O the irony: Shirtlifters want Wallabies star to get in the Christian closet

By John Miller

Tuesday the 17th of April 2018


It wasn’t that long ago that poofters were telling us that if we just let them be who they were then they would never trouble us again. Let us come out of the closet, they said. It will be fabulous. Nobody wanted to bully these strange men who cut our hair and made us coffee, so for the most part we went along with it.

Oh there were a few nay-sayers, who said that it would lead to the destruction of the institution of marriage, and kids being taught about sodomy in schools, and our Churches being desecrated. But that could never happen. R-right?

Flash forward to 2018, when you can’t even recite Corinthians in public without losing your job because some fucking faggot might find it offensive. How long before the Bible is prohibited hate speech then?

Does anybody really think that these militant homosexual atheists want to peacefully co-exist with Christians on their Gay Planet any more?

Now if committed Christian and Assemblies of God parishioner Israel Folau had actually set a homosexual on fire, instead of just giving them spoilers from the Bible, or if he had told the ARU that he refuses to play with or against poofters, then I could see how somebody might actually be aggrieved.

The spectacular crime of this fine man is to be an upstanding Christian who refuses to recant his belief in Christ and the inerrant Word of God in an era when all our journalists and commentators and sports administrators are either Leftist vermin or virtue signalling cuckolds. But they are by no means representative of those that they impose upon, who play or follow sports.

Scripture may not mean much to the hipster atheist priests who have infected our degenerate mainstream crypto-heathen denominational parishes with their Godlessness, but it still means something to the millions and millions of ordinary Christians who are routinely forced to closet their Christianity in order to accommodate the delicate sensibilities of buggery enthusiasts and their ardent Socialist supporters.

Let us make no mistake, a section of this nation is at war with the Church and has been for decades now. Until the Liberal and National parties were corrupted from within by gangs of militant Christ hating homosexuals they were not winning, but now we have entered a perilous new age of rampant catamites who think and act like they control everything.

The quiet homosexual who wishes to make his peace with Jesus I have no quarrel with at all, but the vicious atheist who threatens Christians with violence and constant strife must never have any ground conceded to them.

This has been our mistake, that we have gone quietly into the good night once too often, and now this Leftist scum – who have even wormed their way into the heart of our Right-wing parties riding upon the votes of Christians they despise – feel that this country belongs to them alone.

Most of you are better Christians than I am. You hold your tongues as your rights are being prised from your fingers, and while the enemy pushes all of you together deeper and deeper into the shameful recesses. But why should you have to be pushed around like this? This was your country before it was theirs. We weren’t always a nation of faggots.

While recognising my many shortcomings I am not content to just let these vermin have their way in everything, and I would propose to you my brothers in Christ that what we need right now is the type of Christian who made our religion universal with a fixed bayonet, or in this particular instance with a sharp pen. Then let the meek inherit the earth afterwards, when they will not be instantly defiled and devoured.

The game that is played is Heaven has and always will be a Christian sport, and any attempt to rout a Godly man from the sport ought to be fought tooth and nail by any and all Christians.

That said, I look forward to the start of the new World Series rugby competition, when our lads run out against Fiji on May 4 at NIB. Thanks Twiggy.

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie who’s keen on Conservative politics, Trump, and the Anime Right.

I’ll be wearing a Folau jersey on May 4. Go Force.

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