WIXOSS Origins: Where did the Jobbers come from?

By John Miller

Monday the 14th of May 2018


So now that Mothers Day is done and all the good seasonals are over until Thursday, it’s time to return to the Queue, and at the top of my queue is the WIXOSS Selector series. This time I got through the first three episodes of the original Cour of WIXOSS, Selector Infected.

My enthusiasm for watching more Selector was quite low considering how much fun I’m having with the WIXOSS franchise, but clearly Mari Okada did her best work before Takara Tomy got on the phone to JC Staff and Selector Spread was made, because Selector Infected is fucking magnificent.

Suddenly I’m engrossed in the story of four WIXOSS Selectors who are little more than Jobbers to Goldberg Layla in Conflated: Ruu-chan, Hitoe, Yuzuki and Aki-lucky.

So what was Ruko like before Tama moved in and she let Kiyoi and Suzu become the Top Jobbers of WIXOSS? How did Aki go from top WIXOSS heel to living in an alley while Carnival and Layla took the ding-dong diddly strap? We know that Kiyoi used to be Aki’s LRIG, but how did Piruluk get out of that contract?

Let us begin with the first QUALITY Batoru: Ruu-chan versus Yuzuki. GOMENASAI Skip James.

As you can see Ruu started out as a mark, and has relied on ass-pulls from an over-powered LRIG for her entire WIXOSS career. Yuzuki has always been a talented mid-carder whose job it is to get better Selectors over without ever getting any closer to a lick of the brass ring. The most honourable type of jobber, but still a Jobber.

The second Batoru is a top heel against the Ultimate Jobber: Aki-lucky versus Hitoe. GOMENASAI Schubert.

Episode Two also gives us the backstory for Yuzuki, who is totally gay for her brother.  The only other Mari Okada show I ever watched also had a bro-con, so I guess this is one of her recurring character types. No touchy, just unrequited love.

Much more bland than what I’ve read about the Patriarchs doing in the Good Book, not that I’m comparing them to otakus. In the case of Yuzu, this tainted love is her motivation for becoming a Selector.

So as you can see, there is plenty of crazy shit going on in the Okada WIXOSS Universe, kek.

Here’s the kind of catchy OP from episode 3, a BATORU Hell episode.

Batoru Three is a slug fest between the gutsy Under-Carder and the only Selector who has actually won a BATORU yet: Aki-lucky versus Incest-chan. GOMENASAI Led Zep.

The fourth battle is the hapless Jobber against the Ass-pulling Face of the Franchise. It begins after the Third Battle starts, and ends before Aki-lucky and Yuzu are done. GOMENASAI Rolling Stones.

Did you catch the Hitoe Origin story? Poor girl just wishing for some friends. There was also the small matter of Tama levelling up to Evo 2.

So here are the standings after three episodes.

In top place with two flawless victories and fighting with a Blue Deck, Aki-lucky and Piruluk.

The top contenders, the girl with the White Deck and her LRIG who levelled up on Hitoe, Ruu-chan and Tama. That has to count as farming though.

Next we have Yuzuki the Mid-carder Jobber with the weak Red Deck, and her LRIG Hanayo. They managed that draw against Ruu on a technicality.  WOOOOO.

And last but also least, poor Hitoe and her long-suffering LRIG, Midoriko. Hey don’t worry about Hitoe, she’s already made a ton of WIXOSS friends. But for Midoriko, life is suffering.

At the end of Episode Three we encounter the Big Boss of the Heels, and there is a teaser of her LRIG. Oh shit, I need some sleep before I watch this.

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie who’s keen on Conservative politics, Trump, and the Anime Right. GOMENASAI.




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