Beta Uprising: how do we keep Stacey safe from Robots?

By John Miller

Friday the 27th of April 2018


In what has generally been a good week for mankind, in which our glorious God Emperor has fulfilled his mission from Christ to end all wars with historic success in Korea, there has been at least one act of carnage that has given the cat fanciers who bang out the Fake News the material with which to fabricate the next general Panic.

It has long been an open secret on the Internet that there was a certain legion of angry Robots who hated Stacey – the generic young woman who is enjoying life – but they were generally well behaved around her IRL.

Stacey was the invariably un-depicted tormentor of the Robots, until this week when an Armenian IT student decided to plough his vehicle into a footpath full of ordinary people, presumably because he was the quintessential Virgin Loser, and these girls looked too happy and lively.

Unlike his female counterpart Stacey, the archetypal Alpha-man Chad has been well fleshed out. He is the non-manlet, non-dicklet thunder-cock who runs through an endless supply of Staceys while the Virgin Loser is busy studying, and then grinding out a living, and then eventually putting a roof over some Stacey’s head.

Heretofore the Robot way had been to console one another that their day would come, when Stacey would be the unwanted Roastie. Chad would somehow skate by though, being the lifetime beneficiary of winning the genetic lottery.

I know this not because I want to – R9K is worse than cancer – but because the Robots have been continuously cross-posting for attention on other boards for as long as I can remember.

If you don’t know what a Roastie is, then I’m sure you’ll eventually figure it out now that the Third Wave Feminists have decided that there is attention to be had. The two sets of prissy antagonists have engaged in a full-blown Social Media war following the Incel attack in Toronto.

Incel was once Reddit-speak, and r/Incels getting shut down by Reddit six months ago forced our Robots to assimilate them, because they had nowhere else to go. It is probably not surprising that in the intervening months the Robots have gotten progressively worse, and that they and are now killing themselves and others.

R9K was always a benign tumour that we could ignore, but Reddit is and always has been the worst kind of cancer in your ass.

The system of treating people like attention seeking dogs and then abandoning any mongrels who don’t fit in somewhere else on the Internet if they threaten the Stock Market value of Reddit Incorporated is what got us to where we are now.

Our Involuntarily Celibate were by way of comparison to the Reddit trash almost gentlemanly, as long as the subject of women was never raised around them. They even had a cute little gang name, the Men Going Their Own Way – MGTOWs.

These Robots were invariably cultists for R9K bullshit and annoying cross-posters, but they also could be quite funny, in a depressing kind of way. I certainly would never advocate for a restriction of their board. Far from it.

I am happy that these bright and potentially upstanding youngfags and burned out oldfags are only one redpill away from renouncing the blackpill of crippling depression and hatred, and hopeful that they can find their way to a life centred upon Christ, country, and family.

It is the little things that make it worthwhile browsing. The guys who make threads about how they are starting a family, or going to Church. Or the underlying collegiality that sometimes breaks through the relentless shit-posting, when anons rally around and encourage other anons at unexpected times.

There is another timeline in which a clever autist who could barely use a steering wheel never gave up developing apps and did not drive a van into a crowded sidewalk. I cannot imagine how loathsome you would have to be to yourself to do such a thing.


The Beta Uprising is as old as man. Most non-Christian armies have raped and attacked women ingloriously as they went about their violent ways, whether in victory or defeat.

The Communists raped Eastern Europe. The ISIS Hajis raped the Yazidis.

The Godless Bolshevik and the man who went to Raqqa to die for moon rune god were not unalike. There is almost no difference in the motivation of ISIS terrorists and Armenian Incels. Both could have been put on a better path by better parenting, and both would have turned out remarkably different if they made a happy family of their own.

I generally have no sympathy for the Third Wave Feminists who have destroyed our societies and families, and who churn out these damaged “””men”” – but I certainly wish no specific harm upon them.

Nor do I excuse men who attack women physically. I would argue for the most draconian of punishments for the Canadian murderer. There are not nearly enough public hangings these days, and our societies are the worse for it.

However there are other crimes that go unpunished that are even more deadly than murder, and the most heinous of them all is the destruction of the Family. This was in general carried out almost everywhere by the Left, although it is quite true that they were aided and abetted by immoral scoundrels from every part of the political spectrum.

For the Left to now blame the weaponization of the perceptive youth who were sacrificed upon the altar of their progressive values upon the contrarian places where they shit-post back at them from is quite reprehensible.

To simply shut it down like Reddit attempted will not work, and nor will coming in at the 11th Hour with a CTR style brigade of good goys.

I was recently forced to spend an hour or two on Infinity while the Feds searched the 4chan servers, and it was immediately apparent that even if they had shut Gookmoot down for good that day, everything would have just migrated to 4+4, or someplace else.

Reddit pushing their Incels out accomplished nothing for anybody except Reddit Incorporated. It added to the general misery of our Robots, increased the Lauren thread carnage, and made the JP threads toxic as hell. Worst hit was Britposting, which is easily depressed.

Even so, to suggest that we should be more like Reddit, or even give a fuck about dissenting opinions, is quite ridiculous. Our boards are the greatest precisely because nobody is turned away, except for spammers, guys who insult the fragile egos of our hotpockets, and guys who janny bans because he ain’t got no friends (yah).

That the by-product of toxic social experimenting by drug-popping degenerates who were raised by /b/ while single mom Stacey partied on should have turned out even half as great as they generally are is a testament to the eternal worth of what Moot made.

/b/-tards are now figuring out how to raise kids properly and live decent family lives, while still running the Internet, and this is somewhat miraculous.

Should they have to take shit from the legion of shrieking cat-women who write column inches for the Manchester Guardian just because they haven’t had time to fix Reddit’s garbage dump onto our Robots six months ago?

Who the fuck says Sergeant Fourchan anyway? Roasties pls go.

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie who’s keen on Conservative politics, Trump, and the Anime Right. I really wanted to be a normie but God gave me these faggots.

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