Allies surrender the Coral Sea to Red China, Australia to fall next

By John Miller

Tuesday the 10th of April 2018


The Coral Sea is amongst the most iconic of Australia’s ocean territories, extending from the east coast of Queensland and encompassing the Great Barrier Reef, before going a full 1600 miles out into the Pacific to arrive at Vanuatu.

Once known as the New Hebrides, Vanuatu was considered so important to the Allies during World War Two that 100,000 soldiers were garrisoned there, and much of the archipelago saw its first modern infrastructure when the Americans built it, to defend the vital sea-lanes for control of the Western Pacific that are the gateway to Australia and New Zeeland.

This Coral Sea controls the approaches to our fair shores, and so it was of the utmost importance that in May of 1942 Admiral Nimitz not lose the Battle of the Coral Sea against the Japanese Marshal Admiral Yamamoto. Indeed, if our ancestors had simply given away the gates to Australia and New Zeeland as our modern politicians have just done, the enemy would have already won. Vanuatu is nothing less than the last stepping stone to mounting a full-scale invasion of Australia and New Zeeland.

Thankfully we were not a nation of cowards who quit before the fighting even begun back then, but even more importantly we had a good and faithful ally, America, which suffered heavy losses to protect us. Many, many Americans lost their lives to protect us here, close to our homes. And now we are just throwing in the towel and giving it to the God damned Commies for nothing?

The outcome of the Battle for the Coral Sea in 1942 was a hard fought strategic victory for Nimitz and the Allies, who prevented the Imperial Japanese forces from getting within striking distance of Australia. Even so, the Japanese were a worthy foe, and took the overall military honours over those five vital days in May as a standalone engagement. What they won was the Solomon Islands to the north, where they dug in for the long fight ahead.

The Guadalcanal campaign to take back these farthest islands of the Coral Sea that the Japanese had captured was vital in order to prevent them from threatening Allied supply and communication routes between the United States, Australia, and New Zeeland. To get the job done required six months of bloody and brutal fighting. The well entrenched Japanese lost only 36,000, but the Allies lost a further 60,000 good men.

It is almost inconceivable that an even greater victory for the enemy than what 100,000 men died fighting over has been conceded by our spineless leaders to Red China for no price at all.

This is tantamount to letting the Reds build a fortress on Allied war graves, and where are our gutless “””leaders””” in all of this? Not a peep from those rats. They are all scared shitless of losing their place on the gravy train that Davos billionaires like Jeff Bezos and his vile ilk have seated them on. The profits from slave Chinese labour are so great that they have bought almost our entire parliament out.

So the Communists are now entrenched on Vanuatu, and this is only one small step away from a full-scale invasion of Australia. What do you think is going to happen next, feckless appeasers of the Red Chinese menace?

If the Americans think that their vital interests are best served by abandoning the Pacific to Red China without a shot, then they are well within their rights. I wish them all the best in Middle East where they prefer to fight these days. Achmed has always been a grateful recipient of American blood and treasure, and will continue to value their involvement in his faraway desert I am sure.

Indeed, the Yanks have already sunk more than enough blood and treasure into defending our own coastline, so we ought not to be fucking ingrates about it either.

Belief in the ANZUS alliance and mateship between diggers and our American allies still remains strong in the Australian heartland, but we are increasingly a nation with no sense of history or tradition, and no religion except for the religion of import as many new “””Australians””” as possible, until we are sufficiently tolerant and diverse that every homosexual and other hater of our traditions and history feels at ease.

Good luck getting these faggots to help keep your Christian family out of the future Red Chinese gulags.

So if America goes its way too, and would rather not confront the Red Chinese menace that is slowly choking it off from its useful allies, then what business of ours is it?

There can be no doubt that the Red Chinese are encroaching upon Australia though, and that is our business. The only reason why they or anybody else would want a military base in the Coral Sea is to either defend Australia, or invade Australia.

What does China have to defend here though, apart from all our mineral resources and farmland that our treacherous government has allowed the Communists to buy out from beneath native Australians?

Perhaps they are thinking of the million strong army of Red Chinese colonisers that are already active here like a fifth column for the Chinese government, which already operates as a shadow government for these invaders in Australia and New Zeeland.

Make no mistake, we have already been invaded, but you will not hear a word of it from the professional liars in the Australian media, who have been bought and are already acting as the agents of Red China, dancing to the tune of Beijing like the traitors that they are.

Our politicians too are mostly in the bag, and we had our weapons taken from us already by our over-reaching government, which acts daily more like a puppet government for its Red Chinese master than a government for Australians.

This is only to be expected in End Times, that this Godless Antichrist regime of Beijing should look to destroy our Christian nations. They have massacred Chinese Christians without mercy for decades now, and the Bushes and the Clintons and Obama just looked the other way, and what they did to their own people they will do to us tenfold.

So good luck then to the handful of traitors who made a killing off their iron ore holdings, or enjoyed a handsome profit selling the Reds all of our best lands. You will not escape the hammer when it falls either, and your thirty pieces of silver will lie heavily upon your head when your children and grandchildren are dying in Chinese gulags in the Nullarbor because you didn’t have the guts to stand up and be counted for your nation when it mattered.

To all Aussie and Kiwi patriots, those of you who still exist, and our handful of members in the parliament who are not rampant homosexual Communists, hold the line. Resist the Red Chinese menace with all your might and at every turn. Do not concede to them an inch of territory anywhere, and remember that of all our nation’s enemies, they are not only the most cunning, but the most dangerous.

Finally, I would like to say that it is not my intent to cause friction between everyday Australians, and I value the lives of Chinese Christians just as highly as I do Australian Christians.

This war is not against the common man, but for the common man, and we fight against the most bloodthirsty and brutal and tyrannical of regimes. Communism has never failed once to starve and torture the ordinary folk for the benefit of its party elites, and it has a long history of exterminating entire populations that failed to take seriously the threat it posed.

We are locked in a life and death struggle with a ruthless foe, and if we wish to pass this bountiful land on to our children and grandchildren, and allow them to live in peace and prosperity, the Communist must be kept contained. For once they have the strength to move against us, and everything is in place for their invasion, then we will see their true colours.

We’ve not lost to the Commie bastards yet, lads. Not by a bloody long shot.

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie who’s keen on Conservative politics, Trump, and the Anime Right. I believe that our present leaders in Australia and New Zeeland have sold us out to Red China, and that there will be a heavy price to pay for it soon.

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