How Trump just won World War Three with Awoos

By John Miller

Sunday the 15th of April 2018


Now that the dust has settled, and it turns out the kid in Jordan whose favourite Arab leader just got tomahawked was probably a little overexcited about the Happening he and his cousins have been spamming all week, let us look back at what has been a very entertaining seven days. Even the mutt-posting guy from the London Caliphate has finally given up on Putin and gone to sleep, and as the catalogue is not full of World War Three and only World War Three it is time to hand out medals.


The catalogue of the one particular board to which I refer has always been a great place to find out what is (probably not) happening, and what might (never be) happening, and what probably isn’t (ever) going to happen, but it is mostly a great place to witness and enjoy the fabrication and early stages of mass psychosis, before it leaves 4chan to infect Alex Jones, social media, and then regular society.

If Allen Dulles were alive today he would never have had to have his men abduct mental patients and inject them with mind altering drugs to see how this works. There is no doubt in my mind that our Alphabet Agencies are regular posters across social media in general, but having seen the great efficacy of the chans in particular in helping form opinion at the embryonic stage they now concentrate considerable resources on shit-posting amongst people they once mocked as angry rejects.

Do you feel in control?


Infection rates on the chans are usually pretty low, but most humans can be made to believe or do almost anything, if you use the right set of emotional and psychological triggers.

Most recently there has been a spectacular amount of shilling within the most contrarian board of 4chan, which I like to visit every other day to laugh at or with my frens and enemies. The right-leaning thought silo which prides itself on being the instigator rather than the recipient of mass manipulation, which likes to think that it is immune to all external forces, the place which is perhaps 200% woke. Not woke enough.

The one and only target of 7 days of REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE DRUMPFF Y YOU STARTT WORLD WAR THREEE I NO DIE FOR ISRAEL DRUMFFFFFFFFF was not the board itself, but the Trump guys who reside on and who these days somewhat dominate the board.

A community that has had a not inconsiderable effect upon American politics, on right-wing politics in general, and perhaps even on world events such as the recent Syrian missile attacks.


How easily /ptg/ in particular and the online Trump community in general seemed to laugh this bullshit off was not really surprising to me at all.

There was only one notable exception, a major causality on our side that was not entirely unexpected, except this time around AJ really lost his shit. Over some concrete bunkers in Syria that got tomahawked? Oh Infowars, what happened to you mang?

I have liked Alex for longer than I have liked Trump, even though I have never watched more than a few minutes of his YouTube show. He was and still is a maverick, a guy who isn’t afraid to say what he thinks, even if it is sometimes patently fucking stupid.

He did God’s work with his unmasking of the Bilderbergers and the Bohemian Grove Moloch worshippers though, which is when he first came to my attention, and why I’m not going to pile on now.

Guys like Alex and Assange (and Trump) will get a pass from me, because even though Alex may say something stupid (often), or Assange might not be my political ally in all things, or Trump might one day do something that actually mortifies me instead of making me howl with laughter, each of these dorks are in their own way fighting for our freedom, and I salute them for that.


Keeping his audience permanently on the edge of their seats and breathless and buying vitamins must be a tough gig for Alex

If there is nothing interesting happening, or if I don’t really understand what is going on, or even if I just don’t feel like it, I won’t write anything at all. And nobody cares.

Alex has bills to pay though, and employees to feed, and millions of eyeballs on him every day. And now he has just gotten wedged from the President by a bunch of Arab kids and some Russian troll farmers and some dumb fucking Nazis. 1000% Woke my man.  Not woke enough.


Some background.

On our humble little politically incorrect board it has often been said that the two largest communities were broadly speaking either fans of National Socialism or of Ron Paul Right Wing Libertarianism. This may once have been true, but the Ron Paul guys are a VERY weak presence now, and the Nazis are not what they once were.

The Nazis are so laughably weak in fact that they can’t even keep a regular general up. Haven’t been able to for years. Perhaps they stopped taking their Gorilla Blaster Superman Vitality pills. I don’t know.

The true powers that be are the Trump guys, and then perhaps the Brits, but recently the  Britposters have become insanely black-pilled and disorganised.

