Pientka flips: Fed who framed Flynn for Comey with ILLEGAL wiretap to testify

By John Miller

Thursday the 24th of May 2018


The shady cabal of bureaucrats who decided they were fit to overturn American Democracy and trample the rights of anyone who got in the way of their vendetta against the President who told them to go to Hell is today in utter disarray. It is with great satisfaction that I can report to you that James Comey, high ranking Capo in the criminal cartel popularly known as the Deep State, is on the brink of finally getting arrested. Lieutenant General Mike Flynn was framed by Comey. Flynn did nothing wrong, and it is time the whole world knew this.

So what exactly did Comey do, why did he do it, and how do we know?

Well, first of all we know that Comey was THE GUY who covered up the crimes of then President-in-waiting, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

That a sitting Director of the FBI should act as a Clinton lackey comes as no surprise, given that his predecessor at the FBI, Bobby Mueller – the man currently tasked by fellow crook AG Rod Rosenstein to get dirt on the President by any and all means, was once used as a bagman to carry samples of Highly Enriched Uranium to Moscow.


This was part of a deal that saw $145 Million go to the Clinton slush fund and enough highly enriched uranium go in the opposite direction to make Vlad the King Mac sugar daddy of all the rogue nuclear states.

We know this is the case because in her first year as Secretary of State in the Obama administration in 2009 Clinton sent a bizarre email to her Moscow ambassador and informed him that Robert Mueller would be delivering a sample of HEU to Moscow and he should make himself available for her bagman. This was later republished by Wikileaks.

What business did the then sitting Director of the FBI have in running errands for Clinton? They were part of the same cartel, and she was clearly a rain maker for this band of crooks. When will Crooked Hillary and her boy Bobby get the noose? Soon, soon. The wheels of justice grind slowly, anon.

The man in the hot seat right now is James Comey, who took over from Robert Mueller as head of the FBI in September 2013. Hillary had left the White House in February, and James may very well have been clean as a monk when he took the job.

In 2015 the FBI opened an investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while she had been Secretary of State. If there was one rule of law for all then Clinton would have been swiftly jailed, but fortunately for her she had a powerful network of insider contacts, a massive slush fund with hundreds of millions of dollars in it, and was the red hot favourite to become the Presidential nominee of the party that controlled the White House.

By 2016 Hilldawg had wrapped up the nomination, and only needed to tie up a few loose ends before her coronation as the Democrat nominee. One of them was the likelihood that she would be going to jail.

The investigation was squashed when her husband, former President Clinton, had his infamous Meeting on the Tarmac with Obama White House Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Three days later the spineless yes-man Comey came out and declared that the case against Clinton was closed.

As it would later turn out, Comey had already filed a report which declared that Clinton was criminally negligent. He had then allowed his underling Peter Strzok to simply come in and rewrite it at the eleventh hour after the intervention of the Attorney General, and this watered down finding of an extremely careless Clinton was the one that he read out publicly for Lynch.

So when are Lynch and Strzok going to prison? Perhaps not as soon as James Comey, as we shall see soon enough.

By publicly vindicating Clinton on July 5, 2016 despite already having decided she was a criminal, James Comey cleared Hillary to accept the Democratic nomination for President later that month. There was still another loose end to tie up.

Seth Rich, the Bernie bro who knew Hillary rigged the Democrat primaries against Sanders, and who was leaking from the DNC to Wikileaks. Seth was murdered on July 10.

I’m sure Comey knows who did it.


Seth had of course been leaking to Julian for a while now, but the farthest Assange had gone in revealing his source inside the DNC was in January of 2016, when he confirmed it was not a state party.

12 days after the murder of Seth, on July 22, Wikileaks dumped all the thousands of emails that he had given them from the DNC Servers. This was just a week before the Philadelphia Convention, and this could have made everything go pear-shaped for lying murderer Hillary Clinton, if the Bernie bros had been up for just a little digging.

Instead Clinton had her sleazebag friends at Fusion GPS spike the story with a Russian hacker narrative. This lie was “””confirmed””” by some sleazy Pakistani ISI outfit that came in and gave Clinton everything she needed to cover up her crimes and pin them on the Russians.

Debbie knew. Donna probably knows too, but she found out too late. If Hillary ever goes to prison, it will probably be the testimony of Donna Brazile that puts her away.

