English Civil War 2: A few honest men are better than numbers

By John Miller

Sunday the 27th of May 2018


When the First Parliament of England was called in 1236, it was attended by just eighteen Barons. The tyrant King of England then was Henry III, also Lord of Ireland and Duke of Aquitaine, whose father John Lackland had seized the English throne while his brother was away Crusading. Henry oppressed the Christians of England, and while collecting tithes for the Crusade he never lifted a finger against the Saracens who bedevilled us.

The Christian Lords of England overcame the tyranny of upstart Saracen lover Henry of Winchester and his father, but in the Year of our Lord Two Thousand and Eighteen the English have become oppressed by tyrants again. What is more, the same heathen invaders we once fought for Jerusalem are now established in the English capital as Lords and Oppressors over once Free Britons, and the Parliament passes laws against good and honest Englishmen to please them.

It is worth remembering that the first freedoms of the English were gotten without a parliament, and from the John Lackland, the father of Henry III, in 1215 at Runnymede.

Here the Christian nobles put a Saracen lover in his place. For John Lackland was a notorious underminer of the Crusades, who usurped his brother Richard the Lionheart while he was away defeating Saladin.

The Magna Carta gave the English a precious treasure to protect, and this thing was called Liberty.

It was the Freedom from Tyranny of Rulers that they would take with them wherever they went, as they remade the world in the image of the Glorious Kingdom of Heaven.

It was the ideal which the Founding Fathers brought with them across the Atlantic, and the basis on which they founded America.

In Australia and New Zealand and Canada we too knew that there was something very special about us, and that we had God given rights that other men envied.

For tyrant John conceded to the Christian lords of the English, my Norman ancestors, the same rights that a free Norseman had always enjoyed. They were henceforth above the whims of tyrants. How then could an Englishman in 2018 be jailed just for speaking the truth about the perilous condition of England, just because some Saracen takes offence at it?

For shame, England, for shame. This will not end well. What do you think will happen now that you’ve thrown all of the leaders of the political opposition to the Saracen invasion of Britain in jail and shown your hand as a police state.

You are no better than Red China now.

For if in 1215 the Norman barons would lift swords to protect their sacred freedom, what do you expect from the Englishman and Scot in 2018, who has known no egress to his Christian rights for the last 800 years?

Every Englishman, every free-born British man, was granted an eternal Charter that guaranteed his liberty, but if a good and honest Englishman cannot speak out against the tyranny of his rulers and is immediately jailed then that pledge means nothing and you have stripped him of all his rights.

In the case of the last free man in England, Tommy Robinson, it took a mendacious state and a cavilling magistrate a mere 13 hours to decide that he ought to be jailed, for the crime of being a proud Englishman, and of stating his case against the invading Saracen.

Here he joins Jayda Fransen and Paul Golding, who were found guilty of walking around with crosses in Caliphate no-go zones, the Facebook gran who objected to Radical Islamic Terrorism, the teacher who named a teddy bear Mohamed, and the guy who posted his feelings on Twitter. Did we lose a war or something?

How in the name of Christ and all that’s Holy can this happen in the very nation where the Magna Carta was signed?

There was no violence shown by Robinson or any of these other once free British men and women, and they were not a danger to anybody or anything except for the political aspirations of those who have enabled the Saracen invasion of England.

The Englishman and the British man is slowly waking up to find that his country has been overrun by Mohamedens, his children raped, his constabulary subverted, and all his rights gone. He can witness it, but he lacks the most basic freedom to say anything against his wretched condition.

There were several English parliaments down through the centuries, including the Blessed Parliament of King James the First, who in uniting the crowns of England and Scotland made Britain whole for the first time since the legendary Arthur. The Scots retained their own parliament, until they decided to join with England in the Act of Union.

Such was the way of the British people, they were free men, until today.

Free Christian men are at liberty to set their own destiny. So then when such a tyrant arose in England as these free men had never seen before and have not seen since down until the time of May, they put him aside and ran their own affairs.

May like Charles tramples every English right, every British right underfoot to suit her Saracen friends of the occupying and murdering rapist horde.

The free men of Britain rose up against tyrants then, and they will rise up against tyrants now.

There were leaders then, and there are leaders now against the awful Tyranny of May, who by her swift gaoling of all the leaders of the Christians of England, including the arrest and unlawful imprisonment of Robinson in half a day has shown just who she and her anti-Christ sodomite bishops and her heathen sheriffs at the GCHQ fear the most.

They see in Robinson another Cromwell, and rightly so. For this is the foaming of the Tiber that the last true Tory, the English folk hero Brigadier Powell, warned against. This very day in the ordinary households of the common men and women of England and Scotland the sons of Roundheads are arming themselves for war against a brutal and tyrannical state that has stolen all their liberties and handed them and their children over to a Godless pack of Moors.

May knows that she must go, whether by the polls or by Cruel Necessity, and this has made her reckless. By jailing the new Lord Protector of the British Commonwealth she has unleashed upon herself and in the nation a furious reaction.

By the Grace of God, and by Christ our Lord, let every son of England and Scotland, of Wales and Ireland who holds his freedom dear now gird himself for Civil War, which the tyrant has unleashed upon him. Let every Christian man who holds British liberty dear now pledge his life and honour to a Resurrection of his Ancient Rights, and Freedom.

May and her Saracens and her wretched Constables are many, but let us take comfort in the words of the Lord Protector of commonwealth: a few honest men are better than numbers.

Take pride in your Christian nation and your heritage of liberty, Puritan soldiers, and know that you are invincible upon the soil which Christ gave you. Let them come, with their Communists and their Heathens, and let us see how they make out against the heirs of Ironsides and his New Model Army.

So let them jail our Tommy. Let them kill him, dig him up, behead the corpse and mock it. They have done all these things before to our Lord Protector. He will only join Christ and Oliver in Paradise, and we will grow stronger.

For you cannot defeat a man who follows Christ, and you cannot steal our Sacred Liberty without a fight. Come on then, all you cowards, bring your chains and I will bring my King James Bible, and we will see whose Lord is stronger.

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie who’s keen on Conservative politics, Trump, and the Anime Right. Keep your faith in God, but keep your powder dry.

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