Golden Megalobox: Spring anime hits the canvass

By John Miller

Tuesday the 17th of April 2018


With most Spring seasonal anime already knocked the fucked out in just the second round, is it finally time to leave the house and visit some friends? Should I dust off one of the two dozen hundred-dollar console games accumulating dust that I never bothered to beat? Or God forbid, pick up a book?

Not bloody likely. I’ll find something to watch.

Netflix? A movie? I’m trying to decrease my boredom over here. Regular television? Why not just tear my eyeballs out.

No. Only anime will do now. But apart from the Patrician styles of Hinamatsuri and the surprisingly deft WIXOSS, which of the seasonals have shown any promise?

Darlingfaggoty made Best Episode and then imploded spectacularly this week back into Twilight-shit, and Golden Kamuy just got wrecked hard by Brat Loli henpecking Immortal Satoshi. Even the short anime that I liked last week failed to reprise the two characters and interesting story-line that made me want to keep watching it.

GK still has potential. Unlike Darlingshit it has an interesting setting to vibe off, and some kind of a plot. Even though Golden Kamuy doesn’t have two interesting main characters yet – unlike the first episode of Crossing Time – at least Immortal Satoshi is kind of cool, and I know that he’ll be back next week.

Brat nagging him about how to eat a squirrel is meh, but damn those top kek QUALITY moments just keep on coming. In this clip from week two we learn the traditional Ainu method for disarming men with rifles.


I keep hearing that this is the season of Manime. To be honest, most Manime is formulaic and boring.

I decided to check out Fist of the Blue Sky anyway. I even watched it for a few minutes. It was well drawn capeshit, so I’ll pass. If I liked superheroes I probably would have loved it. Here’s a clip.


Next up for a try, Persona Five. I’d already dropped Caligula for being bland and stupid, so I had low expectations for Persona Five, which like Caligula is a Jap PlayStation game that has been turned into an anime.

Unlike Caligula, the writing isn’t a complete hot mess. It has a relatable protagonist, secondary characters that are kind of engaging, and even some kind of story arc.

The writers did a good job, until the jarring contrast between the quality of the P5A backstory and the appallingly fucking QUALITY scenes related to the game become apparent in episode two. These people need to watch an episode of WIXOSS. Batoru is supposed to be make everything better, not worse.

Which brings us to Megalobox.

Anime drawn in a classic style, a story that moves along well, so what is wrong here? Perhaps a fatal flaw: What is new? Apart from robot arms.

This is a tournament show, so you kind of know exactly what to expect. All the same, the first episode was punchy, and it made me want to immediately watch the next one.

The second episode was solid, and I’m still rooting for Joe, but I could have done without the minute of hip-hop. I’m left wondering if this isn’t just going to be a 2018 by-the-numbers production of Rocky.

Anime is great because it isn’t Hollywood. Am I being suckered into wagering that the writers can defeat the boxing story formula? It’s too early to tell. I’ll probably watch the whole season anyway. I really want it to succeed.


Spring 2018 is a season of entertaining but Journeyman shows like Comic Girls, Kakuriyo, and GGO that will be watched and even punch above their weight because of a lack of competition.

Some shows will put on a surprisingly good match, like the first Spring Cour episode of  Darling and episode one of Crossing Time, only to get pummelled down to the canvas the next week. Other shows will put on an exhibition match that will leave you wanting more, and wondering if they are actually going to make it, like WIXOSS this week.

The only genuine prize fighter so far has been Hinamatsuri, with both original moves and stylish production values. The flashy Megalobox looks good and entertains, but is it only boxing by the numbers. These are still the early rounds. I’m not counting it out yet.

Status of anime: still not saved.

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie who’s keen on Conservative politics, Trump, and the Anime Right. Maybe I’ll read a book though.

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