Dutto goes full ANZAC: Kiwis IN, Sino Cong OUT

By John Miller

Friday the 13th of April 2018


The spectacular transformation of Peter Dutton from ordinary government suit into future Prime Minister of Australia continued to pick up pace today, with Dutto throwing a spanner into the assembly line of Red Chinese agents that was built to routinely flout our immigration laws and get Australian passports into the hands of those who wish to sabotage our nation for the Sino-Communist invader now hovering greedily above us.

By placing ten thousand of our Kiwi brothers-in-arms ahead of the Reds, Dutton has given our glorious ANZAC nations a fighting chance, and so we can begin to hunker down and prepare together for the Chinese invasion that became inevitable as soon as Turnbull conceded the Reds a military base just beyond the Great Barrier Reef.

This is a House divided, but as long as Dutton continues to walk with the Angels, I will not hold him accountable for the sins of that Queer Commie agent who somehow made himself PM.

And although I am not always overly enamoured of New Zealanders, who apparently named their country after an obscure Danish island and not the superior Calvinist Zeeland that rebelled against the Habsburgs, in this age of crisis for the Anglosphere when our very existence is being threatened we must stand with them once again as allies and brothers when it counts.

For make no mistake, the Red Chinese menace threatens the very existence of both our Christian civilisations, and we must either rise to meet them together or be separately destroyed.

The Kiwi may well be an eternal braggart, and annoying to listen to come Bledisloe Cup time, but this is the time of year that those of us with proud memories of having watched a father or a grandfather march in the ANZAC Day parade can put all that aside. We get to have a beer together, in honour of all the blood that these brave men spilled.

Let us make no mistake about it, every Aussie and every Kiwi household has the right to be fucking proud as we remember those men who piled out of ships and took the fight to the enemy wherever they were asked to, just so that we their descendants could live at ease in a Christian society.

The ANZACS did not always win, but we always fought like men, showing exceptional bravery even in defeat and amazing grace and compassion towards a conquered foe. Whether we were protecting the High Seas for the King or charging at machine guns for God Almighty, we did our duty, and more importantly we always stood by our mates.

It is worth remembering too that II ANZAC was not only the New Zealand division and the Australian 3rd Division, but also the British 25th Division, and they all charged at the ridge of entrenched Germans near Messines together as brothers when Haig the Butcher told them to, so that other men just like them would not be massacred from the high ground as the Allies went for Ypres, and get to go home and see their families again.

This is the reason why we are the greatest peoples in the history of the world, and why we will never be defeated, because every good Son of the Empire remembers the sacrifices that his ancestors made for him, and we remember the ties of blood and honour that bind us all together.

Worth remembering too all of the blackfellas who fought in the wars. I have never met a aboriginal who served who wasn’t a really decent bloke, and most Pacific Islanders that I’ve met are bro tier Christians who are loyal mates, and many have been good soldiers for the Allies.

In the First World War we contained the Kaiser together, and retained the liberty to speak our King’s English and enjoy our lands in peace for not even a generation before the matter was pressed upon us again. We won the Second World War together too, and this gave us seventy years of Liberal Democracy, which has been both good and bad, but mostly good.

Our grandfathers and great-grandfathers fought in many faraway places together in the War against Fascism. My own family on my father’s side were Royal Australian Navy, and on my maternal grandfather’s side they were mostly 10th Light Horse who volunteered for the Second Australian Imperial Force to go off and fight at the tip of the spear against the Japs.

My grandfather’s brother who served in the 10th Light Horse with him became a Prisoner of War, and those of you who think that they would have had an easy time of it under a totalitarian regime if gramps had betrayed his country and fought for the “””white race””” – whatever the fuck that means – instead of for our Anglo-Celtic liberty, probably need to spend a day or two in an Axis internment camp to sharpen up your thought processes.

I cannot even begin to fathom the suffering of my Uncle Sid and his fellow POWs, because they were real men and never felt the need to talk about it. Only occasionally you got to hear rumours at family gatherings about the scars and how they got them.

The Japanese that I know are desu cartoon characters who knock about with kawaii British girls, but if these men had not done their bit, even if it was only being starved and thrashed for having the temerity to tower over your manlet captors in an Axis POW camp with your chin up, and if all our lads fighting to free him had not done their bit too, then the Best Japan that we know today would never have existed.

For this has always been true of Empire Victory, and I include the Thirteen Rebel Colonies who miraculously came to our rescue after Singapore in this, that we have the high distinction of making the attempt to improve every land that we have conquered. In places which are Christian or at least not vehemently anti-Christian this usually works out quite well.

From the Americas to Africa to the Great Southern Land we are the bringers of Christian civilisation and order, creating prosperous and powerful nations under Christ:  the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. Yes there were also other places where we were outnumbered and lost by the ballot or some Communist plot which then fell into ruin, but while our people were there they were builders of Churches and societies.

It is with the utmost pride that we therefore celebrate the marchers on ANZAC day, for we are the men and women whose ancestors gave this world the small measure of hope that it has. The common Christian fighting man made everything that is decent about our world.

To hell with the bankers and the owners of everything that presently are selling us down the river to the Red Chinese. Their fathers were not there when our fathers bled in the mud in Vietnam to stop the fucking Communists from swarming down upon us and massacring every Christian forty years ago, only to be spat upon by filthy hippies.

My old man went on to become a ship’s captain, but even the Vets who have had it rough since are covered in glory in my eyes. They inspired me to go spend some time in the service too as soon as I turned 18, albeit only in the Ressies, and we never did anything.

I’m not really sure exactly what my ageing father did during the Vietnam War that he went off to fight as a starry-eyed teenager, because he doesn’t talk about it much. I do know that he was offered a medal for his actions aboard the Melbourne when it hit the Evans, and afterwards he served with certain chaps who as I recall from our family barbecues long ago were British Commandos. Rather odd that, in hindsight. But not quite as odd as you might think.

For although Harold Wilson was a crypto-Communist and a freedom hating cunt, not a few Brits and Canadians came and served in Vietnam through the re-enlistment process from British or Canadian forces to those of the American, Australian or New Zealand military forces.

And this has always been the way with our lads, we stick together and don’t make a fuss about it. We let our actions do the talking, and we win more often than we lose or draw.

To our Kiwi brothers then who Dutto has put the welcome mat out for ahead of ten thousand invaders I say welcome. This household remembers with affection the type of men who fought at Long Tan, when 108 Aussies and Kiwis from First Australian Task Force held the line together against the entire 5th Infantry division of the Viet Cong.

These are just the kind of glorious bastards that we will need to defend our fair shores and our pristine Anglo-Celtic liberties from the Red Bastards of Beijing when their main forces arrive.

Therefore I say well done Dutton, and keep drinking whatever it is that you have had in your tea lately mate. This Parliament of Traitors and this nation has been missing a hero since Tones was knifed by Turnbull, and today you have not only talked, but you have stood up for our nation.

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie who’s keen on Conservative politics, Trump, and the Anime Right. Kiwis ruined the Rugby for me.

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