Fusion GPS were the professional dirt peddlers who spun the sleazy web of lies that eventually entangled innocent Lieutenant General Mike Flynn.

This disgusting band of ex-Wall Street Journal hacks who epitomise everything that is wrong with the lying press were intimately acquainted with the Russians, having manufactured a phoney Russian dossier to smear Trump with for the Rubio campaign, before eventually selling it to Hillary when he lost the nomination to Trump. They had even managed to get one of their Russians a sit-down with Donald Trump junior in Trump tower, after promising Don Junior to reveal all the juicy gossip about Hilldawg.

At this stage the only people betraying America were the Clintons, who had amassed hundreds of millions from their dealings with the Russians over Uranium One, and of course Glenn Simpson at Fusion GPS, who had for several years been trying to get the Magnitsky Act overturned for his main client Vladimir Putin.

The very idea that Putin, a man who had gotten everything he wanted from Hillary, and who had her campaign manager and presumptive Chief of Staff Skippy Podesta tethered by a lucrative golden collar investment of tens of millions dollars in a company named Joule which the Podesta brothers owned, was somehow fearful of her winning the Presidency was laughable.

Who would have thought that Lieutenant General Mike Flynn could somehow be a Russian spy? Protip: he wasn’t.

The truth will out. Mike Flynn did nothing wrong.

Democrat party operatives ate this Russian bullshit up nonetheless, and the lying press began to force the narrative that not only had the DNC servers been hacked by the wily Russians, but that Trump himself was a Putin stooge, all based upon lies cooked up by Glenn Simpson for Hillary Clinton. She ended up paying him close to twelve million.

CNN and Buzzfeed were the first to push the completely phoney Russian dossier that Glenn cooked up as news. This Fake News had no traction with the public until James Clapper, the Obama White House Director of National Intelligence, perjured himself to Congress on October 7. T. Deep State.

It was clear by now that the Deep State cartel of lying criminals were prepared to go above and beyond for Hillary, who everybody expected to become the President of the United States next month.

Then on the 28th of October came the infamous mea culpa by Comey, who like Pontius Pilate wanted to wash his hands of all the crimes he was committing for Clinton by always having to clean up after her. He admitted in a letter to Congress that the FBI had re-opened the Clinton case because of emails found on the laptop of Hillary aide Huma Abedin.

This contained not only evidence of a paedophile relationship between Abedin’s husband and a minor, but many Clinton emails that were the subject of the first investigation and had apparently been destroyed, only to turn up on this pervert’s laptop. By this stage Comey was probably battening down the hatches for four years of scandal, and trying to inoculate himself. Self-preservation seems to be his defining characteristic.

This all created a minor shit-storm, but once again Comey swallowed hard and gave Hillary the all-clear. Of course, when she didn’t win, he would hardly be the most popular boy at Deep State. There would be hell to pay. These guys had to begin covering their asses like crazy. The first one to break ranks on the phoney Russian hacker bullshit would get them all sent to jail.

So why is Comey finally going to jail now, and what did he finally get caught doing?

Well according to his fellow FBI agent Joe Pientka, he (Joe) and Peter Strzok were ordered by Comey to frame Lieutenant General Mike Flynn, despite none of them actually believing that Flynn was a Russian spy, and knowing full well that Flynn had never knowingly broken any law.

Above and beyond this complete miscarriage of Justice, Comey also had Joe Pientka and Peter Strzok wire-tap Flynn without a warrant.



So, uh, you just told your boys to tap the phone of the National Security advisor of the incoming President of the United States, eh Comey?

What’s the penalty for carrying out an illegal investigation of an Army General, and then banging some false charges on him?

I guess we’ll find out soon, because the guy who did it with Comey and Strzok has flipped and is about to testify to Congress. Senator Chuck Grassley everybody, the Deep State Killer. By which I means he kills the Deep State through patient investigation, not, uh, murdering innocent citizens like Deep State does.

And Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you the first member of Deep State who will hang for treason: James Brien Comey, jnr.

And please, Mister President, bring Mike Flynn in and give him a hug.

The man is a Saint. He literally could not tell a lie, not even to save himself from that animal, Bobby Mueller.

Senate Armed Services Committee

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie who’s keen on Conservative politics, Trump, and the Anime Right. Traitors get the rope.

Imperium of PTG

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