Most recently the Sandnogs – who used have a quiet and friendly little general – are really starting to swing their dick around. Towering above them and everyone else are the Trumpfags still, and this explains the sudden and otherwise mystifying popularity of Baathism and the Arab Union amongst all those who hate Donald Trump.

Right back at ya champ.


Trump people are impossible to bully out of their positions, because they have a stronk leader who constantly entertains them by doing shit like tomahawking their Sandnog rivals.

The Nazis hate Trump tho.

Despite what you read in Lugenpresse, almost all of the of Nazis fell off the Trump train loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong ago.

So we have the Nazis now either making threads about White sharia for the Sandnogs, or just sulking around the board screaming DRMPF BAD FUCKKK YOU DRUMPFF WHY YOU STARTT WORLD WAR THREEE NOW I NO DIE FOR ISRAEL DRUMFFFFFFFF DADDY PUTINNNN WIL REK YOUUUUUU DRUMFFY.

You get the gist of it, I’m sure. This was entertaining in the lead-up to the War, fun while the missiles were hitting, and top fucking kek when Moscow daddy cucked out.


Alas for Spence and Anglin, undisciplined and mentally weak clowns are just not fit for service. They were never really down for the cause, and we can’t consider them as casualties of this last war, because they bugged out as soon as somebody told them MAGA wasn’t segregated almost a year ago.

Which is fucking hilarious, because now the Nazis are skulking around behind the Arab kids and the Russians and Leftypol and David Brock. These morons will always take whichever side calls the other side kike the most. Death to Israel, goy. 10000% woke.

Hell we don’t even really have any real Nazis on 4chan anymore. The dying fringe of Stormfaggotry is now little more than a white supremacist Hezbollah led by London based Pakistanis. 10000000% Third Reich.


So let us move on from the losers to the victors.

The tomahawking of /sg/ was a total lulz victory for the /ptg/ guys. The deluge of WORLD WAR THREE HAPPENING NAOW HURRR DURRRR Troll farm content that spammed the shit out of the board for a week was simply laughed off. Hell, I’m still laffin at that shit.

Let there be no doubt about it at all. Trump desu has the best soldiers anywhere on the Internets. All mental weaklings have now been thoroughly purged. Thanks Sandnogs.


We did unfortunately lose AJ, who really fucking chugged that Mecca Kool-aid. Sleep tight, fair prince. You walk with the angels in Jannah now, praise Mohamed. Durka durka amen.

If you had to pick the biggest loser though, then it would have to be Putin. The Bashar guys don’t care about their country getting tomahawked. They’ll barrel bomb the rubble next week themselves, probably.

But Putin is in a much more precarious position than Bashar, because the expectations are much higher for the “””Great Power””” that is propping up its Syrian lapdog than it is for the poodle he holds in his arms.

Shit, you just got clowned by Bojo m8. Let that sink in.


When Trump desu telegraphed that he was going to strafe the Syrian rubble because Red Lines and shit so we didn’t accidentally kill a bunch of Russians and start a nuke war it was yet more humiliation for Putin in Syria.

This is what we’re going to do. Now we’re doing it. Fuck you.

Right at this moment the man who leads a nation that eats weak leaders alive is looking pretty small, and he really only has one cat to kick, and that is Assad, unless perhaps he annexes the Eastern Ukraine.

I would imagine that the Russians would be scrambling to find a final resolution that lets them get the fuck out of Syria. Your move, son.


He can’t look like he has been Afghanistaned though, or his whole house of cards falls apart. Sure he’s got forty billion dollars and a country or whatever, but just ask Gaddafi or the guy who is being waterboarded right now at the Riyadh Ritz and used to own every second company listed on the Dow what use it is to be a billionaire or ruler-for-life once the guys with the guns turn on you.

In conclusion, the one and only winner of World War Three was Trump and his unbreakable Awoo Corps. It was carnage, but mostly it was fun, and who can ask for anything more than that from /ourguy/.

Keep on hatting those kawaii animu-chans for Allied victory, Trump frens.


Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie who’s keen on Conservative politics, Trump, and the Anime Right. Awoo.

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