Swedish voters SEETHING about Refugees and Integration, failing Hospitals

By John Miller

Friday the 4th of May 2018


In five months the Rainbow Socialists who invited a QUARTER MILLION refugees from war-torn Haji shitholes into their Commie paradise and expected the social safety net to not break into a million pieces because DUDE MAGIC MO TAXES LMAO, and who expected ISIS junkies to not lob grenades at one another in downtown Malmo every day, are going to get Blown the Fuck Out Eternally and Forever.


It’s not just that this nation of six million or so is slightly pissed. They’ve long known that their allegedly world class hospitals were a joke. Sweden has quietly had the worst hospital system in the Nordics for an eternity now.

It’s that the one-fifth of Swedes who rate fixing the hospitals as their top issue know that Sweden could barely cope with all the native freeloaders before, and they knew that things would entirely collapse when the doctors-to-patients ratio of recent arrivals wasn’t as exemplary as hoped for.

Swedes are a remarkably tolerant and stoic bunch. If it were just a matter of bleeding out in the waiting room while Mohamed argues with the doctor about the acceptable forms of wife beating then Old Sven would be glad to do it.

Old Sven is a notorious cuck, and his life partner is the classic doctor’s wife. This 19% of the electorate are quietly abandoning the Socialists. The bump will go to the Extreme Centre.


Young Sven is an entirely new BASED young man. He knows his country is politely turning to shit, and he knows the reason why. The Swedish Youth are abandoning both the Socialists and the Extreme Centre in droves.

The largest issue of all in Sweden is Refugees (20%), and when you combine Refugees and Integration (10%) as a single issue it becomes pretty obvious that one-third of Svens are literally SEETHING about all the extra freeloaders that the Socialists brought into their country without even the slightest idea about how to pay for them.

DUDE MAGIC HIGHER TAXES LMAO doesn’t work when your Average Sven already hands over 44% of his salary to the State Commissar. Some Svens are paying 56.4%. Wow, what a precise rate. LOL NOW PAY 70% because OH NOE we took all the LAZY ones.


Sven recently had to cop a raising of the retirement age to keep the entitlements rolling for the extra quarter million. DUDE MAGIC WORK AN EXTRA FIVE YEARS LOL. SOCIALISM!

Are you prepared for the biggest VIKING CHIMPOUT since the Sack of Hamburg in 945 AD? Well get ready for this September plebs.

Right now more SEETHING Swedes are voting based on Refugees and Integration than any other issue by a factor of (excluding Hospitals) about THREE-to-ONE.


And that’s if you ask 100 Swedes whether they will be voting on Immigration and Integration (30%) or Law and Order (12%). Or Schools (also 10%). The other issues are fairly non-existent.


The big winner will be the Sweden Democrats of Mattias Karlsson (parliamentary leader) and Jimmie Åkesson (party chairman).

Mattias is a Sweden First economic nationalist and a hard borders man who leads the non-exclusionary but Christian party in the parliament. He wants to defend his Swedish Christian heritage and has likened the forced Islamisation of his native Churches to Nazi oppression.

This has not gone over well with the Swedish neo-Nazi fringe, but it has made him a hero to his Christian folk. It also gave the actual Swedish Nazis fair warning that he would not allow them to use his movement to spew bullshit and gaslight him for the Extreme Left.

They moved on to less green pastures and made their own party. Good luck with that, super mad 2%.


Unshackled from the Extreme Right, you would think that Mattias Karlsson and Jimmie Åkesson would at least get a fair hearing from the lying press, but no. While their SD goes from strength to strength, will sweep the youth vote, and will almost certainly hold the balance of power, it does so entirely off the back of average voters – particularly youth voters – who stand up for the SD in small gatherings and on the internet as proud disciples for their nation and its interest despite idiots constantly telling them DUDE WHY SO RAYSIS, I LOVE GRENADE ATTACKS LMAO.

This party which once was just the most woke 15% of the nation now owns the Swedish Centre Right, and this is entirely on the Socialists and their Extreme Centre Globalist Lite fellow travellers, who have broken the Swedish nation with their Berlin bootlicking and DUDE LMAO GIVE ME ALL THE REFUGESS bullshit.


The world is waking up and realising that the Realpolitik of fair trade economic nationalism and hard borders is not only better for individual nation states, but for us all.

The SD is currently polling at between a fifth and a quarter of the vote, despite being at first memory holed by Swedish media, and now being vilified on the daily.

Young Sven fights valiantly for his country and his future on the internet. Won’t you join him, free men and women of the Christian West?

The Swedish General election will be held on the 9th of September, 2018.


Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie who’s keen on Conservative politics, Trump, and the Anime Right.

Infinity is best meme factory and I don’t speak Swedish, so I’m kind of worried about what the pics I got off 4 + 4 actually say, kek.

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