance of the Halal Tories of soft-right open borders Heathen appeaser Theresa May though, who now exists as an anachronism in the Europe of Salvini and Kurz.

Kurz is shutting down the Turks in Vienna, and Salvini is turning the Moors back in the Mediterranean, but May continues to grovel in the dust towards Mecca, as if the English have no battleships left.

This weekend saw the Second English Civil War erupt onto the streets, but this time Puritan and Catholic alike saw fit to make common purpose against the true enemy, the one that their noble ancestors fought as one people – the Godless Heathens of the East.

For a mere few Billion Pounds of Saudi investment May has transformed the GCHQ and the Constabulary into a pack of dirty Janissaries that will kick your door down if you have an off-colour thought about Mohamed and share it with an untrustworthy neighbour.

Yet even as it doubles down in England, Mordor is on the run all over the rest of Europe. This weekend it lost control of the British streets. Brigadier Powell approves.

The Christians put the Heathens to flight everywhere, thank Christ our Lord, but you would not know it if you only read the lying press, which once again smeared the Christian natives for their Saracen masters.

The Heathens of Fleet Street were universally vile, but the cheerleaders for Sharia at the Independent were particularly blatant. Not surprising, given that London Pravda is published by some filthy Russian Oligarch who is 100% in the tank for the Saudi oil sheikh who bailed him out when he ran out of blood roubles.

“””British””” “””journalists””” in general spent the weekend smearing everybody and anybody who was opposed to the instant jailing of decent Christians, and were out in force to help document those protesting the rape of their children for the GCHQ, which co-ordinates the mass jailing of the British people for thought crimes against their Islamic State.

We all know that journalists are lying filthy Heathens who will say or do anything for the money they need to buy wine and cat food and whatever drugs they need to transition to the opposite sex, and that rubbishing them or the stupid articles they write is an exercise in futility because they produce garbage faster than any mortal can recycle it into the Truth, but it is worth a closer look at the scum who think they can tell free Christians how to live.

Whether it is the émigré Lebedev family or Sultan Muhammad Abuljadayel who have the raging hard-on for the Islamisation of Britain is a moot point, there is absolutely nothing Independent at all about the newspaper that sprang out of the coffin of the Daily Telegraph and fought a good fight with Murdoch and Conrad Black only to sell out to a clan of Russian looters and become a cheerleader for Wahabi Islam.

Putting aside the blatant pandering of the Independent, which is totally reliant upon the Saudis, and the not unexpected bullshitting of the Gay Islamic Socialists for Satan who fill every nook and cranny at the Manchester Grauniad and the BBC, there was no respite from the Murdoch press either. Rupert vacillates between drumming up the ghost of Brigadier Powell to get the 30% of Britons who still haven’t realised that the modern Tories are now the Gay Islamic Open Borders Globalists for Satan party to go vote against their interests once every three years or so, and spending the rest of the time pretending Islam is as quintessentially British as medieval barbarism.

With the Murdoch press effectively neutered by the Saudi stake in Fox that Prince Dopey bought to collar him during the Obama years, a leash still being firmly held by Riyadh, and with the Buggery Brothers who own the Telegraph completely invested in killing the story about the Muslim grooming gangs who do all the dirty work to keep their paedophile chums at the Moloch club supplied with fresh under-age sex slaves, there is ZERO chance of any sort of a fair write-up for Christian folk-hero Tommeth Robinson.

Nothing has changed yet for the downtrodden British, yet somehow this weekend everything changed.

Free Englishmen, free Welshmen, free Scots, and free Irish came together, and what’s more they came out of their homes and out onto the streets for Tommy in droves. These are the lads who are going to lead Britain back to glory and consign both the Sharia compliant Bolsheviks of Labour and the boy fondling Heretics of Softcore Mecca Nu-Toryism to the dustbin of history.

The British know they have just as much right to national pride as all the other European nations that are revolting against Open Borders right now. It all started with Brexit, but as we have all seen that was just the beginning. Nothing has been won yet, and May is hunkered down with that other lying heretic Merkel, attempting to ruin Europe together like the pair of bitter Old Maids whose barren wombs were cursed by God that they are.

Just as when the Saracen lover John Lackland usurped the throne to undermine the Holy Crusade, and in our darkest hour the Lionheart was jailed by some contemptible Prince, it is often darkest before the glorious Dawn.

For if Christ and eighteen Christian men can extract the Magna Carta from that sinister tyrant who collapsed the Crusade, if just eighteen brave British men is all it takes to demand and gain eternal Freedom, then imagine what a Christian Army which has not been seen in Britain since the time of the Lionheart can accomplish, as it demands back the rights that were denied to Tommy Robinson.

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie who’s keen on Conservative politics, Trump, and the Anime Right. Storm the GCHQ. Heathens OUT.

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