Britain and Germany kill Free Speech, Counter-Enlightenment engulfs Europe

By John Miller

Thursday the 10th of May 2018


When I read today that an 88-year-old Nazi grandmother in Germany had been imprisoned for publicly disbelieving in the Holocaust it occurred to me that her liberties were not worth defending. Modern society has transformed us to point where our social capital is easily measured, and our measurable social worth that was painstakingly accumulated by agreeing with the popular consensus or by being a contrarian within an acceptable degree of separation to an in-group can be quickly lost by deviating too far from your herd. Welcome to Thought Serfdom.

If jailing old women who cling on to their hatred is too sinister for you, then just try defending her in any public forum in Europe. It’s not just the popularity hit of being labelled a Nazi that chills public discourse. The modern German knows that he will swiftly join her in the cells, and so looks the other way.

Constant monitoring by both government agents and shameless collaborators who work for the vile dystopian European Entity flagging the thought crimes of their peers and fellow citizens to the loathsome state police has allowed the Brussels Gestapo an out-sized control over what is said and thought.

So who are the real Nazis here? The stupid old woman? The State which makes an example out of her? Or the useful idiot Stasifa minions of the State who are the self-appointed witch-hunters against wrong think?

The current state of Revisionist History which underpins the Counter-Enlightenment of the 21st Century is wedded to a worldview that completely overlooks that the Twentieth Century was the triumph of Enlightened Liberal Democracy over Fascism.

The men that I knew as a child who actually fought in the War have had their valour stolen in death by a new generation of heavily monitored and highly indoctrinated totalitarian youth. We are now taught that there is only one correct way to think, the Way the God of State brought you up to think.

This accepted way of thinking must never be challenged, or you are well within your rights to become a freelance boot-boy with a wink and a nod from the authorities. So how is THIS any different than modern Red China then, or Nazi Germany?

Because you got to vote for a Red Team or a Blue Team which had over-exaggerated differences and were seemingly engaged in perpetual warfare, it was somehow overlooked that after every LMAO Free and Fair Election they simply took their orders from the same Donor Class and Carried On.

Under the ruse of preventing another 1939 we have blindly stumbled into 1984, and the lying press, the TV dinner eating idiots, the Corporate propagandists, and the stupid youth of Tumblr and Reddit all now agree that Economic Nationalism and Hard Borders is literally Nazi Germany.

What. The. Actual. Fact. Bro? Projecting much?

Small wonder then that modern Britain, which actually won the war, is no better off than modern Germany. Ze Germans were a defeated population who must apparently never cease to wear the burden of their war guilt by paying Thought Reparations to keep Belgium safe.

Meanwhile the streets of Brussels are awash with killers, but God forbid you mention that. But seriously, what the fuck is your excuse for tearing up your freedom and flushing it down the toilet, cowards of modern England?

So much for the Age of Enlightenment, and European History.  Readers of Francois-Marie D’Arouet already know that the 21st Century is an Unenlightened shithole and a Free Speech vacuum, and perhaps even Nigel is aware in his lizard brain as he is being dragged into court to explain himself for joking about living conditions in Little Pakistan upon the Thames that things were not always this bad.

So laws were made to protect Achmed and to protect Nigel’s gay cousin from harmful Speech, what could possibly go wrong with that? When have such good intentions ever gone awry?

After all, both sides of the established political order have agreed that they are totally necessary. The only part of the political rainbow which did not agree has already been dragged off in chains after some woeful British magistrate decided to jail the only real political Opposition in London.

Long live the Counter-Enlightenment, and may all its enemies be vanned for protesting the loss of their civil liberties. As the lying press has already explained to you, every thought criminal deserves the Fransen treatment. These troublemakers have no business spouting their mouths off in a progressive “””Liberal Democracy”””.

This Theatre of Grotesque Absurdities which imprisons hateful free thinkers in the name of Progress and attempts to rehabilitate them in Her Majesties prisons alongside murderers and rapists is the very essence of the 21st Century Counter-Enlightenment, and Theresa May and her Jacobin GCHQ agents will be remembered in a better age for unleashing a Public Terror in the name of “””inclusive society”””, but she and they are only the public and extremely ugly face of Totalitarian Europe.

