Leadbelly WIXOSS Patrician Blues

By John Miller

Saturday the 5th of May 2018


Before I watch Deadman Wonderland and hopefully fall asleep for a few hours before getting to splice Comic Girls into the latest episode of Franxx, I wanted to post this QUALITY masterpiece that my friend said wouldn’t work. What a faggot, WIXOSS and Leadbelly go together like marble and Roman architecture.

I listened carefully to the Nirvana cover about twenty times and decided it was shit, comparatively speaking. So its Leadbelly on vocals and guitar, some intense looking Youtube pianist who played a mad cover of his song (the only piano version) sort of accompanying him, and an Indian guitarist who has like 20 subscribers and plays the song way fucking better than Curt Cobain.

His name is Bose and if you want to hear more of him search for My Girl Nirvana Instrumental. Nobody seems to want to give Leadbelly his due. Except Kurt I guess, but he An Heroed so fuck him.

Here’s something stupid I posted in the WIXOSS thread, because I’m too tired to write anything witty.

jobbers gonna job

And here’s some images I capped from my Friday Shows: WIXOSS, Comic Girls and Hinamatsuri. They all won.

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie who’s keen on Conservative politics, Trump, and the Anime Right. Crunchy gave WIXOSS a new cover. Rad.


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