Narco-Stalinists burn down Central America while CIA busy running for Congress

By John Miller

Tuesday the 24th of April 2018


Even as the Clinton Intelligence Agency prepares to take the House for the Beijing Democrats, so that the Globalists can finally impeach President Trump for daring to end the Korean War while averting World War Three over Syria and whipping Beijing in the Trade War, the evil Axis of Communism and Davos continues to grind away at the social fabric of one of the poorest nations in Central America.

The Battle for Nicaragua is part of a wider war upon American greatness being fought by Red China and the Moloch worshipping deviants who profit from Communist slave labour factories to destabilise the Mestizo world. In doing this they were simply stepping into the breach left by the Soviets, who were defeated by Best President and America by the end of the 1980s.

Daniel Ortega went out with the dirty bath-water of Socialist dictatorship then, but everything old became new again when the Globalists wed the Communists during the dying days of the Junior Bush regime, and with the ascension of Comrade Obama and his greedy Beijing lackey SOS, Mao Mao Hillary, Chinese Communism dropped the friendly facade and began to gobble up the former puppet states of Moscow.

What does America have to fear though, now that President Trump has re-armed the American military that the Clintons and Obama de-fanged for their Davos overlords to suit Red China? And why should we all be concerned about the Communists killing Nicaraguans right now?

Nicaragua has access to both the Pacific and Atlantic, and Beijing already has a development company in place there. The end game is a rival sea-lane to the Panama Canal controlled by a Maoist Communist regime.

Thanks to the infiltration and corruption of the CIA by Clinton puppets that began with Slick Willy and has continued unabated during the era of Democrat candidates elected with Chinese fundraiser money – who these days route everything nice and legal through their Davos golems – the Christian militias and Catholic rulers of Central and South America that Reagan used to defeat Communism have all been long since destroyed.

The Communists and their Russian allies were able to take oil rich Venezuela and turn it into a hellish starvation hole of the same Marxist Atheism that Obama and Sanders want for America, and now they are expanding their Latin franchise. The key is to secure Nicaragua, and then build a canal by which the Chinese Communist navy can easily menace the Atlantic.

This was supposed happen during the Clinton administration.

The current President of Nicaragua is a complex man, and he leads a rather odd movement of Socialist revolutionaries. His Sandinistas have never in the past been blatant Maoists such as the abhorrent Shining Path of Peru, the Atheist Cocaine traffickers with Zerg Communism values who kill with reckless disregard for human life. For while the Junta of National Reconstruction in Nicaragua is avowedly Marxist, and has made Nicaragua one of the poorest countries on earth, their Communist penchant for genocide has been tempered by a lingering respect for Catholicism that many of the Sandinista old guard carry in their hearts.

While destroying the moneyed class comes naturally to them, and wrecking the Middle Class, and bringing starvation to the masses, and economic ruin, they have often been almost honourable revolutionaries, as you would expect from men who refused to entirely abandon the Holy Mother Church.

Thus Ortega while he does the Devil’s work as a Socialist dictator with one hand, and turns a blind eye to the drug cartel cocaine trading routes which fill the nostrils of gringos and lines the pockets of the Commie-Narco terrorist warlords he relies upon, he is also at the same time far less brutal in his use of the police state than most Socialist dictators. The vermin who rule Venezuela, for example, are currently in a league of their own when it comes to Commie police state brutality in the Americas.

Ortega and the old SNLF are slowly being replaced by a much worse generation of Maoist thugs in Nicaragua though, and Beijing money is bringing with it the worst of Godless Chinese Communism.

Just this week we have seen a citizen journalist executed while giving a live report of the Communist atrocities against ordinary Nicaraguans, and there have been several deaths  right across the country.

The epiphany of Daniel Ortega as a born again Catholic ruler opposed to mercantile greed in 2011 may well have been real, but since his conversion on the Road to Damascus he has back-slid quite remarkably, and it seems by all accounts that Godless Chinese bootlickers are knifing off the political opposition both within and without the Sandinista government.

Those of you who surround our Godly President of the United States must make him aware of this crisis which the Clinton Intelligence Agency cynically helped the Communists to create, and which was years in the making. Everything has grown urgent for them, and they are rushing their plans.

The payoff for Clinton was always going to be more money from her Davos-Commie backers, but money without power is meaningless, and so the aim of her cartel backers was to entrench Wall Street Democrats with an endless stream of human misery trekking to America and overwhelming Republican voting majorities with the votes of people that were custom made to impoverish and replace them.

The greedy RINOs saw it coming and did nothing, because Corporate money wanting a low wage US economy told them to back off. This was the best future that America could hope for before Trump decided to run.

Then by the grace of the Good Lord we got another Commie fighter who was also willing to stand up for the rights of the average Christian man to have a steady job and make enough money to support his family.

That Trump has somehow been painted by the Lugenpresse as the mortal enemy of the tide of human misery composed of once proud Catholics uprooted from their homes by Communist and CIA violence and then sent forth to overwhelm the American border is somewhat ironic.

The joint efforts of the worst Republican Congress in living memory and the America Last Democrats who refuse to build his Wall or do anything to hurt the interests of the Davos vampires who make such insane profits from the Globalisation of Chinese Communism seem to have only one aim, and that is to swamp the United States with an inexhaustible supply of cheap labour.

Stopping one refugee convoy or another is helpful in the long term to the future prosperity of the American middle class, but it is not nearly as needful as rooting out Communism, which the fleeing plebeian victims of Socialism bring with them to America like a virus.

