Disney SmackDown: Bob fires Jewish TV icon for calling Iranian terrorist an ape

By John Miller

Wednesday the 30th of May 2018


Well there goes that conspiracy about the tightly knit Jewish cabal, after Communist sympathiser and Pansexual activist Disney CEO Bob Iger decided to run the most successful member of the Tribe off his network. This is the same guy who last weekend torched black masculinity and the Star Wars franchise to retcon ladies man Billy Dee Williams as a degenerate faggot who swings with children, aliens and even animals, BAYBAY. Bob, STAHP.

Michelle Obama And Disney CEO Robert Iger Hold News Conference On Disney's Nutritional Guidelines
Commie devil worshipper Robert Iger

Clearly the hierarchy of virtue signalling at Disney goes Iranian Terrorists > Pansexuals > Transsexuals > Real Hours Faggots > Thuh Ladies > Everybody Else. Neat.

Did I mention that Disney and ABC hates black men? This is the network that casually sacked BASED Isiah Thomas from Grey’s Anatomy for calling Patrick Dempsey a faggot, even though Patrick Dempsey is a faggot and Isiah Thomas grovelled and prostrated himself before the gay community.

The fact of the matter is that Roseanne was brought back because ABC thought they were getting more lesbian daughters to add to their prime time Homo Democrat Hours to go with Modern Family and the rest of their queer-bait bullshit, but instead they got a Trump cheerleader who says raw shit about the Obama administration Jihadis who betrayed America.

So what did Roseanne even say about Valerie Jarret?

She said that Valerie looked like the love child of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Planet of the Apes. This is funny if you have ever seen Planet of the Apes, because Valerie Jarret kind of looks like Zira. And Roseanne Barr is a comedian.

Was Roseanne saying that all Iranian women look like apes? I kind of fucking doubt it. And even if she was, who cares? Comedians say stupid shit all the time, and America is supposed to be the Land of the Free. So why has Disney retconned Free Speech?

I just want to say for the record that Iranian women are hot desu, and Roseanne is clearly aesthetically challenged, so this whole thing smacks of people in glass houses.

It was an ugly joke, but RACIST Bob Iger decided to turn it into a Black thing, and because Roseanne’s Jewish guilt kicked in the crazy people who have taken over the Asylum got to gloat about shutting down a Trump supporter. Which is what this is really about.

Bob Iger’s people are the Moloch worshippers, and they think they got a lock on the fag vote, so they always pander to fags. Just so that Nancy and the CIA Wall Street globalist cry bullies can then screw them over, just like they screw over the rest of us.

Can we not back down to the dishonest Libtards just once? Apparently not.

And are we even going to talk about how Valerie Jarret is an Iranian terrorist who illegally unmasked an American General and helped the Deep State traitors frame Mike Flynn despite the fact that General Flynn is an American hero and a patriot who tells less lies than George Washington? Apparently not.

If Bob Iger cares about Muslim women so much and this is all about principles then I’m sure he’ll stop doing business with Communist China any day now. I mean he obviously does not care that the Maoist Regime has systematically tortured and killed almost 100 MILLION Christians, but what about this poor Muslim girl being forced into sex slavery as the Commies commit their latest genocide on the Muslim Uyghurs?

Ha like Bob Iger gives a fuck about anybody except Bob Iger and his buddies in Davos, and they’re all in bed with Beijing. Uyghurs and Christian men work as slaves in Disney factories in Red China while their women are sold off for ISIS-style rape marriages  and NOBODY CARES.

And why are the lying press trying to turn this into a Black thing? What the fuck, Bob Iger and ABC News? Isn’t that WAYYY more racist than anything Roseanne said or did?

Why is this Communist Pansexual faggot Iger who humiliated BASED Billy Dee Williams just to push the agenda of his chums at the Moloch Club pretending this is anything other than a tantrum against Trump?

The truth is that Red Chinese puppet Bob Iger doesn’t care about Iranians and he doesn’t give a flying fuck about Black people either. All he wants is to Make Disney Pansexual.

Val is an Iranian mole Obama appointee who repeatedly broke the law to spy on an incoming administration. She broke the law to frame an American General. And yeah, she kinda looks like Zira from Planet of the Apes.

And while Bob is wrecking everything that Walt built and turning the easy win Eisner handed him into yet another humiliating defeat for his shareholders, BIG DIMES Rupert Murdoch and Fox continues to win by embracing Trumpworld.

As I type this I’m watching the show Rupert just bought from Vincetty for ONE BILLION DOLLARS. Worth it.

Holy Dimes, I just marked out over a Joshi who made me care about a women’s wrestling match by convincing me that the lingerie model she was beating up was actually able to fight. Who was this godlike Amazon, this…Oscar?

Oh shit her name is Asuka, fam? So this is the power of the BASED Empress of /asp/.

Empress of asp

Yanks are amazing. They don’t say Omerica, and they don’t call Conan’s old sidekick Ondy Richter, but apparently I live in Osstralia and I just watched Oscar beat up a stripper. Feels like an easy lawsuit for Sesame Street, desu.

SmarkDown has surpassed RAM. It was what Chevy Chase might have called Streets Ahead, if he were still alive. I particularly liked that the announce table was still down near the ring. There were still too many Hunter clones, such as Vanilla Midget Hunter Number Two, Hunter the Giant, and Big Bible Hunter, but I’ll allow it.

Here is your 150 Seconds of Kino from SmarkDown 1844, Wrestling fans.

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie who’s keen on Conservative politics, Trump, and the Anime Right. I really want the Joshi to beat up that annoying bitch, lads.

Punished Empress

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