How much anime can I watch without sleeping this weekend?

By John Miller

Saturday the 21st of April 2018


The answer probably wouldn’t interest you. Also not interesting – most of episode one of Last Period. I’m slowly trying out all the Spring seasonals, senpai. Question: Have you ever been just entertained enough to not stop watching a show and then had a massive payoff when the ED rolled? Here is that 90 seconds that made it all worthwhile for me.


These weren’t the main characters in the ED though. Which means I might get another dopamine hit again next week? It’s the little things that count, bros. Picked up for a second episode. I’ll watch it later.

I vaguely recollect watching Comic Girls ep 3 at some stage. I’m just watching so I can mash it up with Franxx if Darlingshit disappoints me 2 weeks in a row. Honest. Jiggle jiggle bounce, Ichigofags. Am getting sorta totally over-invested in Kaos-chan’s manga career tho, bros.

Kid trying so hard to be a manga artist. What else? Megalobox episode 3.

Is Corporate Lady literally the only woman in this gay ass dystopia?

How he gonna become the Karate Kid if he can’t fight for love? No mom or sis? Not even a damn RING GIRL????

I guess we really did genetically engineer out all the girls in the future. This episode was not great. Maybe the Robots might like it. Those poor, poor robots.

What else can I say about Hinamatsuri though? Just how good can it get?

If there was one criticism from the mangafags, it was that the anime might not be dark enough. The writing goes dark when it suits the storyline, but it never forgets to be entertaining. The sheer fucking enjoyment of watching everything done well is amazing.

The writing and direction has given a whole cast of characters a chance to shine. How often is a show so confident of its star attraction that it gives a compelling sub-plot to a  supporting character? In a lesser franchise either of this weeks solo stories about Anzu and Mishima could easily have stolen the entire show.

All the voice actors and actresses are performing well, but there is something next level about the work of seiyu Takako Tanaka on Hina. What does her script look like? It’s like listening to jazz, hearing all the strange noises that Hina makes. It’s an art form.

This is her first main role, and she could easily have killed the franchise if she didn’t get it just right. Instead even the most critical mangafags I know are acknowledging what she has brought to the main character. Some of them didn’t even like Hina before (Anzufags), but now they like her (more) in the manga and in the anime (still Anzufags tho). That’s some solid work.

Which brings me to WIXOSS. OK, so episode three wasn’t quite at the level of episode two. I REALLY liked the dark story arc with Kiyoi/Piruluk from Peeping Analyse. That shit was David Lynch. It was great.

So we’re not going to be Twin Peaks every week, but who cares? Watching Autism-chan and the Selectors get all WIXOSS up in here is still Patrician as fuck.

I got my BATORU fix. Fiddy can be just as good as Vivaldi. Hold me WIXOSS bros.

Patricians don’t think. We only know one way. And that way is for batoru.

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie who’s keen on Conservative politics, Trump, and the Anime Right. BATORU.


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