This is how Communism works. It takes away everything from a man, and once he is hungry and Godless and bites the next man he then spreads the disease.

Consider, we have not yet seen the worst of Maoist insurgency in Nicaragua. We are yet to see a horrifying spectacle like Venezuela on this side of the Canal. And this is what we will inevitably get, if Communism is not destroyed.

It is time therefore that the Contras be re-formed and re-armed, and for Ollie North to go forth and do God’s work again in Central America with his Christian self-defence militias.

The efforts of this outstanding Marine for Reagan working with the Nicaraguan Contras were instrumental in cutting the cancer of Communism out of the region, and it directly led to the collapse of the first Communist dictatorship of Ortega in 1990.

To the eternal credit of Ortega and his crypto-Catholic Marxist revolutionaries in 1990, they knew the game was up, and peacefully handed over power to a broad coalition of democratic parties.

Thus America was able to end an eleven-year Socialist famine in Nicaragua, and the Marxist economic collapse was brought to an end. This was after the Fall of the Berlin Wall though, before Chinese Communism weaselled its way into the boardrooms of our Globalist scum freeloader class, and then captured the Democrat party by bankrolling the Clinton cartel.

What a difference a quarter century makes. The Communists are rampant again, and even worse, this time we do not even know which side the CIA is on.

The CIA has always been a rogue agency which seems to think that it can kill anybody up to and including American Presidents with impunity, but they were tolerated because they were instrumental in the global battle against Communism.

Since the 1990s Langley lacking purpose has been allowed to transform into an unholy abomination that Godfathers Narco-trafficking and drums up petty wars for the Carlyle Group, and which props up nasty regimes that kick into the Clinton slush fund, all while masquerading as some kind of elite terrorist fighting outfit.

Its aims and  interests have warped to the point that the Agency is demonstrably often the enemy of both the rest of America and of humanity in general, as evidenced by the slew of Beijing placeholders that are now running against the President in the mid-terms, using the bagmoney that Clinton has gotten from her foreign donors and Davos sponsors.

But it’s never too late for a Christian to redeem himself while he is breathing, and I’m sure that there are plenty of active CIA agents who didn’t join up to take shit from Communists, so they might redeem themselves yet.

Whether John Brennan was traitor-in-chief  or just some pompous jackass who let traitors run amok out of sheer foolishness will be for history to decide.

Which brings us to Pompeio.

I don’t know what the hell kind of 57-dimensional Tic-tac-toe that Trump is playing with new SOS Mike Pompeio, but I’m prepared to believe that a man who once called out Obama for being an evil Muslim Communist can’t be all bad.

I would like to think that the worst we will see of Pompeio was the Assange-excoriating temporary CIA Director who gave us a blanket assurance that the CIA was two-thumbs up All Good. An Army Captain who made Juris Doctor at Harvard Law, Pompeio is clearly both pragmatic and highly intelligent, and a loyal man who loves his country.

The fact is that Trump may already be ten steps in front of us, and always planned for Pompeio to be both his William Casey and his George Shultz from the beginning.

Having one of your best guys as SOS is a must, but just as needful is having a friend who knows the inner workings and factions of Langley, one must assume. For the CIA has always been semi-rogue even as far back as the time of Allen Dulles and his Commie killer cowboys.

Since the post-Watergate injection of Safari Club funds the Agency acts not unlike the ancient Templars, and probably Trump wanted to know if he should play Philip the Fair and end them by Inquisition, or if they could help out in the Crusade.

Naive and reactionary plots hatched by the CIA have several times led to atrocious outcomes such as the Bay of Pigs, and with unlimited budgets subsided by all kinds of lesser entities which rely upon it for protection and given carte blanche to do whatever the hell it wanted without any serious oversight for 70 years, the CIA has become a hot mess.

I don’t know what to make of Gina Haspel, but I’m inclined to think that Pompeio was sent by Trump to find allies in the CIA. If Haspel was a Clinton crony she would already be out the door. The Beijing Democrats are going all-out to block her nomination to become the next Director, and every CIA agent on the Clinton Foundation payroll is already running for Congress, so she might well be our best last hope for a semi-accountable CIA yet.

Can the CIA be relied upon to root out Communism in its festering rat-holes such as Nicaragua and Venezuela? Or will it simply enable the next set of Narco-traffickers that masquerade as Right-wing death squads to serve the interests of the Beijing faction that surely still exists inside the Clinton Intelligence Agency?

The way in which the Agency has done business in places like El Salvador and Columbia have usually created more problems for America than it has solved. So what is the solution for a country and region which deserves better than Narco-Stalinism?

My hope is that the President will keep the CIA the fuck out of Nicaragua, and a million miles away from any place where they might come into contact with drug money, which has historically had a most corrosive influence upon the Stan Smiths of the world.

Send in the Marines, mister president.

It will not take more than one set of boots on the ground, and I am sure that Colonel Ollie North would not hesitate to go anywhere that his President asked him to go.

The Christian self-defence militias worked amazingly well in the 80s, and contrary to the lying bullshit of Lugenpresse a very capable North never once deviated from his mission, and he could quite easily put the Contra freedom fighters back together again.

It is time to once again Make America Great in Central America, to the detriment of Global Communism.

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie who’s keen on Conservative politics, Trump, and the Anime Right.

I came here to tell you the truth. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Seriously though, fire up those helicopters.

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