Milkman and Best Girl PENCED and deathflagged, Kaos scared of ghosts

By John Miller

Sunday the 13th of May 2018


For Fatoshi, life is suffering. This week’s Franxx went there in a big way, and after a final gay bath with his man-crush Hiro, the Milkman has finally caved to the relentless maternal instincts of the Kokinator. Also self-Pencing in a big way, Best Girl Ikuno, who is keeping her yuri feels for hetfag besty Ichigo buried deep in the closet to prevent drama.

For always putting the squad first, for being Best Girl in every category, and for slapping Alpha on his monkey face for being a dick to her fellow squaddie, I think we can all agree that Ikuno deserves a clip. And for not skirting gender controversy while exploring what it means to be human, the DITF writers deserve one too. Spring Cour is shaping up to be best cour, and the franchise could yet become AOTX if it finishes strong.

In order to cement the legacy some or all of the squaddies will have to die, and right now after surrendering his seed to the Kokinator and with his one true love eternally out of reach, the Milkman is pretty much a dead man walking. Best Girl was swathed in deathflags too. Her death clock is ticking down relentlessly to an I-always-loved-you moment with Ichigo, the only question is whether it will be said or implied.

Only Kokoro is safe now unless Trigger want to kill the Mother of Humanity, which would be edgy as fuck. The marks in the fanbase want a happy ending for Hiro and Zero Tsu, but that would pretty much permanently re-brand Trigger as the PG-13 Hollywoodshit studio, and who wants to wear that shameful label?

Speaking of Best Girls, now that DITF has come out I can talk Kaos and Comic Girls. Time for more CG in the Franxx? Lol nah, Darlingshit doesn’t even pretend to be about mechs any more. Blue Oni versus Red Oni is an intriguing BATORU tho.

Horror Manga episode was 11/10. Would definitely pick up an Evil Dead seasonal spin-off with Kaos-chan and Ghost-senpai.

Right, so don’t forget it is Mothers Day if one of these flags is yours, or you will definitely get deathflagged. You should probably do something nice for your mom anyway, dude.

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie who’s keen on Conservative politics, Trump, and the Anime Right. Happy Mothers Day.








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