For none of this would be possible at all if it were not for the subversion of the youth and the so-called intelligentsia, who wilfully police the already heavily monitored chattering thought silos of social media for the State.

Nigel happily accepts the shackles that bind him ever tighter to the bosom of the Nanny State, lest he be denounced by his son or daughter to Teacher, and lose his livelihood, his polite circle of friends, and be sent off by van to be lectured by a Magistrate on Good-Think and then broken by the State inside a cell that he provisioned while he was a taxpayer.

When the eternal optimist Leibniz declared in the 18th Century that we live in the Best Possible Universe that God would allow, he argued that each of us is a Monad that knows what to do each moment because of a pre-programmed set of instructions peculiar to itself which it follows to arrive at a pre-established harmony. This is precisely the formula which the social engineers who govern every aspect of your waking life in the 21st Century are using against you.

Have you not been programmed from birth by a faceless cabal who interfere in and take control of your every waking moment in life? Are you not being robbed of your Destiny that God and Christ intended for you?

The 21st Century Counter-Enlightenment State believes that Free Will is problematic and seeks to steal it from you, at first in subtle ways, and then eventually in the most brutal fashion if you cannot be convinced that the God of State is your Mother and ought to always be obeyed.

The problem of Evil is not easily solved, but the Counter-Enlightenment movement of Leftist radicals and the corrupt thinkers of the Police State Right who are their fellow travellers have arrived at a neat solution by teasing out and reworking the thought of Malebranche upon the subject of Theodicy.

Both the University Class of virtue signalling cuckolds and the Corporate Outcomes Donor Class that could not care less about personal liberties as long as profits remain steady have agreed that the all-powerful God of State can and must prevent Evil, such as the vested interests of their in-groups have defined it.

This bizarre alliance of strange Maoist and Globalist bedfellows who pretend to be at war with one another while often getting quite cosy together – like say Bush and Obama and Clinton all being the exact same guy – has completely subverted all our Liberal Democracies.

Worse, it has pulled down the curtains upon the Age of Enlightenment with everybody noticing, but nobody protesting.

It wasn’t even the threat of violence but just the public shamings that mostly did it, facilitating the easiest and the most perfect coup in human history.

Until Trump came along with his legion of autistic malcontents and held a mirror up to that lipstick-riddled hog-wild pig that wallows in the sty where the merry little piglet of Liberal Democracy used to oink, there was not a jot of opposition to this strangling political correctness.

For who cares to argue that it is not the role of the State to create a more perfect world and lose their Instagram followers, or say that the world can never be free of all defects for zero likes?

Why put yourself out there, when you can just join in with the Disney propaganda and join your favourite epic Left-Right empty suit who has already explained on the television this Brave New World, where the God of State will achieve Best Possible Balance. We did it, Reddit.

Downvote me all you like, but I would rather live for one hot minute on the often-vile Chans than spend a lifetime as a Serf on the Thought Plantations of some modern Corporate Tsar, who offers basic necessities and a similitude of free will right up until the point that you rub up against his interests.

Freedom begins with free thought, but if you cannot speak freely then you will never develop any. It is mundane and loathsome to have to defend the free speech rights of people that you disagree with, and it was laughably easy for the minds of the youth to be poisoned into becoming active agents in their own subversion.

Thus we have arrived in the Age of Reddit, where thought siloed idiots denounce and punch one another for the glory of the two-faced God of State. Modern Janus, the God of the Counter-Enlightenment, is behind both doors.

To one he will appear as his Corporate idol and to another as the Whore of Socialism. Liberal Democracy is dead, choose your poison.

Somewhere else there is a curtain that hides a world that you will never know, and here live the same people who have always ruled you.

Welcome to the 21st Century, welcome to the Counter-Enlightenment. Come at me bro. The only one left on my friend-list is Jesus. Marks and smarks BTFO.

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie who’s keen on Conservative politics, Trump, and the Anime Right. Jesus protects my smile from Commie Nazi faggots.


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