Trump will win the trade war against Red China for Christian America

By John Miller

Saturday the 7th of April 2018


Once upon a time if an American Congressman or Senator had defended the interests of Red China and betrayed not only American steel and aluminium workers but their President and the nation as he fought for them, he would have been strung up by the neck for high treason, and rightly so.

But how times have changed, and not for the better, when the party of Lincoln has strayed so far from the national interest that it howls with indignation against a modest set of tariffs that have been carefully selected and implemented to rectify a $500 BILLION-dollar trade imbalance with a hostile power that is looking to overthrow America.

For as the President has often said, the Chinese have been swindling America and the West for a long time now: ripping us off in trade, stealing our technologies, and destroying our jobs and industries.

A ruthless cartel of Chinese Communists is the only beneficiary of Globalisation, apart from the 65 rootless Billionaires who have been allowed to use the Chinese workforce as their personal slave army – just as long as this Red junta that runs the country gets what it wants.

Amongst the teeming multitude of the victims of Globalisation are the disenfranchised working families of the West, who have come to realise that the game is just as rigged against them as it is for the Chinese they are being replaced with. For though we might not get the toxic chimney stacks, we have lost the well-paying and secure jobs that made our societies function properly.

With the interests of almost nobody being properly served except for the so-called elites who happened to fall out of the right womb at the right time to get a ride on the last gravy train before the total collapse of Western civilisation, it should come of no surprise that President Trump slapping tariffs on Red China and ramping up the Trade War talk is not only well received by his own base of support, but wildly popular everywhere.

This is for all the blue-collar voters who put Trump in the White House and stuck with him when the chattering classes were screeching wildly at the President.

This is President Trump sticking it to everybody who hates him anyway, and heralding a return to the era of the economic nationalism that once gave us full employment, and a time when those jobs aplenty were well paying. Back then an ordinary man could afford to house and feed his family, and this is the America and the world that Trump is bringing back, despite the hollering and the gnashing of teeth of the money grubbers.

It is remarkable that only two short years ago we were being told that we were entering the Chinese Century whether we liked it or not. Back when the best we could expect was Hillary, and Republicans like Senator Jeff Flake, the treacherous Never Trumper bastard who now bleats at us that if we do not put the interests of Red China first then we will not even get the table scraps of Globalisation.

And why is that Jeff? Why should the most powerful nation in the history of the world, and the leader of our Western Alliance, be dictated terms by your Red Chinese masters exactly?

Needles to say, Trump has gotten ALMOST NO SUPPORT from the Ryan Congress, but this is hardly surprising at all, because almost every man and woman in it is a low down lying rat.

Yet if this Congress is wiped out it would hardly matter to the President now. He has already implemented his Make America Great Again tax cuts, and gotten the Defence spending that he needs to get the American military back to where it should be.

Now he can move forward without this spineless Republican Congress, which is of no further use to him at all.

For when it comes to trade, the modern Republican Congressman is a Red Chinese yes-man who takes his marching orders from the Davos set. And the other signature issue that Trump has yet to address and which resonates strongly with his base is the idea that it is time to rebuild crumbling American infrastructure with a massive programme of public works. These are issues Trump can work on with whatever coalition of Blue Dogs and Trump Republicans the mid-terms sends him.

So to all those lousy back-stabbers who failed to listen to the rank and file of the Republican party – you will not be missed.

Trump slapping tariffs on the Red Chinese and winning the Trade War will be remembered as the defining moment of the Second American Century. And this slap to the face of the 65 Billionaires of the Davos cartel who have impoverished us all with Globalism is a fulfilment of the promise made by Trump to his core supporters that he would never sell them out to Wall Street.

If Wall Street needs to take one step back so that Main Street can take two steps forward, so be it. And if this reckless Congress want to forget that they are the party of Lincoln, who once said a good Tariff was like a hot dinner for an American family, and throw themselves upon their swords to fight the President on this issue then good riddance to them.

For many a Congress has been lost during the first term of an incoming President, and this President has already been wily enough to get everything he needed from them before the door hit their ass on the way out. Time to purge all the traitors – Republican and Democrat alike – who want to capitulate to the Red Chinese.

The Beijing regime of Godless Communists kills and tortures ordinary Chinese Christians every day just for worshipping Christ, and what it dares to do today to American Soy farmers it will do again and much worse in the future if we allow its impertinence to run unchecked.

Red China is a menace to the civilised world, and for every gutter journalist or lying pundit that they buy in the West to distort the facts for them we lose another ten thousand jobs, and for every Congressman or Senator they get to shill for them there are an extra hundred thousand families that can’t make ends meet. Because we all know that the only jobs left for us are the only sort that the Globalists think we’re good for – the low paying kind where we either shut up and take it or the factory or cubicle goes to China.

Do you want the entire earth to become a toxic Communist wasteland? Well I don’t, so I say to the President: GIVE THE REDS HELL SIR.

Levy them with an extra $100 BILLION in tariffs, and then another $1000 BILLION in tariffs, and you won’t lose a single vote, but you’ll gain an extra hundred million at the least.

Make tariff protection of the American worker and winning the trade war the central issue of these upcoming mid-term elections and give the people their say in the matter. I guarantee we’ll get less Republicans who put China first, and more Republicans and Democrats who put God and America first.

I have faith that you’ll find a way to work with this new Congress and continue to Make America Great Again whoever wins, Mister President.

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie who’s keen on Conservative politics, Trump, and the Anime Right. I believe this President is a gift from God Almighty, and I fully support him as he confronts the Red Chinese menace.

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