Come home autistic Facebook man, the Left cannot comprehend your glory

By John Miller

Tuesday the 10th of April 2018


While I have almost nothing in common with Zuckerberg when it comes to success or getting rich, of all the many oligarchs who oppress me every day and spy on me, I feel the greatest affinity for Mark.

When for a while there it looked like Zuck could be the Democratic nominee to run against Trump, I could have been in a tight spot. For while Trump is my guy to tear down the structures that our overlords have put in place to keep us downtrodden and give those bastards a taste of the complete disdain that they have always shown to everybody else, Zuck was almost like one of us.

Never looking even remotely at ease no matter how many billions he has piled up in the bank, whether he is datamining one of the little people he lords over or simply standing around, he effects such awkwardness and naked shame that it completely humanises him.

The sight of an anxious billionaire is rare, and for this reason I could almost believe that Zuckerberg was some restless soul determined to do more with his life than accidentally implement the perfect Orwellian tool for mass surveillance. How was this autist to know that his neat application would entice the Normans into trading away all of their privacy rights just to feel a little less lonely and isolated in our modern dystopia?

In the final analysis the users of Facebook probably are silly sausages, as a young Mark Zuckerberg exclaimed with glee when he realised they were going to make him inordinately rich, but he has not been quite so clever lately either. By throwing his hat into the ring to become the next President of the United States, he has stepped into the annihilating hurricane of American politics.

Zuckerberg has few defenders he can actually rely on. His party is still the party of Clinton, and the Clintons want Bill’s long-time friend Terry McAullife as the nominee, not some aspie Billionaire who has never had to rely on the Clinton machine to get every job he ever held.

Right now that McAulliffe dog won’t hunt, so Team Clinton is pushing the next Clinton hack on the production line, Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut, but they’re hardly wed to Murphy either. They’ll settle for any empty suit that will be reliant on them to get elected, so they can sink their hooks back into the levers of power.

The Clinton Foundation is a multi-Billion-dollar influence peddling machine that relies solely upon the Clintons’ ability to corrupt the democratic process and deliver for its donors, but right now it is as weak as it has been at any time since before Bill became President.

Zuck probably misses those big fake smiles the Left had for him during the Obama years, when Hillary was told the Right could never figure out social media, and Zuckerberg was their boy.

Sanders, Biden, Governor Brown, and even Elizabeth Warren do not need the Clintons, which is why I doubt that any of them will make it to the nomination. For the Clintons still do one thing well, and that is destroy their opponents and enemies with dirty tricks.

After sucking up to the open borders Left, Zuck was in the end ironically undone by an old article written by Left-wing agitator Jose Antonio Vargas, whose campaign to flood America with even more illegal immigrants than it currently holds Mark has backed to the hilt for as long it has been fashionable to do so on the Obama Left.

When Vargas told his readers how Zuck really felt about them back in 2010 nobody cared, but when Zuckerberg arrives in Washington to testify about doing to them exactly what he said he would then he will have to bow and scrape and acquiesce.

Vargas no longer extols Zuckerberg to the skies as he once did either, but then he has always been a useful idiot for the Clintons. When BLM stalked Bernie to a town hall Vargas was moderating with crisis actors paid for by Soros and memed all over social media by Putin’s troll factories, he was the first to slam Bernie for being out of touch. They all beat up on Sanders while never touching Clinton, to deliver her the black vote.

Mark was a golden boy for the Left while they were winning elections. Social media was supposed to be their thing. Then Trump spent $44 million on very well targeted Facebook ads, and Clinton lost an election while spending $28 million on far less effective Facebook ads, and suddenly all these retards hate Mark Zuckerberg.

The great crime of Mark Zuckerberg was doing exactly what he said he would do to the people who never bothered to read their terms of service. This is now the least of their problems. Did none of them even wonder if it was worth living in a society where all of your information is in the hands of organisations that constantly monitor you?

This is not just a Facebook problem. It is a Google problem, a problem of intrusive governments, and a problem of a silly society that gave away all its privacy and now wants to be reassured that it did nothing wrong.

When Obama used social media to win his elections all of the goons working the Fake News beats declared that it was an act of genius and completely endearing, but unfortunately for Zuck he has gotten caught up in an entirely different narrative that the media cartels of the Wall Street Left are peddling for Hillary, who just won’t forgive or forget anybody that she perceives as having had a hand in her downfall.

Zuckerberg must now duly go to Washington and apologise for making Facebook users feel stupid for agreeing to be datamined. Not that we should feel bad for Zuckerberg, who gets to fly home at night to his own private gated island in Hawaii.

I just wonder how guys like Zuck and Bill Gates, who once were the lions of capitalism and world changing innovators can become such utter pussies of the Left as soon as they start getting laid on the regular.

It is too late for Bill Gates, whose wife will not be happy until we all live in Wakanda, but Mark is still a relatively young man, and could probably still stand up to his wife if he wanted to, and she is Asian anyway, so she would probably appreciate it.

You never really belonged on the Left. Come home, autistic Facebook man, before the Clintons eat you alive.

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie who’s keen on Conservative politics, Trump, and the Anime Right. I still hate Facebook, but I hate to see a fellow autist suffering.

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