Koyume NO: Warhammer 2 in The Expanse, Heil Throgg

By John Miller

Friday the 1st of June 2018


Even with five screens I barely have time for everything I want to watch, and so something had to give. Lucky for me it’s World Cup Time so everybody was expecting me to go absent for a month anyway because I’ve always been that sort of lad. Plus I really needed a Sabbatical before going back to Grad School next August for an upskill. Heh, like I’m hitting the books. Screw work. I got Shows to watch and Vidya to play.

The Warhammer 2 DLC took forever to drop last night, which wasn’t a problem because Netflix finally has a use and I got two seasons of The Expanse to backwatch. Oh you never heard of it? It’s kind of like what Star Wars used to be, plus a bunch of other stuff.

And Disney can’t buy it and fuck it up because Jeff Bezos is a fan and he just bought Season 4 for Prime. Right now it’s only live on Syfy in the States though. Deal with it, fags. Netflix has the first two seasons for a binge, and Amazon sells the new episodes from Season Three for 2.99 (eight so far). It airs Wednesday nights, America time.

Here is your clip from episode 4. Some rogue saving his space princess. UH. UHHH. ARRRGH. Based.

There are a lot of Kino things about this show, which is going to become fucking huge as long as Kathleen Kennedy is never allowed anywhere near it. The Depansexualisation of Space has begun lads. I need some Juice.

You’ll probably enjoy seeing the alien dude from the Fifth Element telling some other guy to give the Martians their water, and there’s some kind of Space Cop investigating a murder mystery, but also a ton of space battles. Neat.

After four episodes of Spaceshit I was expecting new Comic Girls to drop on Crunchy, but I mistimed that badly and ended up watching some K-On instead. That Season 2 OP really picked me up in the early AM.

Ordinarily I’d save Kaos and Friends for Friday night, but with new WIXOSS and new Hinamatsuri plus the Australia versus Czech Republic friendly, plus Warhammer 2 new content about to drop, it was now or never.

Ha, Koyume a fat. FAT.

And then finally it dropped. The thing that will devour most of my weekend. Creative Assembly keep doing their best to Kathleen Kennedy the franchise, but the Games Workshop pedigree still shines through. Where were you when Alith Anar saved Warhammer, lads.

There’s some stuff I don’t like, such as my free Regiments of Renown not downloading right away because I haven’t “””signed up””” with Total War. LOL wut, I bought every single piece of content for this game, and now you expect me to fill out a fucking form? My guess is they’ll show up in my Steam eventually, and I ain’t even mad.

Here are some screenshots of shit that Alith Anar has to do to Make Ulthuan Great Again, lads. That Sword of Khaine is mine faggots.

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie who’s keen on Conservative politics, Trump, and the Anime Right. Where my Nagarythes at.

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